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How Data Quality Builds Data Integrity - InfoCleanse

Know: How Data Quality Builds Data Integrity

In the world that we are living in today, data is everything. From the smallest enterprises/businesses to the largest ones, data has something for everyone. When it comes to data, two parameters become important: quality and integrity. There are many ways in which data quality directly influences data integrity by…

Telemarketing Challenges Today And How To Fix Them - InfoCleanse

Telemarketing Challenges Today And How To Fix Them

Telemarketing may be one of the oldest methods to sell services to customers, but not all strategies are successful. It’s because customers have become pickier and are not easily convinced by a sales call. So, even if a telemarketing campaign is full-proof, it might not produce desired results. However, as 92%…

Data Quality Management Best Practices - InfoCleanse

Data Quality Management: Best Practices You Should Follow

There’s no denying that data quality is of paramount importance. A study by McKinsey established that organizations utilizing high-quality data are likely to make 19 times more profit than the organizations that aren’t data-driven. Now, that’s a statistic you cannot ignore. If your goal is to stay on top of…

Role Of Data Analytics In IoT - InfoCleanse

Role of Data Analytics in Internet of Things (IoT)

From the 80s to throughout the 90s, when people began experimenting with the thought of adding sensors along with intelligence to objects, no one could’ve guessed the impact IoT would go on to have on the future. Whether it’s Artificial intelligence, supply chain management, or healthcare center – today, people…

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