Data Hygiene Services

Clean and Enhanced Data at Your Fingertips

Did you know that 2.1% of contact data decays every month? This means an estimated 30% of your data needs to be cleansed every year. Data degradation can adversely affect the way in which you target your sales activities and outbound marketing. With accurate data, you will be able to maintain good data health at all times, deliver relevant experiences and engage with people successfully.

What is Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene is a process in which your corrupt data is identified, rectified, modified, deleted, or replaced. These errors can be simple mistakes like improper punctuation and misspellings or more challenging ones like incomplete/outdated data, improper parsing from different systems, and duplicate records.

Data hygiene gives you access to accurate and segmented data which can be leveraged for business operations and multi-channel marketing initiatives. With data hygiene solutions, your company can take care of challenges faced on a daily basis like error rectification, manual data correction, incorrect invoice data, and troubleshooting. All these issues can add up and incur high costs for a company.

Why is it Important to Cleanse Customer data?

Performing structured data hygiene activities regularly can have wide-reaching benefits for your company.

1. Prevents Costly Errors

Data hygiene solution is your answer to preventing costs that pop up unannounced when the business is engaged with other operational activities like troubleshooting, processing errors, or correcting incorrect data. For instance, making sure promotional emails are delivered to the right email addresses so you have the right audience for your latest product/service launch.

2. Makes Data Function Across Multiple Channels

The right data hygiene solution will make way for effective management of customer data across multiple channels. When you have accurate customer data like phone number, email address, postal address etc, you will be able to successfully execute your contact strategies across different channels.

3. Enhances Customer Acquisition

When an enterprise has a well-maintained database, it makes it easier for them to develop lists of prospects with updated and accurate data. This in turn increases the efficiency of on-boarding operations and acquisition.

4. Eases Decision-Making

Clean and accurate data is the key to straightforward decision-making. Quality data supports key analytics and MI which in turn gives businesses the insight they need to make decisions in favor of the company.

5. Increases Employee Productivity

Data Hygiene is vital because it ensures quality data which in turn increases productivity among the staff. Once you remove incorrect data or update old data, your data will level up in quality. This means teams will no longer waste their time and energy in wadding through incorrect and irrelevant data.

Ensure the Accuracy and Quality of your Data with our Data Hygiene Services.

Why is Data Cleansing a Major Issue in Business?

Dirty data is one of the biggest issues faced by modern businesses. More than a quarter of company owners reveal that data cleanliness is a major issue.

The truth is, data will never cease to grow. Even then the individuals pass away, their personal data will stay. This may include records of banking in the industry, patient record in healthcare, etc. Without a data hygiene solution, it will continue to grow and cause operational issues.

Due to human error, data lakes and siloes continue to be an issue. A major portion of dirty data is caused by manual handling of data. This is why there is a major need for data processing to turn autonomous.

With the increase in demand across various business sectors, there is also an equal increase in data. In order to prevent bottlenecking, organizations will have to find ways to collate them in a new way. This is why Data hygiene has become crucial for all.

Why is Data Hygiene important for B2B Businesses?

Quality data forms the backbone of any successful campaign in all B2B businesses. As a matter of fact, any modern day business requires accurate data in order to drive online and offline customer engagement for all their services and products. But it is not an easy task to clean an entire database. Sure there are data cleansing tools available in the market but it still consumes countless man-hours and resources. Instead, there are multiple data hygiene companies that offer professional B2B data hygiene solutions to keep your data updated and fresh.

Consequences of Bad Data on your B2B Sales and Marketing

  • Encourages customers to opt out of or unsubscribe to email lists
  • Increase in email hard bounces as a result of inaccurate or invalid email IDs
  • Puts off prospects and customers as a result of irrelevant marketing content or inaccurate addresses
  • Prevents sales teams from developing effective relationship strategies or follow-up communication

All these factors can drain out your cost per lead, marketing ROI, pipeline creation, and ultimately your revenue. Manually validating and cleaning thousands of leads, eliminating duplicates, appending records, and merging the corrected data to your existing contacts can be too much even for a database administrator.

We have a data hygiene solution that is designed to help B2B marketers restore their marketing and sales databases, update their database with pre-validated, clean contact records using high accuracy and preserve the accuracy and integrity of the database. When your prospect and customer data is always marketing and sales ready, your organization will be able to enjoy increased sales revenue and pipeline, along with effective marketing.

Accurate Data Fuels Potent People-Based Marketing

Data is constantly changing because people change their homes, jobs, names, etc. Keeping up with this change and fragmented exchanges with a consumer can be discouraging. But with the help of a reliable data hygiene service at your disposal, things can be a lot easier.

Quality Data

Quality data means standardized, clean, and complete contact data of your consumers. This will elevate your engagement level and increase your ROI.

Accurate Data

When you eradicate duplicate data, you will enjoy consistent experiences across different channels, thereby reducing waste. At the end of the day, your discounts will maximize and deliverability will improve.

Fast and Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of data hygiene is reduced marketing waste, helping you to focus on the right audiences.

Scrub Away Dead Data with Data Hygiene Solution

There is a reason why data hygiene companies are high in demand – marketing campaigns simply can’t succeed without quality data. In order to reach the target recipients, your company’s customer database should be clean, up-to-date, correct, and ethically sourced. You will find yourself spending more money, only to find out it further reduces your ROI. No organization can afford that year after year. Find a good data hygiene solution and say goodbye to bad data.

Stop Bad Data

When you deliver experiences that matter to your customer and prospects, it will draw them in while helping you stay ahead of your competition and ahead of regulations.

Benefits of Data Hygiene

Here are some benefits that B2B businesses can enjoy by leveraging data hygiene services:

1. Improved Decision-Making

If you want to make the right business decisions, you need to base it off of accurate and up-to-date customer data. When data doubles every 12-18 months, errors become inevitable. This is why businesses simply must get data hygiene services if they plan on making the right decisions. When customer contact data is up-to-date and accurate, an organization can enjoy better business intelligence and analytics, resulting in better decision-making.

2. Better Customer Acquisition Initiatives

Using accurate data can significantly increase customer acquisition efforts. Accurate, up-to-date, and clean data can help in marketing initiatives by ensuring better response rates on postal/email campaigns, because data hygiene enables seamless management of multi-channel customer data.

3. Smooth-Running Business Operation

When you eliminate duplicate data from your customer database, your business practices will become more efficient, thereby reducing costs. Your company can also enjoy other benefits like assessing if you can integrate a particular job elsewhere in your company, determining if you can change a certain job description. When you get the latest data on your sales activities, it can significantly accelerate your product’s performance in the market. When you combine accurate analytics along with data hygiene, you will be able to determine the right time to launch a new product or service in the market.

4. Increased Productivity

Is your staff wasting their time and energy on the wrong tasks? The right data hygiene solution could be the answer. Not only will they save time by avoiding the wrong customers using obsolete information, but it will also increase their efficiency by accessing clean vendor file records. Using clean data will also minimize any risk of fraud because you will be using accurate vendor/customer data when making payments or refunds.

5. Increase in Revenue

When a company has access to accurate data, it will drastically improve their response rate, which in turn will increase their revenue. There will be a significant reduction in returned mail. When backed with accurate data, your company will be able to reach out to the right customers conveniently and quickly whenever there is a product promotion.

Why Outsourcing to Data Hygiene Companies is a Smart Move?

Outsourcing your data hygiene operations to the right company can help unleash the full potential of your customer database. Your company will be able to enjoy a higher level of skilled resource, flexibility, operational scalability, access to state-of-the-art technology, enhanced efficiencies, and more with minimal investment and effort.

Without a holistic view on data hygiene solutions, companies struggle to pin-point how and who will perform the task, and how to use it once cleansed. There are too many operational challenges to in-house data hygiene activities like volume, complexity, optimizing employee productivity, identifying anomalies, finding skilled data professionals, etc.

Hence, outsourcing is a smart move. It is a lot cheaper to supervise an offshore data hygiene service than to hire competent data professionals and invest in new technology/tools. Outsourcing will help your business to enjoy data cleansing services at low-risk and low-cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Data Hygiene Tasks

Most of the time, data entering gets outdated, inaccurate, duplicate, and incomplete. The expertise, tools, and technology required to ensure quality data is best available with data hygiene companies. Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing your data hygiene tasks.

1. Enhances Your Marketing Data’s Accuracy

Inaccurate marketing and sales data leads can create wrong assumptions and waste efforts. When you allow skilled data professionals to cleanse your leads, you will be able to focus on entries that will give you results and help you utilize your resources better in pursing quality leads.

2. Optimizes Productivity and Utilization of Skilled Resources

On an average, data scientists across different companies spend 80% of their time enriching, collecting, and cleansing data sets. When you outsource your data hygiene activities to data hygiene companies, you are saving 80% of time for your data scientists which will then be redirected to finding, organizing, and cleaning data.

*Source: Forbes

3. Flexibility and Scalability

When your outsource, you give your company the flexibility and scalability to keep up with seasonal fluctuations and market dynamics. The wide availability of multi-skilled resources allows you the opportunity to maximize capacity to incrementally increase or decrease professionals who works on your project.  When you outsource contracts, it gives you the freedom to terminate contracts or change requirements, giving your company the much needed flexibility.

4. Increases Efficiency Thanks to Automation

Reliance and investment on an automated data hygiene solution is becoming quite popular because it makes dirty data management a lot quicker. Data hygiene companies invest heavily on automation solutions like RPA for data munging or data wrangling. Thus it is more convenient for companies to outsource their data hygiene operations instead of starting from scratch by investing in new technology and resources.

Data Hygiene for Quality Data

Quality data forms the foundational stone that holds together processes for a superior customer experience, level up your business, and gain a competitive edge. Now, more than ever, InfoCleanse is here to help your B2B business develop lasting customer relationship with effective data hygiene solutions.