Siebel CRM Customers List

Siebel Systems is Oracle’s on-premise CRM system. Siebel CRM is known for a large customer base providing solutions to over 20 industries and enhancing the customer experience. The Oracle-backed Siebel CRM covers all aspects of client management, from transactional and analytical to engagement features. It serves to improve the performance of various departments such as service, sales, marketing, contact center, partner management, and customer loyalty management.

According to Statista, Siebel CRMs current market share is 4.4%, the third best software solution adopted by MNCs to SMBs.

As a marketer invested in promoting technology products, exploring new industry options, networking with top clients, enhancing your brand name, and generating leads are essential. And for that to happen, you need an accurate Siebel CRM Customers List. Incidentally, InfoCleanse offers the best-curated lists to elevate your marketing propaganda.

The goal is to actively pursue inbound and outbound strategies so you can boost the business revenue. Siebel CRM Clients List gives you insights on developing solutions tailored to the prospect’s needs.

430K+ companies are using Siebel CRM

Siebel CRM offers role-based customer intelligence and pre-built integration solutions to industries across the globe. Here’s a list of companies using Siebel CRM to understand the market trend:

Sl.No Name of the Company Industry Type Number of Employees Revenue ($)
1. DISH Wireless Communication 16,000 4.33B
2. MTN Group Communication 19,000 345B
3. Siemens Healthineers Healthcare 66,000 20.7B
4. Adventist Health Non-Profit 10,000+ 3.8B
5. Kraft Heinz Food & Beverage 38,000 25B
6. Direct Line Group Financial Services 10,000+ 351B
7. Dropbox Inc Technology 5000 562.4M
8. Westpac Group Banking 10,000+ 20.5B

Obtain a Segmented List of Companies using Siebel CRM

We segment the database for marketers to make powerful connections with the prospects and increase the chances of lead conversion. The data fields available in the List of Companies using Siebel CRM are:

Company Name Email Address
Company Revenue Technology Used
Phone Number Mailing Address
Country Website Address
Technographics SIC Code
NAICS code And More

You can also find a customized contact database for more broad categories, including:

Geographic Location Technology Tracking
Assets Size Demographics
Industry Type And More

Achieve your sales goals using an extensive contact database.

Gain Access to a Verified List of Companies that use Siebel CRM

We collect data for the List of Companies that use Siebel CRM from verified sources. A validated contact database helps you reach potential buyers in the market and understand their motives to close deals.

Such sources include:

  • Professional Directories and Databases
  • Organizational Records and Websites
  • Online Publications, Journals, and Magazines
  • Industry Conferences, Seminars, and Events
  • Corporate Exhibitions and Industry Trade Shows
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Feedback and Survey Forms
  • Newsletters and Online Subscriptions

The database covers companies that use Siebel CRM worldwide – the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

Identify the technology stack of your prospects to create a competitive edge in the market.

Benefit from the Siebel CRM Customers List

The Siebel CRM Customers List from InfoCleanse has the following benefits:

  • Data collection from trustworthy sources to prevent junk emails
  • Omnichannel marketing support – emails, direct mail, telecalls
  • Improved customer engagement and ROI
  • 95% email deliverability guarantee with a 100% permission passed database
  • Quarterly database updates with appending and cleansing processes
  • CAN-SPAM compliant, USPS-verified, CASS-certified, and DNC-compliant
  • Data privacy compliance – GDPR, CCPA, CPA, SMTP

Use high-end marketing strategies to build a broad client base.

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The experts at InfoCleanse take measures to build you a comprehensive list of companies using Siebel CRM. They adopt manual and AI-powered verification processes to ensure the contact data is free of errors, duplicates, and blank details. Our advanced monitoring tools help fill in any gaps in the database.

You can reach out to our sales team and furnish your requirements. They will pass the information to our data research team to supply an enriched database. Connect with us today to fulfill your business needs.