SIC Code Append

Today B2B marketers have to deal with a lot of pressure when it comes to their business growth. And to thrive in this competitive market, they need to boost the returns in their marketing programs and sales. Among others, marketing has been the most integral resource for boosting the revenue of several organizations by acquiring quality leads.

Moreover, as an industrialist, having in-depth knowledge about the firmographics of your clientele is of utmost importance. This is where SIC Code Append comes to play. By appending SIC codes to your existing client database, you’ll have access to every essential detail about your customers, which in turn, will help in improving your lead generation initiatives. Eventually, with access to accurate and reliable SIC code, you’ll be successful in boosting sales and expanding your customer base.

Provide Context to Your Data, and Make Data-Driven Decisions

SIC Code: What Is It?

SIC or Standard Industrial Classification refers to a 4 or 6-digit code introduced by the US government to classify industries using the code.

When you append SIC codes to your business database, it’ll become much easier for you to connect with targeted audience. Most leading marketers make use of SIC-oriented targeting for segmenting the data depending on the type of industry.

SIC code append allows you to effectively compile targeted & industry-type marketing programs. Use SIC codes to connect with your clients or generate new leads.

Invest in our SIC code appending service and let our experts help you identify the most approachable industries and to generate more lucrative leads. Appending SIC code to your business records will allow you to gain more insight about your target customers, to focus on specific markets that will most likely respond, and to accelerate your business growth.

SIC Code Example:

  • 6-digit SIC code: 6531-01-Relocation Service
  • 4-digit SIC Code: 6324-Hospital & Medical Service Plans

SIC Code Append Benefits:

SIC code append offers a lot of benefits that can help you in your B2B marketing efforts. Following are some of the benefits:

  • Know Your Target Audience : Don’t know your target audience? Fret not, with SIC code append, you’ll have access to a comprehensive business database that will allow you to target specific industries for marketing. SIC code contains information about a company’s general industry grouping followed by certain vertical product or service applications. SIC codes can help you identify potential clients from the industry of your choice. Additionally, you can quickly determine industries with the highest target audience.
  • Obtain Detailed Profile Data : When you know who your prospects are, SIC code can help determine which industries have your ideal customers. While the industry segments are comprehensive, it’ll allow you to perform keyword searches to further determine your target prospect organizations.
  • Target-related Industries : As a B2B marketer, it isn’t wise to only focus on specific target audiences. You must also craft marketing campaigns that cover other relevant organizations that may have a demand for your services/products indirectly. Therefore, you need both the target audience and industry verticals.
    The first 2 digits in SIC code refers to the industry title and so, by using this number, you can discover other related enterprises that will respond to your campaigns.
  • Refine Existing Data Relevancy : Irrelevant data equals to wastage of your efforts and investment. But, with the right SIC code, you’ll only deal with relevant industries. With accurate insights, you can generate more qualified leads. Moreover, it’ll make your marketing campaigns more lucrative and authentic.
    Insights available within SIC codes can help in identifying your target customers more appropriately. It offers a better understanding of your vertical industries and product relevancy.
  • Improve Lead Qualification Criteria : After identifying appropriate targets for your campaigns, you can make use of the data for identifying qualified inbound prospects for follow-up. Additionally, you can plan the funds and finances for the campaign, content development, and advertising based on which prospects will most likely become customers.

By procuring our SIC code append service, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive database. We offer access to multiple directories of over fifteen million businesses. Team up with us and let us help you in building a personalized targeted business list. Next, our team of data experts will utilize their expertise to offer you the most accurate and efficient ways to engage with your target markets. Rest assured for we only provide the latest, 100 percent phone-verified, and regularly updated data.