Epicor ERP Customers List

Epicor is a business software organization based out of Austin, Texas. Its ERP platform holds 2.4% of the overall market, while the company itself hit a gross revenue of $1 billion in 2022.

The global market value of Epicor ERP is estimated to reach USD 93.34 billion by 2028 with an average CAGR of 9.2% during the predictive period. Additionally, while primarily aimed at distribution, manufacturing, and retail, the application sees widespread usage in the healthcare and aerospace sectors. Consequently, B2B marketers wishing to promote similar software products must first opt for an accurate Epicor ERP Customers List.

At InfoCleanse, we host extensively verified, and responsive contact leads for such organizations. Categorized neatly into multiple segments, our contact data can help you conceptualize and execute exceptional B2B campaigns.

37k+ Companies Use Epicor ERP

While providing a comprehensive List of Companies Using Epicor ERP is not feasible here, some of the software’s prominent clients include:

Sl.No Name of the Company Industry Type Number of Employees Revenue ($)
1. Teledyne Technologies Industrial Production 14,500 $4.6 Billion
2. ZOLL Medical Corporation Healthcare Software & Medical Device Production 15,000 1.61B
3. Kadant Inc. Industrial System Supplier & Manufacturer 1,200 8M
4. Dynetics Aerospace & Applied Science 170+ 194M
5. A & E Incorporated General Manufacturing 1,000 260M
6. Corning Incorporated Technology 10,000 600M
7. PhRMA Healthcare 500 185M
8. Parker-Hannifin Corporation Manufacturing 1,100 370M
9. Universal Forest Products, Inc. Hospitality 2000 980M
10. BHP Group Oil, Gas & Chemicals 45,000 1.01B

As evident from the table above, Epicor has clients in most major sectors. Additionally, its customer base is spread across the globe and operates in around 150 countries.

The implication here is clear. A verified List of Companies Using Epicor ERP would enable B2B marketers to approach the most profitable global organizations.

Targeted Marketing Through A Segmented Epicor ERP Clients List

B2B enterprises need to adopt a focused approach to generate receptive leads from marketing campaigns. This would be relevant while targeting through a segmented Epicor ERP Clients List. Since the current market hosts several prominent ERP platforms, conceptualizing a pitch that caters explicitly to Epicor clients is crucial, if not mandatory.

Consequently, the Epicor ERP Clients List consists of critical contact details that help organizations avoid a generic marketing approach. A few examples of the same include:

Company/Organization Name Designation
Industry Description First Name
Revenue Size Second Name
Employee Size Email Address
Technographics Mailing Address
Website Address Telephone Number
Country License Number
State Fax Number
City OCC Code
Zip code License State
SIC Code Years of Experience
NAICS Code Social Media Handles
D-U-N-S Number And More

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    Essentially, with us, you can curate your promotional efforts seamlessly. Wish to design a broader campaign that targets the healthcare sector? Easy! Maybe you’d like to launch a smaller pitch that caters to staffing firms using Epicor ERP. We make that possible as well!

    Secure Your Promotional Pitches Through Validated Sources

    Accurate contact leads are paramount when marketing to Companies Using Epicor ERP. The organizations that rely on such software applications are some of the most prominent companies in their specific sectors. Consequently, a promotional campaign targeting such businesses cannot afford to include outdated or irrelevant information in their pitches.

    This is why the team at InfoCleanse exclusively sources its List of Companies Using Epicor ERP from legitimate channels such as:

    • Organizational Directories
    • Government Records
    • Market Reports
    • Corporate Shows
    • Industry Seminars & Conferences
    • Panel Discussions
    • Reputable Publications & Journals
    • Feedback Forms & Surveys
    • Online Subscriptions & Newsletters
    • Opt-in emails
    • Online Forums
    • And More!

    That’s not all! Once the data is collected, the internal team conducts an extensive verification process to remove any residual errors or outdated information. This enables our clients to launch responsive advertisement campaigns with an additional layer of security.

    Why Choose an Epicor ERP Customers List from InfoCleanse?

    Now, it’s not enough to be creative with your sales pitch. You also need to support it with accurate data. And in the context of marketing to Epicor ERP users, marketers need to provide efficient solutions if they are promoting a supplementary software product.

    This is where InfoCleanse can help. To enable businesses to create effective campaign outlines, our Epicor ERP Customers List offers:

    • Verified leads to help with direct or multi-channel marketing campaigns
    • Comprehensive compliance with Data Privacy Regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, CPA, etc.
    • Customized and campaign-specific data to improve response rates and ROI
    • Geo-specific details to help businesses expand their market base
    • An exceptional deliverability rate of 95% for quicker campaign decisions
    • Regular updates to ensure lead accuracy
    • USPS-verified, CAN-SPAM & DNC compliant, and CASS-certified contact details

    Data-driven marketing is the only way to survive in the competitive B2B landscape. With our List of Companies that use Epicor ERP, you get just that!

    Scale Your B2B Pitches With InfoCleanse

    At InfoCleanse, we traverse great lengths to ensure the success of our clients. Our data solutions and services enable the creation of relevant promotional pitches. After all, the current state of B2B marketing demands precisely that.

    Moreover, with our List of Companies Using Epicor ERP, organizations get access to accurate contact data and the ability to generate receptive leads consistently.

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