Best CRM Software for Law Firms

Best CRM Software for Law Firms

Managing a law firm, small, mid-sized, or large, is no child’s play. The rising pile of cases, late-night calls, and meetings, along with tedious court sessions that give the blues, all add up to a point where goes severely neglected.

As attorney workload increases, prospects are made to sit on the back-burner. A study found this to be the case 42% of the time! Your delays are perfectly justified, just not before your prospects that get weary of waiting.

Thankfully, this is precisely why top CRM software for law firms exist! The right one can streamline sales processes, afford you more time for core business activities, improve team productivity, and maintain a steady flow of quality prospects.

Wondering which software is the best for your business? Read more for a list of the best CRM software for law firms!

Law Ruler – For Firms That Want To Be More Profitable, Organized, And Efficient

Law Ruler

As the name suggests, Law Ruler is an exclusive law firm-specific CRM software. From streamlining workflows to taking care of clientele’s legal needs, this platform’s built-in features cover them all.

Within the legal CRM is integrated an advanced marketing automation software that ensures the business runs smoothly while prospects remain happy. So, what benefits does this CRM tool offer that makes it a leading CRM software for law firms?

  • An intake system that is thoroughly streamlined
  • Capabilities for creating customized reports
  • Several valuable integrations available
  • Easy lead management
  • Positive lead buying experience

The platform also comes with some drawbacks, including;

  • An added fee may be charged for customization
  • Only available for clients in Canada and the US

Lawmatics – To Grow Your Firm By Leaps And Bounds


For law firms, small or large, looking for end-to-end CRM solutions, LawMatics is a great choice. As a top CRM software for law firms, it offers a host of useful features such as marketing automation, highly customizable campaigns, and industry-oriented app integrations.

Some of the platform’s standout features include its easy-to-use automated workflows, customized form builder, built-in calendaring tool, and boilerplate document assembly. Take a look at all the advantages in detail;

  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Completely automated intake experience
  • Easy client engagement
  • Custom reminder settings
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Open API for third-party integrations

LawMatics also brings certain disadvantages to the table, such as;

  • No GDPR compliance
  • Cannot be integrated with document management integrations

InterAction – For Law Firms That Wish To Turn Insights Into Concrete Results


Currently, nearly one-third of all law firms use InterAction for customer relationship management. What’s impressive is that the market share of InterAction used to be higher until competitors shaved some of it off.

Being a legal-specific CRM tool, InterAction meets all small and mid-sized law firm requirements, such as the passive collection of data, invoice generation, in-depth reporting, analytics, etc. What makes it a leading CRM software for law firms includes a long list of benefits, such as;

  • Robust customer advisory team
  • Quality lead generation
  • Capabilities to foster stronger client relationships
  • Collection of reliable data
  • Simplified daily operations
  • Easy to use despite being feature-rich

Some minor cons of the InterAction CRM platform include;

  • IT assistance needed for maintenance
  • Could be on the expensive side

Zoho – If You Want To Sell Faster, Better, And Smarter

Zoho Crm-Logo

One of the primary reasons why Zoho CRM made it to this list of leading CRM software for law firms is that despite not being a law-specific CRM, it is highly flexible. Small, growing, and established law firms can use this for customer relationship management.

Some top features of the software that make it suitable for law firms are centralized data management, efficient time logging, effortless matter management, advanced automation, and easy-to-use attorney management.

So, what are the many benefits of this CRM tool?

  • Invoice generation in one click that saves time
  • Modules that can be customized to match the law firm’s operational processes
  • A streamlined process for case generation, management, and reassignment
  • Case history and communication tracking to ensure data compliance guidelines are adhered to

The platform also comes with some minor drawbacks, such as;

  • Tech support issues
  • Bugs can be a problem

SalesForce – For Law Firms In Search Of New Ways To Handle Customer Relationships


When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), there is no doubt that Salesforce is literally a force to be reckoned with! As an established leader in the CRM market, this platform is widely used by small and large-sized business enterprises.

The software package is a little pricier, so it may not be suitable for smaller law firms. Even the features may come across as too complex or redundant for smaller firms – opportunity tracking, task management, workflow creation, collaboration tools, mobile-friendly dashboard, etc.

Let’s look at the top reasons that make Salesforce one of the leading CRM software for law firms;

  • Complex and incredible features built for large-sized law firms
  • Wide range of functionalities available
  • Ideal for client database expansion
  • Can be easily customized – billings, surveys, project management, etc.
  • Strong community for support

A few cons include;

  • May not be a budget-friendly option for smaller law firms
  • May be difficult to use for the non-tech-savvy
  • Complex reporting

SugarCRM – For Those Who Wish To Challenge The Status Quo


SugarCRM is the ideal choice for law firms that want to do things differently than their counterparts. Started originally as open-source software, this CRM SaaS provider boasts a highly customizable platform.

In any case, SugarCRM is most suitable for small-sized or challenger-stage law firms. It can help grow sales, execute promotional programs, retain customers, and develop customized business applications.

Here are some top reasons that make SugarCRM a leading CRM software for law firms;

  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality reporting function
  • Cost-effective solution as compared to other providers in the market
  • Both cloud-based and on-premise versions available
  • Great online support for attorneys
  • Mobile-friendly without the need for an app
  • Highly scalable

At the same time, listed below are a few cons of the platform;

  • Speed issues may occur
  • Some customizations may need the assistance of a software developer

Summing Up

While this list of best CRM software for law firms embodies most CRM software that cater to all kinds of law enterprises and their needs, it still boils down to your personal requirements.

Your ideal legal CRM software would depend upon business goals, implementation needs, compatibility with the chosen software, system integrations, and other functions you require. Assess each of them carefully and make an informed choice.

One thing that should be as clear as day is that in the modern marketing era, legal CRM is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Do your due diligence so you don’t lag in the race!