Zoho CRM Customers List

Zoho CRM is a far-reaching Customer Relationship Management software that integrates the workflow of marketing, sales, and customer support services. Where most CRM platforms are dreary to work with, primarily because of their extensive data entry requirements, Zoho CRM has gone above and beyond to automate business processes. Thus, the CRM Platform does most of the job while letting you focus on improving the sales revenue.

Due to its user-friendliness, Zoho CRM has established itself in 180 countries with an exceedingly whopping 60 million subscriber base. Competing with leading CRM providers, currently, it holds a 15.1% global market share.

Tapping into such an opportunistic market is crucial for a technology marketer or any vendor. That’s why you should own a trusted database of companies using Zoho CRM. InfoCleanse provides resourceful contact data for marketers to forge ahead with their brand development.

Harness the potency of a Zoho CRM Customers List to make steadfast progress in the industry.

250K+ Businesses Depend on Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers you the flexibility to make educated decisions that might benefit the business in the long run. Here’s the List of Companies using Zoho CRM:

Sl.No Name of the Company Industry Type Number of Employees Revenue ($)
1. Agoda Technology 10,000 1.2B
2. Mistras Group Inc Construction 10,000 677M
3. Zoomcar Software Development 500 12M
4. Shiji IT Services 5000 521M
5. Clozette Group Advertising Services 200 5M
6. The Streaming Network Technology Services 50 5M
7. Spotahome Real Estate 200 23M
8. Power I.T., LLC Technology Services 50 13M

Avail of a Segmented Database of Companies using Zoho CRM

InfoCleanse offers a segmented database of Companies using Zoho CRM to build excellent customer relationships and streamline your marketing productivity. The highly customizable contact list helps you deliver highly personalized customer experiences that advocate for a sustainable customer lifetime value. The data fields available in the List of Companies using Zoho CRM are:

Company Name Email Address
Company Revenue Technology Used
Phone Number Mailing Address
Country Website Address
Technographics SIC Code
NAICS code And More

You can also find broad selects, such as:

Geographic Location Technology Tracking
Assets Size Demographics
Industry Type And More

Upscale the bottom-up marketing strategy and generate demand for your products and services.

Acquire a Verified List of Companies using Zoho CRM.

Our List of Companies using Zoho CRM contains all the critical information collected from genuine sources, such as:

  • Professional Directories and Databases
  • Organizational Records and Websites
  • Online Publications, Journals, and Magazines
  • Industry Conferences, Seminars, and Events
  • Corporate Exhibitions and Industry Trade Shows
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Feedback and Survey Forms
  • Newsletters and Online Subscriptions

The companies that use Zoho CRM are spread across the globe: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the Middle East, and so on.

Connect with prospects through personalized marketing programs.

What are the Features of a Zoho CRM Customers List?

The Zoho CRM Customers List from InfoCleanse has the following features:

  • Database segmentation for a productive and efficient business plan
  • Accurate data to make critical marketing decisions, generate analytical reports and build innovative strategies.
  • Compliant with all data regulatory policies and laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, SMTP, and CPA
  • Geo-tagged database for an extended market reach
  • 100% opt-in contact information to generate, nurture and convert quality leads
  • Enhanced customer engagement through an omnichannel presence – email, direct mail, social media, and telecalls
  • Guaranteed 95% email deliverability rate to boost sales
  • CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses, USPS-verified and CASS-certified mailing addresses, and DNC-compliant tele contacts.

Decrease your sales cycle with an increased lead conversion rate.

Connect With Us to Bag Prospective Business Deals

An accurate List of Companies Using Zoho CRM helps marketers capture leads, score, identify warm and hot leads, segregate cold leads, and ensure lead follow-up. That happens because our data experts conduct extensive verification protocols to ensure zero data redundancy. Also, they append any gaps in the database with updated information. Besides regular quality checks, the contact database undergoes a mandatory review every 90 days.

You can contact us to manage progressive leads and deals.