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targeted mailing and email list is a set of essential prospect data, like name, board-line number, email address, job title, postal address, etc. The list can be further segmented depending on different data selects per the needs of the buyer. The main advantage of having a targeted mailing lists is that it can assist companies in forming relationships with past and future clients, which can ultimately lead to better lead conversion and higher ROI.
However, curating a targeted email list may face several problems that could jeopardize a B2B corporate marketing strategy. B2B companies frequently collect data from various sources with the intention of creating as many targeted email leads as possible. However, data originating from multiple sources is typically unreliable, containing fake and inactive email addresses if not verified properly. This form of data gathering will significantly reduce the chances of engaging with the right prospect. Furthermore, if the data is not licensed, this might exacerbate the situation from a legal aspect.
Not to worry! We will do all of the research and discussions.
InfoCleanse 75 Million+ targeted email lists can help narrow down ideal prospects with pinpoint accuracy. We help businesses to communicate their message to small, specific, and well-defined niches. B2B organizations, irrespective of size, can utilize our targeted email list to reach underserved prospects and reap the benefits of brand loyalty.

    Why InfoCleanse Targeted Email Lists is Preferred Among B2B Companies

    60% of a company’s total income can be generated by a well-segmented targeted email lists. A highly customized targeted mailing and email lists from InfoCleanse can significantly boost a business’s marketing efforts. InfoCleanse further supports clients from a range of industries thanks to its more than 1 million professional worldwide business-to-business records.
    Our data experts use more than 70 core data fields to narrow down prospects for businesses. The targeted email lists is rigorously reviewed every 3 months to ensure data accuracy and a high email deliverability rate. Moreover, our contact database complies with the law, assuring no legal ramifications.
    Here is a preview of our targeted mailing and email lists comprised of b2b industry and decision-makers:
    Professionals Counts
    Decision Makers Email List 45,682,420
    Business Owners Email List 20,527,013
    Healthcare Professionals Email List 8,656,825
    Small Business Owners Email List 2,621,813
    Vice Presidents Email List 2,558,206
    Attorney/Lawyers Email List 2,207,347
    Human Resource Email List 922,563
    Realtor Email List 801,256
    IT Decision Makers Email List 750,879
    General Managers Email List 514,685
    Architects Email List 450,632
    Law Firms Email List 422,506
    Academic Professionals Email List 421,286
    Accountants Email List 412,562
    Engineers Email List 289,698
    Stockbrokers Email List 217,640
    Auditors Email List 151,361
    Mortgage Brokers Email List 150,000
    Software Engineers/Software developers Email List 145,698
    Financial Advisors Email List 125,993
    School Principals Email List 120,845
    Insurance Agents Email List 114,658
    Event Organizers Email List 112,852
    Marketing Directors Email List 89,842
    HR Managers Email List 82,870
    HR Managers Email List 82,870
    Bank Tellers Email List 80,563
    General Practice Attorney Email List 74,166
    Purchasing and Procurement Email List 72,450
    Quality Control Professionals List 68,864
    Workers Compensation Lawyer Email List 67,609
    Employment Lawyer Email List 67,585
    Intellectual Property Lawyer Email List 55,247
    Personal Injury Lawyers Email List 55,022
    HR Directors Email List 54,916
    Librarians Email List 50,825
    Bankruptcy Attorney Email List 42,902
    Divorce Attorney Email List 42,761
    HR Executives Email List 41,986
    Criminal Lawyer Email List 40,259
    Family Lawyers Email List 35,942
    Corporate Lawyer Email List 29,683
    CPA Email List 26,240
    Tax Lawyer Email List 21,863
    Healthcare Recruiters Email List 16,954
    HR VPs Email List 15,098
    Hospital HR Directors Email List 12,083
    Chief HR Officer/Head of HR Email List 4,349
    Environmental Attorneys Email List 11,509
    Commercial Lawyers Email List 42,905
    Government Lawyers Email List 16,068
    Immigration Lawyer Email List 28,547
    Medical Malpractice Attorney Email List 12,620
    Contract Lawyers Email List 55,409
    Administrative Law Attorney Email List 16,055
    Social Security Disability Lawyers Email List 9,469
    Trusts And Estates Attorney Email List 40,706
    Civil Litigation Lawyers Email List 19,907
    Chief Learning Officers Email List 1,697
    Staffing Executives Email List 31,919
    Benefits Executives Email List 69,723
    Training Executives Email List 159,111
    HR Staffing Agency Executives Email List 398,785
    Compensation Executives Email List 29,637
    Incentive Executives Email List 3,568
    Industry-Wise Counts
    Business Email List 50,000,000
    Small Business Email List 50,000,000
    Automotive Industry Email List 45,265,920
    Manufacturing Industry Email List 12,000,000
    Healthcare Industry Email Lists 8,000,000
    Business Services Industry Email list 5,218,395
    Food and Beverage Industry Email List 5,138,569
    K-12 Schools Email List 3,905,217
    Real Estate Industry Email List 2,700,000
    Restaurants Email List 2,068,250
    Mining Industry Email List 2,000,000
    Insurance Industry Email List 1,900,000
    Oil and Gas Industry Email List 1,900,000
    Banking and Finance services Email List 1,600,000
    Education Industry Email List 1,512,034
    Construction Industry Email List 1,312,820
    Colleges Universities Email List 1,304,630
    Telecom Industry Email List 1,263,748
    Travel and Tourism Industry Email List 1,100,068
    Semiconductor Industry Email List 1,010,523
    Utilities Industry Email List 1,005,089
    IT Services Industry Email List 955,879
    Wholesale Industry Email List 605,038
    Retail Industry Email List 557,591
    Pharmaceutical Industry Email List 512,328
    Travel Agencies Email List 500,730
    Biotechnology Industry Email List 500,183
    Hospitality Industry Email List 491,522
    Chemical Industry Email List 352,691
    Auto Dealers Email List 300,569
    Call Centers Email List 296,456
    Aviation Industry Email List 120,024
    Health and Beauty Industry Email List 88,449
    Wine Industry Email List 50,345
    Venture Capital Firms Industry Email List 25,000
    Fishing Industry Email List 23,163
    Printing and Publishing Email List 474,000
    Metals And Mining Industry Email Lists 419,505
    Media And Publishing Email List 474,000
    Technologies Counts
    Cloud Computing Customers List 4,214,354
    CRM Customers List 2,452,663
    IBM Customers List 1,862,225
    SAP Customers List 1,569,220
    DBMS Customers List 1,540,994
    Google Cloud Platform Customers List 1,482,960
    LiveChat Software Customers List 1,225,467
    MySQL Customers List 813,327
    ERP Customers List 684,703
    Microsoft SQL Server Customers List 582,461
    Siebel CRM Customers List 430,831
    Oracle CRM Customers List 430,264
    SAP ERP Customers List 380,533
    Microsoft Access Customers List 370,153
    DigitalOcean Customers List 254,589
    Salesforce Customers List 252,715
    Zoho CRM Customers List 250,945
    MongoDB Customers List 215,684
    HRMS Customers List 190,131
    Salesforce CRM Customers List 150,125
    Google App Engine Customers List 130,588
    ServiceNow Customers List 110,267
    SAP CRM Customers List 100,904
    Infor CRM Customers List 90,530
    SAP HANA Customers List 85,290
    Lawson ERP Customers List 80,033
    PostgreSQL Customers List 75,683
    IBM DB2 Customers List 73,801
    OpenStack Customers List 67,521
    Oracle 10g Customers List 45,236
    Oracle ERP Customers List 43,068
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers List 40,298
    Epicor ERP Customers List 37,678
    Paylocity Customers List 25,564
    AWS Lambda Customers List 24,426
    NetSuite ERP Customers List 23,255
    Salesforce Service Cloud Customers List 20,158
    BambooHR Customers List 18,547
    Peoplesoft ERP Customers List 16,303
    SAP Sybase ASE Customers List 15,755
    ADP Workforce Now Customers List 12,547
    Oracle Cloud Customers List 12,295
    Dayforce Customers List 11,325
    Infor ERP Customers List 10,547
    Sage CRM Customers List 10,458
    TargetX CRM Customers List 9,704
    SAP Cloud Platform Customers List 8,965
    Oracle Fusion CRM Customers List 8,836
    Oracle HCM Cloud Customers List 8,824
    Oracle Taleo Customers List 7,265
    Equinix Customers List 6,532
    Alibaba Customers List 5,862
    NetSuite CRM Customers List 3,524
    PeopleSoft CRM Customers List 2,720
    Infor HCM Customers List 2,156
    SugarCRM Customers List 1,653
    Pivotal Cloud Foundry Customers List 1,589
    Physicians Counts
    Cosmetologists Email List 600,000
    Clinical Trial Physicians Email List 211,808
    AMA Physicians Email List 195,866
    Hematology Oncology Specialists Email List 99,395
    Hygienists Email List 93,096
    Registered Dieticians Email List 91,308
    Internal Medicine Specialist List 82,855
    General Practitioners Email List 81,658
    Family Medicine Specialist Email List 79,498
    Osteopathic Physicians Email List 68,527
    Physician Assistants Email List 59,894
    Mental Health Professionals List 58,685
    Psychologist Email Lists 47,908
    Paramedics And EMTs Email List 34,680
    Nutritionists Email lists 34,295
    Anesthesiologist Email List 33,095
    Optometrists Email List 32,882
    Radiologist Email List 26,068
    Pediatrician Email List 23,803
    Chiropractors Email List 22,017
    Preventive Medicine Specialists Email List 21,833
    Psychiatrists Email List 21,385
    Gynecologists Email List 19,287
    Cardiologists Email List 17,927
    Athletic Trainers Email List 17,508
    Primary Care Physicians Email List 16,517
    Bariatric Physician Email List 15,902
    Optician Email List 15,867
    Emergency Physicians Email List 14,225
    Veterinarians Email List 13,896
    Podiatrist/ Chiropodist Email List 13,217
    Pediatric Neurologist Email List 12,563
    Ophthalmologist Email List 12,207
    Neurologists Email List 11,417
    Gastroenterologist Email List 11,207
    Oncologist Email List 10,795
    Pathologists Email List 10,097
    Hematologists Email List 9,962
    Dermatologist Email List 9,865
    Nuclear Medicine Specialist List 9,096
    Nephrologists Email List 7,907
    Urologist Email List 7,853
    Pediatric Radiologists Email List 7,805
    Hepatologist Email List 7,572
    Ent Specialists Email List 7,517
    Arthritis Specialist Email List 7,353
    Audiologist Email List 6,521
    Infectious Disease Specialist List 6,517
    Neuroradiology Specialist Email list 5,838
    Pulmonologists Email List 5,658
    Endocrinologists Email List 5,532
    Diabetes Specialists Email List 5,317
    Naturopathic Doctors Email List 4,390
    Phlebotomists Email List 3,944
    Medical Geneticist Email List 3,617
    Rheumatologist Email Lists 3,569
    Hypnotists Email List 3,568
    Allergist and Immunologist List 2,917
    Interventional Cardiologists List 2,769
    Traumatologist Email List 2,688
    Sleep Medicine Specialists Email List 2,609
    Pediatric Allergists Email List 2,608
    Epidemiologist Email List 2,607
    Geriatricians Email List 2,592
    Neonatologist Email Lists 2,250
    Reproductive Endocrinologist List 2,137
    Addiction Psychiatrist Email List 1,755
    Addiction Medicine Specialist List 1,750
    Sports Medicine Physician List 1,647
    Clinical Lipidologist Email List 1,365
    Neuropathologist Email List 1,288
    Aerospace Medicine Physicians List 1,088
    Forensic Pathologist Email List 1,059
    Holistic Practitioner Email List 1,056
    Nurses Counts
    Registered Nurses Email List 332,069
    Nurse Practitioners Email List 205,386
    Certified Nursing Assistants Email List 78,238
    Public Health Nurses Email List 61,899
    Licensed Practical Nurses Email List 46,945
    Nurse Anesthetists Email List 43,862
    Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Email List 27,580
    Critical Care Nurses Email List 23,395
    Nurse Managers Email List 19,766
    Perioperative Nurse Email List 16,834
    School Nurses Email List 14,858
    Family Nurse Practitioners Email List 13,855
    Emergency Nurses Email List 13,688
    Director of Nursing Email List 12,964
    Oncology Nurse Email List 10,865
    Womens Health Nurse Practitioners Email List 10,244
    Dermatology Nurses Email List 10,237
    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners List 8,655
    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Email List 8,263
    Advanced Practice Nurses Email List 7,265
    Cardiac Care Nurses Email List 7,165
    Office Based Nurses Email List 6,855
    Licensed Vocational Nurses Email List 6,855
    Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Email List 6,734
    Occupational Health Nurse Email List 6,342
    Family Planning Nurses Email List 6,056
    Ambulatory Care Nurses Email List 5,222
    ENT Nurse Practitioners Email List 5,150
    Adolescent Medicine Nurses Email List 4,868
    Dialysis Nurses Email List 4,682
    Geriatric Nurses Email List 4,622
    Neurology Nurses Email List 4,589
    Orthopedic Nurses Email List 4,230
    Nursing Home Administrators Email List 4,195
    Cardiology Nurse Practitioners Email List 4,056
    HIV/AIDS Nurses Email List 3,458
    IV Certification Nurses Email List 3,345
    Midwife Nurses Email List 3,140
    Student Nurses Email List 2,985
    Home Healthcare Nurses Email List 2,663
    Child Psychiatric Nurse Email List 2,365
    Military Nurses Email List 2,199
    Endocrinology Nurses Email List 2,050
    Allergy/Immunology Nurse Email List 1,899
    Prescriptive Nurse Email List 1,865
    Reproductive Health Nurses Email List 1,235
    Practical/Vocational Nurse Email List 1,234
    Transplant Nurses Email List 1,065
    Camp Nurse Email List 1,055
    Healthcare Executives Counts
    Chief Nursing Officer Email List 748,266
    Allied Healthcare Professional Email List 351,021
    Hospital Executives Email List 311,985
    Hospital Decision Makers Email List 57,065
    Pharmacy Technician Email List 47,645
    Clinical Directors Email List 38,582
    Chief Of Anesthesiology Email List 31,321
    Laboratory Technicians Email List 30,641
    Hospital CEO Email List 24,986
    Hospital IT Directors Email List 23,983
    Lab Director Email List 19,068
    Healthcare Recruiter Email List 16,024
    Hospital HR Directors Email List 12,083
    Medical Directors Email List 9,681
    Chief Medical Officer Email List 9,256
    Clinical Lab Scientists Email List 9,065
    Medical Office Managers Email List 7,462
    Director Of Nursing Email List 7,258
    Physical Therapy Directors Email List 7,025
    Hospital CIO Email List 6,543
    Chief Of Neurosurgery Email List 5,120
    Healthcare Payers Email List 5,032
    PPO Managers Email List 3,958
    HMO Managers Email List 3,675
    Hospital CFO Email List 3,421
    Hospital Procurement Email List 2,968
    Physician Recruiter Email List 2,075
    Radiology Directors Email List 2,039
    Cardiovascular Technologist Email List 1,056
    Service Improvement Director Email List 2,627
    Chief Medical Staff Email List 4,895
    Director Of Biomedical Engineering Email List 2,302
    HIPAA Compliance Director Email List 1,154
    Quality Patient Safety Risk Governance Director List 3,105
    Accountable Care Organization Email List 6,502
    Sonographers Email List 4,068
    Legal Medicine Specialists Email List 3,508
    Medical Group Practice Email List 60,108
    Neonatal Care Director Email List 5,932
    Patient Financial Services Director Email List 4,523
    Perinatal Specialist Email List 2,236
    Speech-language Assistants Email List 2,314
    PACS Administrators Email List 1,521
    Behavior Analyst Email List 1,489
    Health Informatics Specialist Email List 1,014
    Body Imaging Specialists Email List 6,032
    Emergency Medical Dispatcher Email List 19,954
    Military Veteran Email List 1,272
    Pharmacy Chief Email List 6,025
    Pain Management Specialists Email List 3,028
    Cognitive Behavioral Specialist Email List 2,536
    Director Of Central Sterile Services Email List 6,059
    Therapists Counts
    Physical Therapists Email list 154,210
    Physiotherapists  Email list 55,221
    Occupational Therapists Email List 34,021
    Occupational Therapy Assistants Email list 33,954
    Marriage Family Therapist Email list 25,542
    Recreational Therapists Email List 25,021
    Respiratory Therapists Email list 21,795
    IV Infusion Therapist Email List 20,124
    Acupuncturist Email List 18,241
    Physical Therapy Directors Email List 7,025
    Clinical Specialist Therapists Email list 6,532
    Developmental Therapists Email list 5,101
    Pharmacotherapy Specialists Email List 4,865
    Massage Therapists Email List 3,527
    Biofeedback Therapists Email List 200
    Family And Marital Therapist Email List 1,028
    Physical Therapy Directors Email list 7,025
    Oxygen Therapist Email List 1,084
    Behavioral Healthcare Executives Email List 90,021
    Counseling Psychologists Email List 1,061
    School Counselors Email List 1,021
    Pharmacists Counts
    Pharmaceuticals Email List 512,328
    Registered Pharmacists Email List 8,214
    Pharmacist Clinicians Email List 7,528
    Pharmacy Directors Email List 6,493
    Hospital Druggist Email List 5,587
    Hospital Pharmacists Email List 3,710
    Druggist Email Lists 3,547
    Ambulatory Care Pharmacists Email List 2,751
    Academic Pharmacist Email List 1,540
    Home Care Pharmacists Email List 1,024
    Industrial Pharmacists Database 1,158
    Clinical Pharmacists Email List 1,063
    Retail Pharmacists Email List 1,019
    Surgery Unit Pharmacists Email List 1,037
    Compounding Pharmacists Email List 1,106
    Community Pharmacists Email List 1,008
    Critical Care Pharmacist List 1,127
    Nuclear Pharmacists Email List 1,089
    Managed Care Pharmacist Leads List 1,140
    Geo Targeted List Counts
    North America Business Email List 50,289,904
    United Kingdom Business Email List 48,229,962
    USA Business Email List 32,115,242
    European Business Email List 29,738,683
    Australia Business Email List 4,020,853
    Russian Business Email list 3,208,654
    Canada Business Email List 2,884,686
    California Business Email List 2,605,395
    Florida Business Email List 2,074,458
    Texas Business Email List 1,951,592
    New York Business Email List 1,580,936
    France Business Email List 1,473,880
    Germany Business Email List 1,368,014
    Spain Business Email list 1,210,573
    Netherlands Business Email List 1,125,365
    Italy Business Email List 1,029,257
    Georgia Business Email List 918,722
    North Carolina Business Email List 883,844
    Norway Business Email list 826,752
    Poland Business Email list 768,025
    Switzerland Business Email list 734,499
    Denmark Business Email List 725,804
    Arizona Business Email List 595,307
    Mexico Business Email List 504,869
    Romania Business Email List 503,854
    Greece Business Email List 368,620
    Portugal Business Email List 363,854
    Middle East Business Email List 358,039
    South Carolina Business Email List 348,781
    Belgium Business Email List 310,802
    Czech Republic Business Email List 235,684
    Sweden Business Email list 190,688
    Austria Business Email List 170,586
    Finland Business Email list 109,628
    Ireland Business Email list 96,803
    Idaho Business Email List 87,195
    Delaware Business Email List 83,628
    Montana Business Email List 72,530
    South Dakota Business Email List 67,378
    Luxembourg Business Email list 67,218
    Puerto Rico Business Email List 60,573
    Monaco Business Email list 8,041
    Liechtenstein Business list 5,538
    Albania Business list 9638
    Andorra Business list 563
    Belarus Business list 26943
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Business list 5914
    Bulgaria Business list 76481
    Channel Islands Business list 97
    Croatia Business list 35424
    Czech Republic Business list 263713
    Estonia Business list 3692
    Faeroe Islands Business list 307
    Germany Business list 1368014
    Gibraltar Business list 1165
    Hungary Business list 163322
    Iceland Business list 3848
    Isle of Man Business list 17
    Latvia Business list 12642
    Lithuania Business list 16084
    Malta Business list 4725
    Montenegro Business list 1063
    Republic of Moldova Business list 7478
    San Marino Business list 499
    Serbia Business list 180941
    Slovakia Business list 36175
    Slovenia Business list 22969
    TFYR Macedonia Business list 17492
    Ukraine Business list 51603
    United Kingdom Business list 16646805
    Vatican City Business list 14
    Alabama Business List 378507
    Alaska Business List 44390
    Arkansas Business List 136738
    California Business List 4321722
    Colorado Business List 474026
    Connecticut Business List 581038
    Hawaii Business List 189848
    Illinois Business List 1452596
    Indiana Business List 443111
    Iowa Business List 171616
    Kansas Business List 181921
    Kentucky Business List 303994
    Louisiana Business List 374940
    Maine Business List 144665
    Maryland Business List 975399
    Massachusetts Business List 1379669
    Michigan Business List 1002747
    Minnesota Business List 474422
    Mississippi Business List 179939
    Missouri Business List 517623
    Nebraska Business List 122073
    Nevada Business List 263964
    New Hampshire Business List 146250
    New Jersey Business List 1136315
    North Dakota Business List 47164
    Ohio Business List 1146223
    Oklahoma Business List 208476
    Oregon Business List 484727
    Pennsylvania Business List 1428023
    Rhode Island Business List 169634
    Tennessee Business List 622654
    Utah Business List 141890
    Vermont Business List 76097
    Virginia Business List 777228
    Washington Business List 668630
    West Virginia Business List 145457
    Wisconsin Business List 469269
    Wyoming Business List 28140

    Customize Your Targeted Database

      InfoCleanse tailored targeted mailing and email list allow businesses to confidently generate more targeted email leads by directly connecting to key businesses and decision-makers.

      How do we Compile and Verify the Targeted Mailing List?

      Our data experts employ a unique strategy while curating targeted mailing lists.  Internal checks are made on every contact in the mailing list for assured accuracy, receptivity, and potential value.
      Here are some of the reliable sources from which we obtain our data:
      Government Records Opt-in Emails Surveys and Feedback Forms
      Business Cards Publications Website Registrations
      Directories Economic Forums Trade shows
      Magazine Subscriptions Seminars and Conferences Memberships
      Newsletter Subscriptions Panel Discussions And More

        Salient Features of InfoCleanse Targeted Mailing and Email List

        Our targeted email and mailing lists are well renowned for facilitating quick connections between marketers and the right prospects.
        Here are a few characteristics of our targeted email and marketing list:


        CRM-compatible file formats ensure the smooth integration.


        High Success Rate

        The targeted email and mailing lists ensure that the marketing campaign yields the desired result.



        More than 1 million verification calls and 8 million verification messages every month.


        Strict Compilation

        Data collection procedures ensure precision, receptivity, and prospect value.


        Superior Contacts

        Connect with most receptive leads via target email leads from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, North America, APAC, and other regions of the world.



        Our targeted mailing and email list is legally compliant with GDPR and CASS-verified assuring the legitimacy.


        High Email Deliverability Rate

        Businesses can target more email leads with a 95% email delivery rate.


        Pre-packaged and Custom-made Contacts

        The targeted email and marketing list are checked before delivery.

        Are you interested in getting the best Targeted Email List in the market?

        Get ready for B2B marketing success with InfoCleanse

        InfoCleanse has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in the marketing data solutions field, with years of expertise in helping businesses scale their marketing ROI. Our success can be attributed to our dedication to meeting all standards while curating a targeted email list. We believe in emphasizing the importance of providing detailed information to help identify responsive prospects and facilitate lead-generation operations.
        So why keep waiting? To start building the revolutionary targeted email lists needed to achieve all business objectives, get in touch with our data professionals right away.

        for Successful Prospecting Endeavors Leverage Our Targeted Email Lists