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targeted mailing and email list is a set of essential prospect data, like name, board-line number, email address, job title, postal address, etc. The list can be further segmented depending on different data selects per the needs of the buyer. The main advantage of having a targeted mailing lists is that it can assist companies in forming relationships with past and future clients, which can ultimately lead to better lead conversion and higher ROI.
However, curating a targeted email list may face several problems that could jeopardize a b2b corporate marketing strategy. B2B companies frequently collect data from various sources with the intention of creating as many targeted email leads as possible. However, data originating from multiple sources is typically unreliable, containing fake and inactive email addresses email addresses if not verified properly. This form of data gathering will significantly reduce the chances of engaging with the right prospect. Furthermore, if the data is not licensed, this might exacerbate the situation from a legal aspect.
Not to worry! We will do all of the research and discussions.
InfoCleanse 75 Million+ targeted email lists can help narrow down ideal prospects with pinpoint accuracy. We help businesses to communicate their message to small, specific, and well-defined niches. B2B organizations, irrespective of size, can utilize our targeted email list to reach underserved prospects and reap the benefits of brand loyalty.

    Why InfoCleanse Targeted Email Lists is Preferred Among B2B Companies

    60% of a company’s total income can be generated by a well-segmented targeted email lists. A highly customized targeted mailing and email lists from InfoCleanse can significantly boost a business’s marketing efforts. InfoCleanse further supports clients from a range of industries thanks to its more than 1 million professional worldwide business-to-business records.

    Our data experts use more than 70 core data fields to narrow down prospects for businesses. The targeted email lists is rigorously reviewed every 3 months to ensure data accuracy and a high email deliverability rate. Moreover, our contact database complies with the law, assuring no legal ramifications. Here is a preview of our targeted mailing and email lists comprised of b2b industry and decision-makers:
    To further narrow down prospects in the industries mentioned above, we curate our targeted email list by employing specific categories, which can be further customized according to the requirement.

    Customize Your Targeted Database

      InfoCleanse tailored targeted mailing and email list allow businesses to confidently generate more targeted email leads by directly connecting to key businesses and decision-makers.

      How do we Compile and Verify Targeted Mailing List

      Our data experts employ a unique strategy while curating a targeted mailing lists.  Internal checks are made on every contact in the mailing list for assured accuracy, receptivity, and potential value.

      Here are some of the reliable sources from which we obtain our data:

      • Public Directories
      • Organization & Government Records
      • Reputed Journals, Publications & Magazines
      • Market Surveys
      • Feedback Forms & Online Forums
      • Panel Discussions
      • Industry Conferences, Events & Seminars
      • Corporate Exhibitions & Trade Shows
      • Opt-in Emails
      • And More!

      Salient Features of InfoCleanse Targeted Mailing and Email List

      Being one of the most popular, targeted mailing and email lists has attracted the greatest interest from our clients. It is well renowned for facilitating quick connections between marketers and target right prospects. Here are a few characteristics of our targeted email and marketing list:

      • Compliance: Our targeted mailing and email list is legally compliant with GDPR and CASS-verified assuring the legitimacy
      • Pre-packaged and custom-made contacts: The targeted email and marketing list are checked before delivery
      • Verification: More than 1 million verification calls and 8 million verification messages every month
      • Superior contacts: Connect with most receptive leads via target email leads from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, North America, APAC, and other regions of the world
      • Strict compilation: Data collection procedures ensure precision, receptivity, and prospect value.
      • High success rate: The targeted email and mailing lists ensure that the marketing campaign yields the desired result.
      • Compatibility: CRM-compatible file formats ensure the smooth integration
      • High email deliverability rate: Businesses can target more email leads with a 95% email delivery rate.
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      Get ready for B2B marketing success with InfoCleanse

      InfoCleanse has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in the marketing data solutions field, with years of expertise in helping businesses scale their marketing ROI. Our success can be attributed to our dedication to meeting all standards while curating a targeted email list. We believe in emphasizing the importance of providing detailed information to help identify responsive prospects and facilitate lead-generation operations.

      So why keep waiting? To start building the revolutionary targeted email lists needed to achieve all business objectives, get in touch with our data professionals right away.

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