How A Legal Solutions Provider Leveraged Data Appending And Cleansing To Ramp Up Automated Email Marketing

How a legal solutions provider leveraged data appending and cleansing to ramp up automated email marketing

About the Client

The client’s line of business is providing law firms with business solutions. They are a group of legal industry experts who have managed and increased the number of practices throughout the US since its inception. The company, based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in marketing, new business development, lead generation, automation, and operations. Some of the well-known practice areas include employment, personal injury, immigration, workers comp, and more. Over the past several years, the company has had 100% growth year after year.


The client wanted to reconnect with their clients and send out seasonal greetings to the personal injury lawyers and attorneys in an attempt to build loyalty. To their astonishment, the client’s first email campaign had a miserable response rate, and what was even more concerning? The deliverability rate of the automated email campaign. The client discovered that nearly 75% of their existing database was outdated. Since the holiday season was fast approaching, they wanted to get the season campaign up and running as soon as possible. With more than half of the outdated database, the team had more than simply a huge ask.


When the client came up with problems, our data experts suggested data appending and cleansing of the database. Our data experts first cleansed the existing database by getting rid of inaccurate, outdated, mislabeled, and redundant data from the database. Next, it was time to append the database, and our experts began searching for names and active email ID’s from our exhaustive master US database. Our data experts appended and added more than 50,000 new prospects and previous clients’ names and email addresses to the client’s database.


The client was elated to discover not just a sizable list of highly responsive personal injury lawyers and attorneys, but also a list of lawyers & attorneys with the authority to make decisions.

Here are some of the astounding outcomes:

  • The email deliverability rate went to 95%
  • Close to zero bounce rate
  • Increased response rate by 60%
  • The cost of the email campaign decreased by 40%
  • Gained twice as many new clients as planned