Equinix customers list

What is Equinix?

Equinix is a cloud service provider helping businesses globally deploy infrastructure and services while directly and privately interconnecting them to their most essential clouds, services, and networks. By providing quick and easy access to all significant Cloud platforms, Equinix gives scalable, flexible solutions for infrastructure management. It holds a market share of 11% in the data center market and generates an annual revenue of $ 7.53 Billion.

What is Equinix customers List?

Equinix customers list from InfoCleanse is an expansive database containing precise global B2B data about companies using Equinix as cloud computing software. The responsive and verified email and mailing list of companies that use Equinix enable enterprises to market their solutions and services in the global technology market. It allows them to connect with the key decision-makers and executives of companies using Equinix in the thriving markets of the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, North America, APAC, and other regions of the world.

    How many customers does Equinix have?

    Equinix has over 10,000 customers; let us look at some prominent companies using Equinix in their tech stack.
    Company NameCompany Size (No. Of Employees)Industry TypeRevenue in USD
    Amazon1,608,000Technology$485.902 billion
    Apple154,000Technology$365.817 billion
    AT&T203,000Telecommunications$168.864 billion
    Nokia87,927Technology$25.63 billion
    BT Global Services17,000Telecommunications$24.712 billion
    Citizens Bank17,463Finance$7.363 billion
    Facebook58,604Telecommunications$117 billion
    International Paper38,200Manufacturing$20.58 billion
    Kohl’s110,000Retail$18.47 billion
    The Hershey Company18,990Manufacturing$8.971 billion
    Equinix customers list is a valuable asset for businesses as it helps them connect with every possible reputed company using Equinix in the technology ecosystem. By leveraging this list, businesses can explore numerous growth opportunities worldwide.

      Can A Well-Segmented List Of Companies Using Equinix Strengthen Marketing Initiatives?

      Businesses can achieve success with only precise targeting. The segmented list of companies using Equinix is a perfect arsenal that enables businesses to accomplish this. The various data selects in the list allow enterprises to categorize their prospects into multiple sections based on specific criteria like technographics, revenue size, industry type, and many more! With their prospects categorized, enterprises can coin particular strategies to target them. Through hyper-personalized targeting, businesses can get optimal results from their marketing campaigns and gain better ROI.
      Some of the regular data selects available in the Equinix Clients List are:

      Customize Your Business Requirements Instantly!

      Company/Organization Name Job Function/Title
      Industry Description First Name
      Revenue Size Second Name
      Employee Size Email Address
      Technographics Mailing Address
      Website Address Telephone Number
      Country License Number
      State Fax Number
      City OCC Code
      Zip code License State
      SIC Code Years of Experience
      NAICS Code Social Media Handles
      D-U-N-S Number And More

        Can Equinix Clients list Propel Business Growth?

        Equinix clients list has genuine global B2B data from trustworthy channels. With the Equinix customers list, businesses can avail several prospects genuinely interested in their services across the globe. By pitching its services to such prospects, enterprises can accelerate sales cycles and secure a top position in the tech ecosystem. Besides this, the list has expansive data about many reputed companies using Equinix. By associating with such distinguished companies, businesses can win lucrative deals and nudge their businesses toward profitability.
        Data experts at InfoCleanse collates Equinix clients list from substantial and legitimate sources, like:
        Government Records Opt-in Emails
        Feedback Forms Business Cards
        Publications Website Registrations
        Directories Economic Forums
        Trade shows Magazine Subscriptions
        Seminars and Conferences Memberships
        Newsletter Subscriptions Panel Discussions
        Surveys And More

        Are you interested in getting the best Targeted Equinix Customers List in the market?

        Why Choose InfoCleanse’s Equinix Customers List?

        InfoCleanse team ensures that businesses have the correct data they require for successful prospecting. The Equinix customers list is free of data redundancy or repetition as it is subjected to human and AI verification. With relevant data at their behest, enterprises can save time and effort and channel all their efforts to pursue prospects that will add value to their business.
        Some of the other benefits associated with Equinix clients list are:

        Can Businesses Leverage Cloud Computing Software Customers List to Grow Their Business?

        Can Businesses Outsmart Their Competitors With Equinix Customers List From InfoCleanse

        The Equinix customers list helps businesses reach their total addressable market (TAM) faster without having to wail away time scouting for leads. Also, the list of companies using Equinix creates a medium for enterprises to make long-lasting associations with well-established companies and create a vast and reputed client base. By marketing to a huge number of clients, enterprises can witness remarkable growth and secure a top position in the tech ecosystem.

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