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Are you looking to capture the niche of companies using SAP? Well, you’re where you need to be! Before we go further into the subject, let’s go over some basics.
SAP, which stands for System Application and Products, is a prominent enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that centralizes your business operations. In companies that use SAP, employees from all departments can exchange and access data to create a better work environment.
Companies that use SAP software account for 87% of the world’s total commerce ($46 trillion). SAP ERP has a global market share of 14.14%, and earnings are predicted to climb by 54% in the coming years. SAP’s global expansion is excellent news if you are an SAP implementation partner or a similar product and service provider.
But how to find which companies are using SAP and how to reach them?
You can resolve the problem of reaching the right prospects with the InfoCleasne SAP customers list. Get the desired traction for your multi-channel marketing initiatives with our SAP customers list. Our data gives you the best chance to interact with developers, web architects, project managers, IT& C-suite executives, and other decision-makers to pique their interest in your product and services.

    Get A List of Companies that use SAP with 1.5M+ Contacts

    Many firms worldwide have been compelled to use SAP software due to the need for transparency and operational effectiveness in business operations.
    Here are the top 10 list of companies that use SAP software:
    Sl.No Name of the Company Country Number of Employees Revenue ($)
    1. Amazon United States 1,608,000+ 458B
    2. Apple United States 154,000+ 378B
    3. Walmart United States 2,300,000+ 572B
    4. BMW Germany 118,909+ 124B
    5. DHL Germany 380,000+ 4.7B
    6. Airbnb United States 7,500+ 5.99M
    7. Citrix United States 10,000+ 3.22B
    8. KPMG England 162,000+ 32.13B
    9. Airbus The Netherland 144,000+ 52.15M
    10. eBay United States 14,000+ 10.42B

      Customization using a Well-segmented SAP Clients List

      Customizing the SAP client list allows you to prioritize your prospects and help prepare how to approach them ahead of time. Furthermore, you can tailor your communication using our SAP customer list, improving the likelihood of developing a loyal client base.
      Here are some of the selects from our SAP clients list:

      Customize Your Business Requirements Instantly!

      Company/Organization Name Job Function/Title
      Industry Description First Name
      Revenue Size Second Name
      Employee Size Email Address
      Technographics Mailing Address
      Website Address Telephone Number
      Country License Number
      State Fax Number
      City OCC Code
      Zip code License State
      SIC Code Years of Experience
      NAICS Code Social Media Handles
      D-U-N-S Number And More

        How we Acquire and Validate SAP Customers List

        Our data professionals use a unique strategy when compiling an SAP customers list. Every contact on the email and mailing list is subjected to internal tests to ensure authenticity, responsiveness, and potential value.
        Here are some of the reliable sources from which we acquire our data:
        Government Records Opt-in Emails
        Feedback Forms Business Cards
        Publications Website Registrations
        Directories Economic Forums
        Trade shows Magazine Subscriptions
        Seminars and Conferences Memberships
        Newsletter Subscriptions Panel Discussions
        Surveys And More
        SAP Modules

        Are you interested in getting the best Targeted SAP Customers List in the market?

        Best-known benefits of owning an SAP Customers List

        The comprehensive breadth of the SAP customers list has piqued the interest of many business owners. It is well-known among our client base for making it easy for them to connect with appropriate prospects. Get our SAP customers list to broaden your marketing communication reach and greatly increase response, conversion, and ROI.
        Here are some of the best features of our SAP customers list:

        Get in touch with InfoCleanse

        With so many companies using SAP software, marketers may need help discovering the ideal prospect among the vast sea of data. The sheer volume of data accessible might cause issues that require expert judgment. That is why the data specialists at InfoCleanse work diligently to compile and verify the enormous quantity of data in order to make it error-free and legitimate for marketers to approach their prospects.

        Want to Carve a Niche for Your Businesses With the Technology Platform Users?