Phone Number Verification Service

Every Contact in your database is a potential client and to miss out on a single client because of inaccurate contact details can cost you considerably. As the shelf life of B2B data is quite limited, timely updates are vital to keeping the database active and up-to-date.

However, when it comes to huge customer contact lists, it’s quite a complex process to determine the accuracy of the database. This is where professional data verification services can help. At Infocleanse, we offer advanced phone number verification services to help ensure that the telephone numbers in your B2B database are accurate and active.

Why Procure Phone Number Verification Services?

While address verification continues to be a critical part of client data management, the rapid increase in mobile usage means phone verification is just as important. Since having accurate customer data is of utmost importance, it’s vital to know whether the phone number you’re contacting is active and registered.

Essentially, there are multiple benefits to phone number verification. It’ll save you a lot of your efforts and money down the line. It also helps in making your marketing initiatives much more effective. Most B2B marketers will probably agree that the effectiveness of a telephone campaign depends on the numbers you have in your database. This means having access to verified phone numbers will result in a much higher response rate.

For instance, when you’re running a campaign using a purchased customer list, being aware of the accuracy and validity of the phone numbers beforehand reaching out is more efficient. Our Infocleanse phone number verification service will examine and verify the contact list and remove all the inactive numbers and replace it with active, relevant, and responsive contact information.

Phone Number Verification Services With Infocleanse

One of the critical parts of your B2B business data management is phone number verification service to ensure comprehensive contact details within your B2B database. Incorrect and incomplete contact information will lead to bad data quality.

At Infocleanse, we offer the most extensive phone number verification services that will help in leading your organization to the path for success. Avoid disconnects & incorrect numbers- verify your prospects’ and customers’ phone numbers with our advanced B2B phone number verification services to detect inaccurate and irrelevant contacts before you start reaching out. Our experienced phone verification professionals will request active phone numbers from prospective clients and generate leads.

Our phone verification services include direct-dial verification, residential phone number verification, business telephone number verification, unpublished and published phone numbers, including verification of regional code and international country-code.

By leveraging our phone number verification services, you’ll have access to the following solutions:

  • Improve customer relationships.
  • Reduction in telemarketing campaign costs.
  • Devise an active sales pipeline and boost conversions
  • Kick-start Whatsapp marketing and generate leads.
  • With verified phone leads, you can create network marketing opportunity.
  • Build consistent SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Generate sales and marketing qualified leads.
  • Explore and reach new target customers.

Our phone number verification services will help in strengthening business potential by delivering B2B verified phone leads from across the globe.

With access to a verified contact list, you’ll be able to establish your presence globally. The deliverability time will depend on your database size. Nonetheless, we make sure to deliver you with verified telephone numbers in 3 to 5 business days.

Our Phone Number Verification Service Process:

At Infocleanse, we follow a stringent phone number verification procedure to ensure that the contacts we deliver are verified, accurate, responsive, and active. The procedure involves:

  • First, you’ll have to upload your database.
  • Our phone number verification experts will then match your data against our master database.
  • We’ll then verify the data manually and using AI.
  • Next, we’ll verify and remove any inaccurate, invalid, or inactive phone numbers.
  • Update your database with accurate and responsive phone numbers.
  • Once, we’re done verifying and updating your database, we’ll deliver to you the verified phone numbers.

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Data validity starts decaying by 6 percent every quarter and with bad data, you not only waste time but also lose opportunities. Infocleanse specializes in phone number verification.

Leverage our service today and let us take away your inaccurate contact information worries.

Our experienced phone number verification professionals will verify your contacts and help save time and boost your conversions. Our verification process follows all global data protocols such as GDPR, ANTI CAN-SPAM, and CAN-SPAM. We guarantee that your data will be 100% safe with us.

The effectiveness of your marketing efforts depends on your contact list accuracy. Stop wasting your resources on unresponsive, old prospects.