Email Verification Service

As a B2B marketer, you’re sure to face several challenges surrounding your digital reputation. Spam threats, high bounce rates, complaints, and a whole other host of nasty surprises can threaten your chances of reaching targeted B2B prospects.

As the B2B list decays at an average rate of 3 percent every month, leveraging the right email verification services is the only way to ensure successful B2B email deliverability and campaign. With our email verification services, you can curate highly effective marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates.

For B2B sales team and marketers, email marketing is an effective and reliable way to engage, connect, inform, nurture, and advocate among the targeted prospects and audience. This means businesses need to maintain a verified and clean database to facilitate effective campaign performace.

We understand the importance of a reliable and secured email database for B2B companies and therefore, at Infocleanse, we employ a stringent email verification process to enhance global prospecting approaches. By leveraging our service, you’ll meet global scalability.

Ensure the Quality and Accuracy of your Email List with our Email Verification Services

Email Verification: What Is It?

Email verification refers to the process of removing any invalid or inaccurate email ids from your sales and marketing database using a robust verification procedure to ensure optimum data-accuracy. It involves a process of checking whether an email id is active without actually sending an email.

It helps in reducing your email campaign’s soft and hard bounce rates and safeguards the outgoing mail servers’ reputation. By leveraging our email verification services, you’ll have access to a rigorously verified dataset that’ll help improve your email campaign performance and safeguard your mail server’s reputation by decreasing bounce rates.

Our email verification procedure includes verification of bulk email list, bounce check, disposable email verification, spam/junk id, email de-duplication, domain check, syntax check, etc.

Email verification helps in ensuring that your contact information is error free and accurate, that the email ids in your contact list are active, and also make sure that it belongs to those customers that are interested in your services or product.

Email Verification Process:

At InfoCleanse, we employ a stringent email verification procedure, this involves:

  • First, you’ll have to upload your database.
  • Our email verification experts will then match your data against our master database.
  • We’ll then verify the data manually and using AI.
  • Next, any inaccurate, invalid, or inactive email addresses will be removed.
  • Update your database with accurate and responsive email list.
  • Once, we’re done verifying and updating your database, we’ll deliver to you the verified email list.

Why Procure Our Email Verification Services?

By procuring email verification services, you’ll be able to connect with more target audiences. When it comes to executing a successful online marketing strategy, email deliverability is vital. Risky, old, and inaccurate data will only come in the way of you reaching your prospects’ inboxes.

This is why cleaning and updating your B2B email address database is of utmost importance. However, email verification can be a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, that’s where email verification services comes to play.

We, at InfoCleanse, offer robust email verification services to help cleanse your customer data and remove any duplicate, risky, and inactive email addresses that will affect the stats of your email deliverability.

Maintaining a clean and updated B2B email address database is equally important as collecting new data. Studies show that over 25 percent of data decays each year. If your database is delivering over 10 percent in bounce rates, you risk reduction in email deliverability. Foe example, the valid email addresses might start to bounce, which could affect your email sending reputation & possibly result in IP backlisting.

With our email verification service, you get:​

  • Increase response rate and email deliverability.
  • Identify & reach prospects with accuracy.
  • Track & analyze campaign insights.
  • Optimum utilization of resources at minimum costs.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs & improve ROI.
  • Boost customer retention rates and long-term customer relationships.

From better analytics to cost savings, from fewer complaints to major decrease in bounce rates, email verification benefits are multiple. Successful B2B marketers know this, which is why they always make sure to keep their email database clean and updated by relying on a good email verification service.

Accurate Email Address Database

Having a database with inaccurate or duplicate email addresses can clog your contact list, which will do nothing in leading your campaigns in the right direction.  Leveraging an email verification service will help in preventing you from sending emails to wrong addresses, decrease bounce rates, enhance email deliverability, and safeguard your sender reputation.

At InfoCleanse, our priority is to help facilitate accurate targeted campaigns for your business. With over 150 email verification experts, we can verify complex databases and deliver you with data that is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant. When you have a clean email database, you can execute campaigns that deliver better results.