Data Enrichment and Enhancement Services

Without meaningful and accurate data, your business will not be able to nurture purposeful and fruitful relationships with the individuals in your database. When you use incorrect data, it can potentially damage those relationships.

InfoCleanse is committed to high-quality data, with unmatched experience in industry best practices and resourceful information to help you maintain accurate, clean data and bursting at the seams with multiple supporter insights.

With InfoCleanse You will:

  • Understand the contacts in your data list and how to reach out to them
  • Get a clear view of your database
  • Make sure you do not leave donations on the table
  • Stop wasting energy and time with inaccurate and outdated data

Elevate your Data-Driven Decisions with Our Enhancement Services

What is Data Enrichment and Why Do You Need it?

If you are depending on just one channel to reach out to your business opportunities, you are missing out big time. This is due to the fact that most prospects are not accessible through a single touchpoint. This in turn will leave you with a low lead to sales conversion rate.

Data Enrichment Services Definition

In such a case, data enrichment services can give you multiple touchpoints to reach out to your target prospects. This will significantly multiply your ability to connect with your prospects and convert them into leads.

With additional data fields added to the identity of your existing primary contact, you will have different data fields added to your current data like phone lists, email, personal social profiles, or alternate professional contacts if any. With such data at your disposal, you will be able to track and connect with new opportunities in the most efficient way.

In this way, our data enrichment services can open up new ways of contact with your target audience. This in turn will speed up your deal-making opportunities by spontaneously nudging your target customer towards the final deal.

In simple words, when you have data enrichment services at your disposal, you will be able to scale your business quickly and with minimal effort.

Let’s say you have the email lists of your prospects. Enriching your data will provide additional information such as phone number, email, etc. This way, we can add over hundreds of additional fields to your current database.

What is Data Enhancement Services?

Data enhancement services augment your existing B2B database with more contact information. The additional information is usually sourced from reliable B2B data providers with a rich database of trusted contacts. If you are looking to expand your current database with more contact data, then you will need the help of a verified data source offering an extensive contact database.

Data enhancement is essentially value addition to your current contacts data. Sales and marketing experts love data enrichment services because it opens up new opportunities to reach out to potential customers and keep them engaged.

The final data list you will get from a data enhancement service will include data fields that your team may not have considered previously. This process of data nourishment will help you to come up with new ways to reach out to your customers and convert them.

Data Maintenance & Hygiene

Get the most from your Company’s database. With data hygiene, your company’s contact information will always be accurate and up-to-date.

  • Provides the latest constituent address information, finds “bad” addresses, and corrects inaccurate and irrelevant contact information.
  • Ensures data is correctly entered and validates address data on the fly.
  • Identifies deceased individuals in your database to avoid unnecessary postage and embarrassing mistakes.

Contact Appends and Data Enrichment

Enhance your ability to reach out to your constituents. With contact appends, you will get multiple communication channels which in turn will open doors for you.

  • Add valid phone numbers to your existing records and find out if they are on the “Do Not Call” registry.
  • Procure latest phone numbers in a fast-changing mobile era to open new donation channels and communication.
  • Acquire the latest email addresses to leverage one of the most affordable and popular communication channels.

What are the Additional Fields that Get Added to Enhanced Data?

Any hands-on business owner will want to know if the enhanced data meets their business requirements. Over the years, we have mastered our data enhancement game to add the most relevant data to your current data fields. Here are some additional data fields that we add to your contact data, depending on each client’s requirement.

  • Latest business email
  • LinkedIn profile contact
  • Updated business/personal phone number
  • Social profile contacts such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Alternate phone number contact
  • Latest Company data… and more

Get Better Data With Our Enhanced Data Lists

It is important for your sales and marketing experts not to waste their time on anything else other than sales and marketing. With the help of our B2B data services, you can accelerate your company’s data management. We understand your business requirements and are working relentlessly to give you the most relevant, updated data for your business needs.