Data Scrubbing Services

What is Data Scrubbing?

Data scrubbing service is a process that involves removing or modifying incorrect, incomplete, repeated, or inaccurately formatted data in a database. In short, it improves the reliability, consistency, and accuracy of your data.

As a business expands, its dataset grows and becomes outdated and stale over time. Using stale data can decrease your sales team’s productivity and lead to revenue loss. If none of your marketing efforts are showing results, you are probably sitting on stale data. Get in touch with us, and we will optimize your database management for improved efficiency and help business operations in a jiffy!

Refine Your Goals With Data Scrubbing Services

The efficiency of your business will depend heavily on the quality of data that you use to analyze and make informed decisions. As a front-running database scrubbing service provider, we have an effective system in place to de-duplicate, validate, verify, standardize, and clean data to enhance the quality of your data. When you have an enriched database at your disposal when running targeted campaigns, your business will be able to make quick conversions.

Eliminate Errors and Inconsistencies from your Data with our Data Scrubbing Services

Why Your Company Needs Data Scrubbing?

Whether you are a small business or a big international player, there are bound to be database errors like human error during data entry, merged databases, lack of company-specific or industry-wide data standards, old systems that still holds obsolete data.

With the right data scrubbing services like InfoCleanse, you will get relevant and actionable data-driven insights like contact details, full name, occupational codes, business email IDs, social media profiles, organizations name, and more. Using high-quality data will dramatically improve the efficiency of your brand, encourage strong customer relationships, prevent unnecessary fines levied as a result of breach of data regulation, and reduced spending on marketing campaigns.

Data Scrubbing Services

Data scrubbing every now and then promotes quality. By making sure your data is accurate and up-to-date not only aids in ensuring quality database but also reduces wasted efforts and provides optimal business results.

InfoCleanse offers a complete range of data cleansing services to help you boost your sales efforts and business development, makes your database more effective, and increases your return on investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns.

We have a team of data scrubbing professionals who are well adept at rectifying different types of inaccuracies like finding missing zip codes or finding out duplicate records. If you are a data-intensive organization, we will help you format, rectify, remove, organize, replace, modify, categorize and catalog collected information across different data fields.

With the help of our data scrubbing process, you will be able to channelize your data smoothly and deftly to run more productive direct marketing campaigns and managed sales. Our team will work hard to purge your existing database of all the irregularities, provide consistency in attribute names, update mailing lists, conduct referential integrity checks, detect obsolete, corrupt, or missing records, and develop standardized data pools to help clients achieve every bit of data compliance and accuracy.

Whether you are a data-intensive company or not, we are here to help you by systematically examining all data issues using legally permitted algorithms, look-up tables, rules, and criteria. Because of our capability to offer customizable data scrubbing services to businesses across the board, we are now a popularly preferred vendor across the globe.

Comprehensive Data Scrubbing Services We Offer

  • Identifying and deleting corrupt, spurious, or duplicate data records
  • Rectifying typographic errors
  • Updating old addresses
  • Comparing and deleting data matching any third party records like opt-in opt-out lists
  • Interlinking and consolidating multiple databases
  • Correcting discrepancies as a result of typos, abbreviation, and spelling errors
  • Identifying and replacing irrelevant, invalid, incomplete, inaccurate key variables in a database
  • Aggregating and auditing data
  • Adding missing details like first and last names, date of birth, lower/upper case specifications, mailing codes, telephone numbers, gender, etc.
  • Tagging similar database records after manually assessing
  • Identifying and matching correlations across different data fields
  • Correcting and ensuring consistent data in CRM systems

Advantages of B2B Data Scrubbing

  • Detects, compares, and deletes duplicate data records
  • Increases storage space in CRM by de-duplicating the data
  • Reduces data protection and compliance risks
  • Increases customer acquisition and retention actions
  • Streamlines productivity with efficient business operations
  • Generates high ROI by making informed business decisions

Different Types of Data Issues

One of the most common data errors that businesses big or small face is data entry errors, duplicate data, data transformation errors, ambiguous information, incomplete information, and OCR errors (optical character recognition).

Our team works hard to nail the 100% accuracy rate by addressing the errors both manually and with high-tech AI tools.

Methods We Use for Data Cleansing

The methods that our data engineers use include removing irrelevant, unwanted, and duplicate data; add and input missing data values; remove outlier data (records that no longer match any category), and more.