best b2b influencer marketing campaigns

10 of the Best B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples

Today, most marketers will agree on influencer marketing as a highly successful B2B strategy as evident from returns generated through its employment. Study and statistics on B2B influencer marketing reveal: Brands can achieve an annual ROI that’s 11x more than traditional methods through influencer marketing. Over 90% of B2B marketers…

Top B2B Marketing Influencers

25 Top B2B Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2021

Today, influencers (old & new) drive a huge part of the B2B Marketing sector. Marketing influencers assist B2B marketing professionals to learn and connect more, hence, it’s important to stay updated with reliable ones. So, to offer you a push, we’ve sorted out 25 of the best B2B influencers to…

b2b trends post covid

6 Biggest Post Pandemic B2B Marketing Trends

While site visits, in-person meetings, and networking were once regarded as the only medium to conduct businesses, nowadays even B2B must have an online presence. Content marketing is now an incredibly important lead generation avenue for B2B, and without it, no marketing effort is effective. While the B2B content marketing…

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