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Are you interested in owning a List of Companies using CRM to serve your business purpose? Well, you have landed the correct page. Before getting to know the services and solutions of InfoCleanse, let’s understand some of the basics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology platform that enables businesses to interact with existing and potential customers and increase business relationships. A CRM system automates a company’s workflow, restructures its processes, and organizes the business operations to enhance profitability. The aim is to engage, acquire, and retain customers.

Fortune Business Insights reports that the growth of CRM isn’t slowing down any time soon. The global CRM market value peaked at $57.83 billion in 2021, and predictive analysis shows that there would be a colossal growth from $63.91 billion in 2022 to $145.79 billion in 2029, with a 12.5% CAGR. Also, recent surveys indicate that 92% of businesses use CRM to achieve their target revenue, with 300% conversion rates.

It is, therefore, a ripe opportunity for technology marketers to promote, upsell, cross-sell, or upgrade CRM products or similar ones and send specialized offers for the services. However, in order to implement such effective strategies, you need a comprehensive CRM Customers List. And InfoCleanse provisions just that.

We help you achieve three purposes:

  • Identify the target group (companies and individuals) that use CRM
  • Reach C-Level executives to network with efficacy
  • Grow the business and generate 4X faster revenue

So what’s stopping you? Get hold of the most significant Companies using CRM from InfoCleanse today!

2800K+ Businesses use various forms of CRM

CRM is a pliable software that businesses, big or small, use to improve their customer win rates and lifetime value. Top Companies using CRM:

Sl.No Name of the Company Product Type
1. Uber Salesforce CRM
2. British Airways Teradata CRM
3. Apple Salesforce CRM
4. McDonald’s PowerCenter CRM
5. Unilever SAP CRM
6. Polaris Zendesk CRM
7. ATEC Security Sage CRM
8. Mercedes-Benz USA Microsoft Dynamics CRM
9. Nestle NetSuite CRM
10. The Goldman Sachs Group Inc SugarCRM

Refine Customization with a Segmented CRM Clients List!

Closing B2B deals are complex as they have longer sales cycles and involve multiple decision-makers. So, database segmentation allows marketers to provide business-specific solutions through various platforms. Consequently, their brand visibility improves; so does the prospect’s efficiency.

Infocleanse CRM Customers List includes various products, such as:

SAP CRM Customers List Salesforce CRM Customers List
TargetX CRM Customers List NetSuite CRM Customers List
Oracle CRM Customers List PeopleSoft CRM Customers List
Sage CRM Customers List Infor CRM Customers List
Zoho CRM Customers List Oracle Fusion CRM Customers List
Siebel CRM Customers List Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers List
SugarCRM Customers List And More.

At InfoCleanse, we segment the CRM Clients List based on:

Company Name Email Address
Company Revenue Technology Used
Phone Number Mailing Address
Country Website Address
Technographics SIC Code
NAICS code And More

You can also find broad selects, such as:

Geographic Location Technology Tracking
Assets Size Demographics
Industry Type And More

Gain business traction to make priceless business transactions.

Attract the Global Market with a Verified List of Companies Using CRM

Our List of Companies using CRM contains all the critical information collected from genuine sources, such as:

  • Professional Directories and Databases
  • Organizational Records and Websites
  • Online Publications, Journals, and Magazines
  • Industry Conferences, Seminars, and Events
  • Corporate Exhibitions and Industry Trade Shows
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Feedback and Survey Forms
  • Newsletters and Online Subscriptions

The companies that use CRM are spread across the globe: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the Middle East, and so on.

Attune your campaign strategies to attract the global market.

Highlights of Acquiring a CRM Customers List

The CRM Customers List from InfoCleanse has the following features:

  • Segmented database to improve the productivity of marketing and sales teams
  • Data accuracy to boost business performance
  • Data compliance with regulatory laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, SMTP, and CPA
  • Geo-targeted database to establish universal market
  • 100% opt-in contact information to send highly specific marketing messages
  • Multichannel marketing endeavors through email, direct mail, social media, and telecalls
  • Guaranteed 95% email deliverability rate to increase response rates and boost ROI
  • CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses, USPS-verified and CASS-certified mailing addresses, and DNC-compliant tele contacts.

Invest in marketing attribution models to reduce customer attrition.

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Data doesn’t come without its share of challenges, especially if you’re seeking premium contact databases. That’s why the data experts at InfoCleanse devote their time to source information from legitimate channels, compile using software tools, verify and validate the data, and deliver the complete contact list on request.

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