Salesforce CRM Customers List

Are you counting on your marketing perspicacity to target Companies using Salesforce CRM? Well, in that case, InfoCleanse has got you covered. Our extensive, ready-to-use database saves resources and time to help you focus on your core marketing objectives.

Salesforce CRM is the leading enterprise software company that offers 360-degree solutions for customer relationship management. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Salesforce CRM integrates services such as workforce productivity, campaign management, sales and customer support, and other revenue-generating applications. It has been consistently on the top ladder for almost a decade now. As of the latest reports in 2021, Salesforce CRM holds a gigantic 23.9% market share with an annual turnover of $21.3 billion. Predictions are rife that it may go up to $26.5 billion with an average 24% CAGR for 2022.

It is an enormous opportunity for technology-based vendors to make headway for bold campaigns. You can promote products and services, make long-lasting connections with top executives, and elevate your brand image in the global market.

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150K+ Companies use Salesforce CRM

InfoCleanse has a vast List of Companies Using Salesforce CRM, among which a few are listed below:

Sl.No Name of the Company Industry Type Number of Employees Revenue ($)
1. T-Mobile Telecommunications 10,000+ 68.4B
2. ABB Optical Group Medical Equipment Manufacturing 5,000 1B
3. United Healthcare Healthcare Insurance 125,000+ 80.33B
4. Transamerica Financial Services 10,000 6B
5. Schneider Electric Manufacturing 128,000+ 28.9B
6. Western Union Financial Services 12,000 851.9M
7. Adidas Sports Goods Manufacturing 59,000 24.7B
8. Bentley Motors Motor Vehicle Manufacturing 4,000 25.3B
9. United Way Non-Profit 500 96.81M
10. Kellogg’s Food Manufacturing 30,000 3.86B

Reinvent your Business Model using a Segmented Salesforce CRM Customers List

A segmented Salesforce CRM Customers List allows marketers to map prospects and build personalized content to enrich their experience.  As a result, marketers achieve seamless data-driven outcomes. The data fields available in the Salesforce CRM Customers List are:

Company Name Email Address
Company Revenue Technology Used
Phone Number Mailing Address
Country Website Address
Technographics SIC Code
NAICS code And More

You can also find broad selects, such as:

Geographic Location Technology Tracking
Assets Size Demographics
Industry Type And More

Explore new ideas to reinvent your business model using a segmented database.

Reach Opt-In Contacts with a verified List of Companies using Salesforce CRM

The List of Companies using Salesforce CRM contains all the critical information collected from genuine sources, such as:

  • Professional Directories and Databases
  • Organizational Records and Websites
  • Online Publications, Journals, and Magazines
  • Industry Conferences, Seminars, and Events
  • Corporate Exhibitions and Industry Trade Shows
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Feedback and Survey Forms
  • Newsletters and Online Subscriptions

The companies that use Salesforce CRM are found globally: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the Middle East, and so on.

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Why do Companies using Salesforce CRM Choose InfoCleanse?

There are a number of reasons for organizations trying to reach out to Companies using Salesforce CRM to choose InfoCleanse. Be it data collection or verification, InfoCleanse adheres to strict protocols and offers the best email and mailing lists. Some key features include:

  • Highly segmented database that is customer-centric.
  • Extensive data validation through monthly verification calls and emails.
  • Compliant with all data privacy policies and laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, SMTP, and CPA
  • Varied customization options to send personalized messages
  • 100% accurate data to establish trust in the brand
  • Multichannel marketing through email, direct mail, social media, and telecalls
  • Guaranteed 95% email deliverability rate
  • CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses, USPS-verified and CASS-certified mailing addresses, and DNC-compliant tele contacts.

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Contact InfoCleanse to Accelerate Business Growth

Businesses look forward to working with trustworthy data vendors to embrace digital transformation fully. InfoCleanse can be your reliable data partner that helps accelerate business growth. All you have to do is connect with us and put forth your requirements. We will build on that and offer you exemplary solutions and services.