Website URL Appending

In today’s digital age, websites are the new face of any enterprise, and to build an online presence, you need to connect the accurate web addresses of your target audience. As such, most B2B companies today utilize web portals to expand their reach and promote their services or products to prospects.

Since the b2b industry is quite competitive, having an accurate and reliable business web address in your database is essential to succeed. Fortunately, it’s much easier than ever to access the right website URLs of your customers and prospects by simply turning to Website URL Appending services.

By availing the best website URL appending service, you’ll be able to give your business database a brilliant makeover by adding all the missing web addresses and eliminating the inaccurate ones. This is done by matching your data with their exclusive business website address database. It involves matching website URL append to contacts.  As such, it adds the missing web address to your existing business database.

Enhance your Customer Insights with Our Website URL Appending Services

What Is Website URL Appending?

Website URL appending is the process of adding web addresses to your existing target business list. It’s an effective way to refine your database.

Affixing website URLs or domain names for all the organizations in your database enables your sales and marketing team to quickly find the prospect’s web portal before crafting their sales pitch.

Our business database is filled with a wide rand of business website URLs and we can match them against your data to help you acquire valid web addresses of your customers.

Advantage of Our Website URL Appending

We’re fully aware of the significance of building an alliance with your customers and potential clients through digital marketing. As such, when you procure our Website URL Appending solutions, our data professionals will help in appending accurate web addresses to facilitate targeted marketing and higher sales return.

Aside from offering accurate precision when it comes to affixing website address appends to your database, we also guarantee validated and verified web domain name appends to boost your marketing endeavors.

Why Procure B2B Website URL Appending?​

By partnering with our website URL appending service, you’ll have access to the most accurate and valid web addresses of your target businesses across various industries. You also get the benefit of enhancing your existing database as it not only appends missing web domain names or URLs but also replaces the inaccurate lists with updated ones.

With our web address appending service, you can reach target prospects with accurate and verified website URL appends and carry out effective marketing campaigns to meet revenue goals effortlessly.

The web addresses we offer are collated from reliable sources and thus, help in making your business database more productive. If you wish to level up your marketing game, don’t wait any longer. Partner with us and let our experts help you craft efficient marketing campaigns by using our website URL appending service.

Our exclusive database is updated daily by verifying every establishment for any inaccuracy so that you only acquire web addresses of prospects that are reliable and up-to-date. This way your business database is filled with accurate data.

How Our Website URL Append Works?

We value our customers and focus on helping you achieve your marketing goals easily. As such, our website URL appending process is quite straightforward. To acquire the most extensive website address appended marketing list, you just need to upload/send your raw business database to us.

Next, we make sure to match every prospect’s web address available in your contacts with our massive database. This is an automated process, where we match records followed by adding outdated or missing data. If any record is missed during the automated appending process, our team verifies it manually and appends to make sure you acquire a comprehensive contact database to boost your business efforts.

Our website address appending percentage varies and it depends on the precision of the company names available in your business records. That said, our average URL append rate is 70-90 percent for B2B records.

Our Website URL Appending Service Benefits


By partnering with our website address appending service, you’ll be able to avail the following benefits:

  • Acquire complete firmographics data for marketing
  • Ensure the efficiency of your marketing efforts
  • Minimize marketing costs & boost ROI
  • With a match rate of 70-90 percent, unlock the advantages of targeted datasets.

As it’s clear now that leveraging the right website URL append solution can help your business set the path for success. Partner with us today and let us help you in acquiring accurate website domain names of your prospects so that you can expand your reach and boost your online presence.