Data Verification

Are you worried about whether your existing data is still relevant? You don’t have to anymore as we at Infocleanse offer our powerful data verification service. Team up with us and we’ll handle all your data worries and make sure you have access to all the right data.

Data that is obtained externally needs to be verified before incorporating it with your master business directory.  Bad data always result in poor management of marketing efforts and sales. Having accurate data is key when it comes to business growth. To have access to an accurate and reliable business database, you’ll need to procure a powerful data verification service.

With InfoCleanse data verification services, we guarantee reliable data that is gleaned from multiple sources. Be assured that this data is passed through a strict verification process before it’s delivered to you.

Data Verification: What is It?

Data verification refers to the process of examining or checking your master database for any errors or inconsistencies. This verification process needs to be executed timely to ensure smoother sales and high deliverability.

It plays a key part in data-driven B2B marketing. With data verification, you can maintain a verified and reliable B2B contact information of your customers and potential prospects. In B2B sales, verification of data is a time-consuming and intricate procedure. We at InfoCleanse, provide data verification service with unmatched accuracy.

We follow a robust strategy for our data verification process to help retain high accuracy within the data. Since data is dynamic, it decays at a constant rate of 2.1% each month. This is where the expertise and experience of InfoCleanse come to play. Our data professional team is well aware of everything that has to do with data; its criticality, its impact on business, and how to maintain updated data month after month.

Drive Better Business Outcomes with Clean, Accurate and Verified Data

Why Leverage Our Data Verification Service?

Companies depend heavily on verified datasets to facilitate optimum outreach to businesses with buyer intent. At InfoCleanse, our dedicated team of data professionals and analysts will help improve your data quality significantly. This means no existence of inaccuracies or errors in your dataset.

To boost quality output, we verify data on several levels. We employ both manual and automated verification process to analyze and verify your database against both external and internal sources of information.

Our data experts and AI verifies the data manually to make sure the email addresses, phone numbers, social insights, etc., are accurate and relevant. This allows you to reach the right audience globally, thereby enhancing your business outreach.

Our Data Verification Process:

For B2B organizations, data verification is quite an essential process as it helps in improving the value of the sales and marketing database. With our B2B data verification service, we can help boost your business revenue by verifying your lead data. Our data scientists along with our powerful AI verifies your data effectively and removes any inaccurate data. Our data verification procedure involves:

Input & Inspect Datasets:

First, we inspect your database size and then determine the verification process. This helps in segmenting the data into proper fields.

Analyze and De-dupe Data:

Our in-house data research experts and data scientists analyze the data for any duplicate and inaccurate fields to replace it with relevant data.

Check Authenticity:

A robust verification test is performed to ensure the credibility and authenticity of the data. This step removes opt-outs, junks, blacklist, bounce check, and spam from your database.

Offer Updated Database:

Once the data verification and update is complete, the updated database is finally delivered to you.

Our Data Verification Service Benefits:

B2B data verification will not only verify your database but it’ll also authenticate it and ensure high responsiveness.  Data verification services offer standardized,  junk & error-free lead data and help enrich your business. Here are a few benefits of procuring our data verification services:

  • An increase in sales opportunities.
  • Re-engage & improve lead nurturing.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your multi-channel campaign.
  • Minimize customer acquisition & retention costs.
  • Boost sales and marketing qualified leads.
  • Scale targeted marketing & sales campaigns.

Our Data Verification Services:

Invest in our robust data verification services and amplify your presence globally and create new opportunities.

  • Email Verification: we’ll verify your customer data and remove any fake and inactive email ids that can affect the email deliverability stats.
  • Tele-Verification: Our data experts will detect unreachable customers due to incorrect or stale information and replace them with reachable, accessible, and valid data.
  • Full Contact Verification: We’ll verify direct dial numbers, industry code, email address, contact name, and other relevant data.
  • Social Profile Verification: We’ll verify the social insights and profiles of your ideal prospects to help you in connecting with them via multiple channels.

By leveraging the right data verification services, you’ll not only have access to bespoke solutions but also boost your business growth. So partner up with us and let us help you in keeping your B2B database fresh, updated, and relevant.