Reverse Appending Services

In any business organization, the marketing database will always remain an important asset. Therefore, it’s critical to maintain the quality of customer and prospect records that forms the database.

Consequently, to prevent your database from accumulating dirty data, it needs a facelift every now and then. This is where reverse append plays a key role. It refers to the process of appending important contact information to your current database. It is possible to reverse append various fields such as fax, SIC code, social handle, postal addresses, telephone number, etc.

By procuring the right Reverse Appending Service, you’ll be able to refine your existing marketing database with almost any related field.

Reverse Appending: What Exactly Does It Mean?

Essentially, reverse appending refers to the process where you retrieve one data field and utilize it for returning all other information related to it. For instance, let’s say an organization wishes to send out a personalized marketing campaign. But what if they only have a valid phone number list without the full names. In such cases, the company has the option to reverse append their information by using the phone number and retrieve the names and other details, such as interests or demographics for devising a personalized marketing campaign.

Reverse append is possible for almost any data field, be it names, mailing address, or telephone numbers.

Why Should B2B Businesses Leverage Reverse Appending Services?

As B2B marketers, you’ll have an edge over your competitors by leveraging the right reverse appending service. Our Reverse append service can help in enhancing your database with any dataset, thereby eliminating the need to purchase a new database. Instead, we can help update your database with unrivaled accuracy and speed. Our data append experts will accurately match the postal addresses and other demographic data to your current database.

The best Reverse Append services offer the fastest turn around time and maximum match rates and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting by partnering with our reverse append service.

Additionally, our data append process is quite straightforward. You just need to upload your database we’ll match them against our opt-in database and add the accurately matched information to your database. We will then send you a notification for downloading the completed file.

Also, we follow stringent privacy protocols of encryption and secure data processing. This means that your details are secure and safe throughout the process.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Reverse Appending Services

Reverse Append Service Benefits

To understand how reverse append services can benefit your B2B business better, here are some of the advantages of reverse append service:

Clean Database:

When it comes to data-driven marketing, having fresh and most recent details in your record is essential. To avoid misunderstanding or miscommunication, the contact information of businesses that are no longer active needs to be eliminated from your existing records. This helps in evading costly mistakes and bad PR.

Increase in ROI:

By maintaining your database with reverse append services, you’ll be able to generate more ROI. This is because reverse appending allows you to have access to recent and accurate details of your target audiences, allowing you to reach them immediately. Having accurate and updated details allows you to approach the right clientele, resulting in a lucrative deal.

Accurate Mail Delivery:

With reverse append,  delivering mails to the correct address at the most suitable time isn’t an issue. As such, you can avoid future miscommunication and never miss out on valuable deals.

By procuring the best reverse append service, you’ll be able to acquire a clear view of customers and prospects with completed records. Such services are cost-effective too and will help you in saving time and money.

Types Of Reverse Appending Services:

There are two main reverse append types, namely; reverse email append and reverse phone append.


Reverse Email Append:

Simply put, reverse email append refers to the process of utilizing your business email addresses to retrieve their postal addresses and names. The process involves matching their email ids with an email append service provider’s database.

As a B2B marketer, you may have your businesses’ email addresses already, or you can leverage email append solution to append the emails to your records. However, if you are aiming for a multichannel marketing strategy and to devise a direct mail campaign to reach these targets, you’ll need to have access to their postal addresses and this is where the reverse email append service comes in. Here are a few benefits reverse phone append offers:

  • Reverse email append helps B2B business to fill in lost information in their records
  • Helps in building email lists faster, thereby boosting lead inflow
  • Launch effective direct mail campaigns

Reverse Phone Append:

If your list comprises of just phone numbers, reverse phone append can help you retrieve deliverable emails, complete addresses, and names of your target businesses. As B2B marketers, if you wish to launch a successful telemarketing campaign, having accurate information is critical. Reverse phone append solutions can help you append additional information in your business database in real-time and as such, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your records.

Here are a few benefits reverse phone append offers:

  • Minimize the number of disconnected and inaccurate telemarketing phone calls
  • Launch successful campaigns by reaching more prospects and customers
  • Append missing names and other contact details to acquire a complete data record
  • Ensure an up-to-date and accurate database
  • Save both money and time with valid telephone number contact information

Launch Effective Marketing Campaigns

The B2B business world today is quite competitive and as such, you have to ensure that you are making use of all the options available to you. Reverse append service, for instance, is one of the key options available that can be of great help in determining the success of your B2B business.

Whether it’s improving your email marketing campaign strategies, devising personalized communications with prospects and customers, or maximizing your revenue, everything is possible by leveraging the right reverse append service.

So why wait? Partner with our excellent Reverse Append Service today and start enjoying the above mentioned benefits.