Data Validation Service

Today, every organization from SMBs to big businesses deal with databases that are mostly cluttered with incomplete, invalid, or outdated data. And with executives regularly changing jobs, companies, and titles, the presence of dirty data has further increased.

This is where professional Data Validation Services come to the rescue. When you procure the services of a professional data validation company, they can help in validating your current business database and make sure it’s up-to-date by performing phone verification, replacing any missing or incorrect contact details, and ensuring a uniform data format.

Data Validation: What Is It?

Data validation refers to the process of scrutinizing data for accuracy and quality before transferring and processing. This is an important process for B2B businesses as it facilitates data-driven marketing campaigns and helps you in making well-informed decisions. All in all, data validation plays a key role in ensuring your business growth positively.

Why Is Data Validation Important?

When your database contains incorrect, outdated, or duplicate data, you’ll not be able to make optimal marketing decisions. A study suggests that 30% of your database will become outdated every three months. This means that by the end of the year, you’re left with a database that’s dated for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Another study says that dirty data can negatively impact all aspects of your organization, which includes nearly 80 percent of your lead generation initiatives and 60 percent of marketing endeavors.

Removing inaccurate and latent data from your database will not only save time but also save your precious marketing costs, thereby improving the productivity of your sales team. When your prospect list is free of any irrelevant contact information, your sales team will no longer waste time going after useless contacts.

Aside from an accurate prospect list, it’s also essential to have an accurate and clean customer database. According to Marketing Metrics, the likelihood of selling to existing customers is higher as compared to new prospects.

Hence, regular validation of business database is essential for timeliness and accuracy, and to make sure all the department in your company has access to updated, clean, and comprehensive data.

Maximize the Value of your Data Assets with Our Comprehensive Data Validation Services

Steps To Our Data Validation Process:

Data validation offers access to the B2B contact directory with quality data to ensure 100% responsiveness. By skipping this data validation process, you’ll not only affect your output but also your outreach.

We follow a stringent process of scrutinizing the corporate database so that our customers have access to clean, accurate, and updated data. Our data validation process includes:

Step 1: Input & Define Data Samples –

The first step involves entering the data and determining the appropriate data validation tool for executing. Our team of experts examines a series of information to determine the error rate and then draw a timeline for the whole validation process.

Step 2: Validate & Formate Database –

We’ll then format and compare relevant data fields against the existing database. We will review the database further to detect blank fields and incomplete, duplicate, or inaccurate data.

Step 3: Multichannel Validation –

This process helps you in maximizing customer retention, acquisition, and engagement by keeping you engaged with your target audience across multiple channels.

Step 4: Authentic Database –

We validate the sourced information on multiple levels. We then authenticate the data to determine its uniqueness and accuracy while complying with data standards.

Data Validation Service Benefits:

Here are some benefits of procuring data validation services:

  • Data validation service helps in saving a lot of your time and money by updating your database with active and up-to-date data.
  • By procuring the services of a reliable data validation serviceprovider, you can minimize the operational costs for rectifying inaccurate business information, which in turn helps in refining your operational efficiency.
  • Validate data in real-time to improve deliverability.
  • Make well-informed business decisions.
  • Boost open rates & re-engage clients.
  • Easy workflow management.

All leading businesses depend on a validated corporate database to ensure optimum engagement with lucrative audiences. Our validation process helps in removing duplicate data from your database to improve your sales and marketing goals. With access to a clean and valid B2B database, we guarantee negligible bounce rates and increased open rates to help improve your brand’s presence globally. So contact us today and let us streamline your marketing efforts.