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Data API’s (Application Programming Interface) is a REST interface that provides access to data and data management functions. It enables secure flow of information on request-response-communication for data-driven decision making
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Company Data API

Company data API retrieves data upon getting requests. It allows businesses to manage and sync this data between the database and other systems.

Company look up API

Company look up API gives businesses access to every record in our company database. Businesses can build search queries using company schema to filter and segment data to help them target the companies that suit their business needs.

Company Enrichment API

The Company Enrichment API lets businesses upgrade their existing data about a company by matching specific organization with the numerous company profiles hosted on our database.

Contact Enrichment API

Contact enrichment API helps business initiatives by
completing any profile with premium data that include phone numbers, emails, company details and more.

    Our Data API an absolute necessity for all businesses!

    Unlock Expansive data in one-spot

    • Easy access to global B2B data across industries
    • Avail precise data of key decision-makers


    • Avail multiple data fields in one
    • Avoid networking with multiple API vendors

    Initiate effective communication

    • Regular database updates for
    • Reduced spam rates with compliant

    Obtain right information

    • Customised data that suits your business
    • Retrieve exact data with defined search criteria

    Bridge data gaps

    • Append your data by adding missing information i
    • Enrich data by merging raw data with our extensive database

    On-demand access

    • Search for profiles without hosting own dataset
    • Get high quality data with proprietary matching

    Actionable insights for business growth

    • Data to comprehend target audience better
    • Precise data to arrive at decisions

    Create an Avenue For Higher Profits With Our API

    Steer your business towards success with our data API

    Build significant associations

    Identify companies showing signs of prosperity, growth and make profitable associations

    Bolster lead generation

    Connect with a database enriched with accurate contact details of prospects across the globe and boost lead generation

    Improve sales efforts

    Access URLs matching for both professionals, companies and initiate direct marketing for better sales cycle

    Get accurate insights

    Enrich your data from an employee’s email address to full company profile and get accurate data

    Achieve innovation excellence

    Build new applications easily by complementing your software with our services

    Streamline on boarding processes

    Set parameters that fit your business, and minimize overhead time

    Configure field auto fill and save time

    Enable form auto population, provide brief collection forms for your clients

    An unmatched boundless information at your behest with our data API!

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    Prospect with
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    Avail a plethora of data intelligence fields with our data API

    Choose from 5k+ Criteria
    Firmographics Financial Data Workforce
    Technographics Professional Information Geo-positioning Data
    Contact Data Online Presence Details And More!

    Seamless data transfer devoid of a security breach with our Data API

    Our data APIs allow businesses to integrate their applications with InfoCleanse databases for a quick and secure exchange of information. By connecting applications to databases, data APIs return the information in an easy-to-understand format to the end user.

    If you want your business’ profitability to skyrocket, get your data API key today and unlock revenue growth.