B2B Social Media Statistics

30 Statistics About B2B Social Media Usage

Social media has kind of awakened the soul of marketers in the B2B industry to outperform themselves and upgrade their market strategies at every point in time. However, for many B2B organizations, social media is still a stressful part of their marketing role. It has somehow become an obligation that…
B2B Marketing Trends

2021 B2B Marketing Trends: 5 Things You Need to Know

Over the last 5-10 years, the B2B marketing sector has experienced a great deal of change. Marketers have now moved their attention from sales & cold calling to strategies such as digital content marketing and tactics like search engine optimization to attract new and potential customers to the business. While…
Impact Of Poor Data Quality In Business

How Poor Data Quality Negatively Impact Your Business

In any business, data plays a vital role by allowing businesses to optimize internal operations, improve targeting, and prosperously drive innovation. As different businesses look forward to embracing the latest technologies and accuracy, data quality becomes extremely vital for business growth. Today, successful business organizations heavily depend on data to…