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Data is incredibly vital for every B2B company, it’s on every marketer’s lips nowadays. Most organizations today depend on data as it is an important element to build long-term business relationships with clients. This is why having accurate data at all times is of utmost importance if you wish to succeed in the B2B world.

Quality data starts to deteriorate alarmingly. An average of 35% B2B data deteriorates per year. By procuring Data Scrubbing Services, you’ll be able to retain the quality of the data by scrubbing off any corrupt and inaccurate information. Consequently, it’ll allow more accurate analytics, which in turn will ease the decision-making process.

With access to updated data, you will have a better chance of understanding your target audience and allow you to devise effective b2b marketing tactics that will help your business grow in the long run.

Data Scrubbing: What Is It?

Data scrubbing refers to a method of determining outdated, incomplete, obsolete, invalid, and inaccurate data from your database and making necessary rectification to make sure that the data available is precise,  current, and complete. Data scrubbing is like a detoxing process that every B2B organization needs and should go for.

At Infocleanse, we offer database scrubbing services, where our experienced team of data analyst detects any inaccuracy present in your database, rectifies the data, and restore all the corrupt information with a new one.

Thanks to our qualified team of professionals, innovative technology, and proven techniques, we can aid you in maintaining a clean and reliable database. As a leading Data Scrubbing Service Provider, we can efficiently handle all data scrubbing aspects and ensure that your data is up-to-date and error-free.

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Infocleanse Data Scrubbing Process:

Database scrubbing services are automated, semi-automated, and manual.  Moreover, the data can get customized based on specific business needs and challenges. At Infocleanse, our seasoned data experts perform the following processes to keep your database reliable and accurate:

1.      Standardizing Data 2.      Normalizing Data 3.      Adding Missing Information
4.      De-duplicating Data 5.      Correcting Customer’s Records           6.      Verifying and enriching data

Standardizing Data:

To facilitate easy access when retrieving the necessary information from the database, we standardize your data. Our experts employ advanced technology and best practices to ensure that the data is persistent across various platforms. Also, our data standardization professionals can modify the sequence of data entry as per your needs.

Normalizing Data:

Almost every database tends to have similar data entries in different formats, where “Mister” is registered as Mr. or mr. Our data normalization professionals ensure uniformity in your data by changing identical attributes into a similar format. We leverage innovative techniques and industry know-how to detect and rectify issues present in your database.

Adding Missing Information:

If the information present in your entries is incomplete, your database will be of little value. Our data scrubbing services can help in adding value to your database by detecting and updating any missing record. Our experienced data experts have a keen eye for detail and utilize the latest methods to refurbish information like postcodes, area, zip codes, and other key details.

De-duplicating Data:

When your database features duplicate entries, it’ll affect your productivity and make it difficult to retrieve necessary information. We, at Infocleanse, will remove any duplicate information that may be present in your database with the help of effective verification and validation methods. We can help in making your database a reliable source of relevant information.

Correcting Customer’s Records:

To remain competitive in the B2B world, you must have access to an up-to-date and well-maintained database. Our data experts leverage the finest techniques to refurbish your business data with the utmost accuracy and speed. As such, you’ll have a database that’s relevant and comprehensive, thereby allowing you to engage effectively with both current and potential customers.

Verifying And Enriching Data:

At Infocleanse, our data experts authenticate and validate every information present in your database, thereby improving the quality of your data. Additionally, our data experts can enrich your database by adding information from trusted external sources. This, in turn, will help you in making well-informed business decisions.

Once your data is validated, verified, formatted, de-duplicated, and scrubbed, we will deliver the file as per your preferred format, which includes TIFF, XML, SQL database, PDF, CSF, and Excel, etc.

Benefits Of Infocleanse Data Scrubbing Services:

There are a lot of benefits that come with database scrubbing services. Some key advantages include:

Improved Revenue:  With consistent data, you can enjoy better response rates, which translates to improved revenue. A database with stale information can affect response rates and conversions, resulting in a revenue loss. Therefore, it is critical to scrub your current data and update it. By scrubbing and updating your data promptly, you will be able to improve your business revenue.

Improved Decision-Making: Accurate and reliable data can streamline your decision-making process. This will enable you to devise effective B2B marketing initiatives and that is why database scrubbing is of utmost importance. Invest in Infocleanse data scrubbing services and let us help improve your mailing list so you can make appropriate business decisions.

Higher Productivity: As the most critical element in any business, accuracy can significantly boost your company’s productivity. This is because it allows your sales team to easily target lucrative leads and convert them. Consequently, it saves plenty of time & energy for your sales department, thereby increasing productivity and ROI.

Saves Time & Money: Data scrubbing services eliminates the risk of losing your valuable time and money. This is because it makes sure your database is comprehensive and only has updated, current, and relevant information. This way, you can reach those prospects that are genuinely interested in purchasing your products or services, thereby boosting response rates. This ultimately saves both your time & money.

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