SAP ERP Customers List

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise resource planning software that businesses use to automate and streamline their daily operations. Companies that use SAP ERP can manage their record keeping better with synchronized reports on company metrics.

The SAP ERP platform holds 7.92% of the overall ERP software market and has increased its revenue by 24% in the last year. According to experts, its revenue will likely reach $2.3 billion by 2032.

InfoCleanse has curated an extensively verified and responsive 380,533+ email list of companies using SAP ERP to help marketers address this tremendous opportunity. It is a well-segmented database that helps execute various B2B campaigns to target key decision-makers and professionals of companies in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, North America, Europe, APAC, and other regions.

Use Well Segmented List of Companies Using SAP ERP

Just take a look at some of the prominent companies using SAP ERP below:

Sl.No Name of the Company Industry Type Number of Employees Revenue ($)
1. Federal Emergency Management Agency Government 5,000-10,000 1000M
2. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical 140,000+ 93B
3. Cisco Technology 12,000+ 50B
4. Tyson Foods, Inc Food 120,000+ 47B
5. Citrix Cloud computing 5,000-10,000 3.22B
6. Colgate-Palmolive Manufacturing 10,000-50,000 17B
7. Dell Computer Hardware and Software 100,000+ 105B
8. Lorven Technologies Technology 50-200 50M
9. Univera, Inc. Pharmaceutical 10-50 10M
10. Confidential Records, Inc. Music 1-10 1M

This is only a glimpse at the list, and the actual contact database is much more comprehensive. It is pretty evident from this list of companies that use SAP ERP has tremendous benefits for all types of enterprises.

So, businesses can reach out to all types of organizations worldwide to promote their products and services.

Target Your Ideal Market Better With A Highly Segmented SAP ERP Customers List

Marketers know well the importance of a focused approach in B2B marketing, and so does InfoCleanse. While targeting companies using SAP ERP, one has to address the target market adequately to get the desired results.

This is why the SAP ERP customers list contains all decisive details that help drive a much better marketing approach. Below you can find some of the selects from the companies using SAP ERP list that will uplift your marketing efforts:

Company/Organization Name Designation
Industry Description First Name
Revenue Size Second Name
Employee Size Email Address
Technographics Mailing Address
Website Address Telephone Number
Country License Number
State Fax Number
City OCC Code
Zip code License State
SIC Code Years of Experience
NAICS Code Social Media Handles
D-U-N-S Number And More

    Need Pricing and Counts Details? Fill Now!

    With InfoCleanse by your side, implementing promotional campaigns become seamless, as you can reach out to target audience in a jiffy.

    Fully Verified Sources Help Make Your B2B Marketing a Success

    InfoCleanse ensures that businesses receive highly accurate data. After all, it is paramount when marketing to companies that use SAP ERP.

    For this, the team sources the list of companies using SAP ERP from highly verified resources, like the ones below:

    • Directories
    • Government Records
    • Opt-In Emails
    • Publications
    • Surveys and Feedback Forms
    • Forums
    • Magazines and Journals
    • Panel Discussions
    • Seminars and Conferences
    • IT & Technology Trade Shows
    • Corporate Exhibitions
    • And More

    Once data extraction is completed, we can deliver a customized database according to each customer’s marketing needs.

    Why Choose InfoCleanse’s List of Companies Using SAP ERP?

    Having a great sales pitch is only half the job done. Businesses also need accurate data relevant to the marketing context of SAP ERP users. This is why they need InfoCleanse’s assistance.

    The list of companies using SAP ERP provided by InfoCleanse offers many advantages that aid in the better promotion of supplementary products to the users. With InfoCleanse, you get:

    • Fully verified leads with data updates done once every 90 days to ensure a better take on direct, telemarketing, email marketing, and multi-channel marketing strategies
    • A wholly customized database catered to your campaign-specific tactics
    • Geo-specific details that allow marketers to overcome the demographic constraints
    • Complete legal compliance to various regulations, like CCPA, GDRP, etc.
    • USPS- verification, CAN-SPAM and DNC compliance, and CASS certification for better data integrity

    Upscale Your B2B Marketing Efforts with InfoCleanse

    InfoCleanse has gone to great lengths to ensure the relevancy of the database. Customers can create better and more targeted marketing pitches with accurate contact database.

    In addition, our list of companies using SAP ERP ensures a faster and more convenient approach to targeting leads, thus, generating higher ROI.

    So, get in touch with our team via +1(888) 498-3846 or mail at [email protected] today. Your market outreach growth is just a call away.