Healthcare Payers Mailing Lists

Healthcare payers and providers are essentially Medicare, Medicaid, and health plan providers. They are people who set service rates, process claims, collect payments, and pay provider claims. Moreover, they are the ones who enable patients to take care of their financials seamlessly.

If you have insurance policies, software solutions, and equipment or are a caregiver service agency or health insurance marketer, you should get your hands on the InfoCleasne healthcare payers mailing lists. The list of healthcare payers is accurate and it has over 5000+ contacts across the globe. Moreover, it will help you boost your ROI.

Boost Your ROI with 5K+ Healthcare Payers Email Database

Marketers need to access healthcare payers seamlessly. That’s why InfoCleasne has a well-detailed healthcare payers email and mailing list with comprehensive contact information. Moreover, the data is accurate, so marketers can save money and time on database marketing. It will also enable marketers to fill gaps in their existing databases.

The accurate and deliverable healthcare payers email database has the following selects to satisfy the marketer’s data requirements:

Full Name Hospital Name
License Number License State
Nationality Country
City Zip code
Specialty Department
Employee Size Revenue Size
Technographics Social Media Handles
Email Address Telephone Number
Mailing Address Years of Experience
Fax Number And More!

Apart from the details, InfoCleasne also offers marketers the option to customize the healthcare payers mailing lists according to various selects. The customized list will help marketers stand out in the B2B market. Additionally, it will enable marketers to design their database according to their requirements and increase responsiveness.Furthermore, marketers can segment the healthcare payer database into other segments that can increase the targetability. These segments can help create targeted sales and ensure marketers have data-driven results.

Below are some of the selects marketers can customize the database into:

Geographical Location Fax Number
NPI Number OCC Code
Hospital Affiliation Hospital Bed Size
Assets Size License Number
Licensing State And More!

Authentic Healthcare Payers Email List for B2B Marketing

With the prevailing cutthroat B2B competition, marketers must stand out. They can do this by having access to authenticated and validated healthcare payer marketing database. Moreover, InfoCleasne guarantees that the list is 100% accurate and has only credible and trustworthy data.

The reliable data is sourced from the following trustworthy and validated sources:

  • Healthcare webinars
  • Conferences
  • Business Cards
  • Online surveys
  • Opt-in Emails
  • Healthcare Websites
  • Public and government directories
  • Hospital records
  • And more!

Why Choose InfoCleasne  for Healthcare Payer Mailing Lists?

InfoCleanse is experienced and has provided database marketing services and solutions for top companies in technology, automation, electronics and software domain. Moreover, with InfoCleasne , you can be guaranteed the following for the healthcare payers mailing lists:

  • CAN-SPAM compliant email ID
  • DNC-compliant tele verified contacts
  • GDPR compliant and data privacy and safety norms compliant database
  • USPS verified and CASS-certified healthcare payers mailing addresses
  • 100% accuracy
  • 95% campaign deliverability rate

Contact InfoCleasne for Well-Curated Healthcare Payer Database

As a marketer who seeks to grow their business, the healthcare payer database is a lottery ticket. It will enable marketers to reach contacts from across the globe and create personalized marketing campaigns that elicit a response. Additionally, the list will help healthcare industry professionals to get in touch with healthcare payers and ensure a robust financial system for patients.

So, get in touch with InfoCleasne via +1(469)713-1664 or drop us a mail at for a well-organized and customized healthcare payer marketing database.