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Ask any marketer today, and they’ll agree that data calls the shots. Whether it’s creating customer personas, refining your direct mailing approach, or even social media marketing – the success of all these depends on data.

More and more firms now realize that a robust, accurate B2B database directly translates to success. Today, nearly 67 percent of organizations depend on CRM data to improve their overall bottom line. However, an overwhelming 94 percent of B2B enterprises suspect data accuracy issues in their database.

So, what can you do to improve and maintain the quality and health of your data? That’s where Data Hygiene Services comes to play.

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Data Hygiene: What It Means?

Simply said, data hygiene is the collective processes undertaken or all the ongoing procedures to ensure and maintain data accuracy. In this case, accuracy primarily refers to quality, error-free data. But before jumping into why maintaining B2B Data Hygiene is critical, let’s see what makes it dirty.

What Makes B2B Data Dirty?

Data becomes dirty when it contains errors, whether incorrect, outdated, duplicated, or incomplete. These mistakes can be introduced into your system at any point for multiple reasons. For instance, it may have been entered incorrectly, or an accidental change might have occurred while updating your records.

Moreover, studies reveal that data decays naturally by about 6-7% each month. Factor in company mergers, job changes, promotions, firing, and hiring, and suddenly that number seems believable.

If your B2B database is outdated, you’re not going to have much luck generating your desired ROI, regardless of how effective you think your marketing campaign efforts are. As such, it’s critical to prioritize your business data quality.

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Why Data Hygiene Matters?

B2B organizations of all sizes and shapes make data-driven choices daily.

However, when that data is flawed or inaccurate, it costs businesses. In fact, in the US alone, those costs are about $3.1 trillion per year. Also, organizations lost about 12 percent in revenue because of dirty data alone.

All these figures make it evident that clean data is of utmost importance. Poor data can cause various issues, which includes:

  • Reaching out to an unqualified target audience, thereby wasting both time and money
  • Inaccurate firmographics leading to incorrect client segment identifications
  • Low email marketing traction and even blacklisting

B2B firms, particularly marketing and sales teams, must have extremely relevant and accurate data to survive in this overly competitive sector. You need regular corrective measures and scrutiny to help counter the discrepancies in data that will occur throughout daily operations.

With the right Data Hygiene Solution in place, you can experience improved efficiency in lead tracking, lead generation, proper personalization, and even managing customer service concerns.

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B2B Data Hygiene Benefits

As a B2B organization, data hygiene can be quite beneficial for you. Following are some of the many benefits of data hygiene:

·Improves Sales & Revenue

Any business that has access to Hygienic data experiences improved results and better ROI on their marketing initiatives. Delivering targeted messages and curated content to the right audience positively affects sales and generates better campaign response rates. Error-free data can help your B2B business in identifying high-value prospects, allowing you to target them with personalized messages and form healthy business relationships.

·Boosts Customer Acquisition

With the right Data Hygiene Services, you can maintain clean data, which, in turn, can help boost your customer acquisition efforts. This is because error-free data aids in building a more targeted prospects list. And as you probably know, marketing to the appropriate audience base translates to a higher conversion rate and acquisition. Additionally, accurate data ensures better email marketing engagement as it minimizes the possibility of encountering inactive, obsolete email addresses.

·Improves Productivity

B2B data hygiene enables employees to use their work hours effectively as it prevents them from wasting time chasing after duplicate and unqualified leads. When you get rid of outdated and invalid business files from your B2B database, you’ll experience improved productivity and bottom line. Moreover, hygienic data prevents fraud risks as your staff has access to accurate customer information when payments and refunds are initiated

·Enhances Decision-Making

In any business, effective decision-making can only take place when they have quality customer data. Yet, numerous B2B enterprises still fail to prioritize the significance of data hygiene management. You need to understand that data accuracy is what your business needs to support precision analytics. Hygienic data leads to more accurate analysis, which results in better business decisions and marketing strategies.

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Why Procure Our Data Hygiene Services?

Examining your own database for dirty data is a complicated process. Even if you’re a data specialist, diving deep into the mass of numbers, names, postal addresses, email addresses, and other contact information can quickly overwhelm you.

Maintaining data accuracy for an ever-increasing database is not an easy task. It involves a never-ending process that requires tons of specialized attention. Moreover, as a B2B business, you have several business aspects to focus on besides data hygiene. As such, most companies may not be equipped to handle data quality maintenance.

In case you want a custom data hygiene solution for your B2B company, procuring data hygiene services can prove beneficial for you. Today, there are various data hygiene companies in the market, offering solutions with the intention to help keep your B2B database relevant and up-to-date.

Invest in our data hygiene solutions and experience all the benefits mentioned above and more. Our effective data hygiene services can help remediate your marketing and sales databases, add error-free, pre-validated contact details with targeted accuracy and help maintain your B2B database’s quality and integrity.

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Procuring professional data hygiene companies’ services can do wonders for your B2B business in terms of data hygiene. Consequently, you’ll have access to a business database that can help in creating successful marketing campaigns.

Data accuracy is what your firm needs to reach high-value prospects in the right manner. Plus, with the right data hygiene solution, you’ll have a much better chance of meeting your desired revenue goals.

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