Data Cleansing And Enrichment Services

For any successful marketing or advertising campaign, precise data is essential. Updated data is critical and can be the deciding factor as to whether the consumer makes a purchase or not. As such, Data Cleansing And Enrichment Services are indispensable for companies. However, the process can be quite time-consuming.

InfoCleanse has vast experience in premium data cleansing & enrichment services and can smoothen and ease the process for you. By working with us, you’ll be in a better position of connecting with your audience and making a sale.

Clean and Enhance your Data for Better Insights

InfoCleanse List Of Premium Data Cleansing And Enrichment Services:

  • Identifying and removing duplicate and error data entries: This will save you storage space which can often be costly. Additionally, our data experts will also proofread records and correct grammatical variations, typographical mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuations.
  • Consolidation and interlinking various data sources: Through consolidation and interlinking, data sources become easier to analyze and manage. Additionally, it’ll become easier to cleanse and enrich.
  • Elimination of obsolete data: irrelevant data will be eliminated. This offers better focus and ensures error-free, and updated data.
  • Enrichment of data: InfoCleanse can also reformat the existing database as per your specifications.
  • Identification and tagging of similar records: Identifying and tagging similar data records and initiating a subsequent manual review
  • Standardizing database: InfoCleanse will standardize all attributes in a database for uniformity ensuring that clean and consistent data flows through your enterprise.
  • Normalizing database: Your current customer database will be checked and analyzed. After that, it will be normalized and reformatted according to your requirements.
  • Completion of missing entries: incomplete and missing records will be identified and replaced with pertinent and relevant data ensuring that your database is updated and complete.
  • Verification and validation of customer data accuracy: after data cleansing and enrichment, the output will be checked against reliable data sources to ensure data authenticity.
  • Multiple format output: Output can be offered in any format of your preference such as RTF, CSV, pdf, excel, word, etc.

The Processes We Utilize For Data Cleansing And Enrichment


Data-De Duplication 

This method removes redundant data and reduces storage needs. Only a single unique copy of the data is retained on storage media such as tape or disc.

Data Standardization 

Through this process, data that is received in various formats are converted into a single format to achieve the best comparison results.

Data Normalization

This is an effective method of organizing the data in database. It is a systematic method of decomposing tables to remove data redundancy and undesirable elements like update, deletion, and insertion anomalies.

Data Scrubbing

This process is also known as data cleansing. Through this process, duplicate, improperly formatted, incomplete, and incorrect data is amended or removed.

Data Verification/Validation

Through data verification, various forms of data are examined for inconsistencies and accuracy after data cleansing. Data validation ensures that only clean, correct, and useful data makes it to your database.

Data Maintenance And Update

Database maintenance refers to a set of tasks executed to ensure that your database is relevant and up to date.

OCR Cleanup

During OCR, data might be lost during the conversion process. As a result, a parallel-clean-up operation/ICR clean-up is executed to recover lost data and enhance the process quality.

You Can Trust InfoCleanse To Offer These Critical Data​

  • Geographic: pin code, time zone, city, and country details
  • Professional: job designation attributes, company size, and business niche
  • Demographics: education level, income, and age

InfoCleanse Services Can Help Your Organization Achieve

  • Enhanced sales performance and turnaround times
  • Avail precise data for flawless sales execution
  • Connect with your target audience at multiple touchpoints
  • Boost your ROI, conversions, and campaign response rate
  • Improve the morale of your marketing and sales team
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