The Role Of Big Data In The Future Of B2B Marketing

In an age and era where we are surrounded by a technological ghost, we have more data collected about every interaction that we have in the digital world than in the physical world. With every transaction and with every click, whether be it on our phones or online, its dataset is like goldmines to Marketers. So Marketers who understand and have access can use this data to create a very distinctive, competitive advantage that will allow them to provide the right offers to the right buyers at a right time.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Marketing has revolutionized so much in the past few years than ever before. Data analytics is an integral part of marketing as it helps in assessing customer targets across various channels and Electronics.

Big Data

Data is the backbone of any business because, without it, companies will have to constantly depend on their instincts, random options, trials and tribulations, errors before finalizing. In Short, every Single thing revolves around data.

Big data, from the word itself we understand that it has to do with a large volume of data that can overpower any business. It helps in building marketing campaigns that are high in Impact as well as personalized by giving them a peek into both markets as well as the consumer.

Companies are constantly dealing with a massive load of data about orders, customer queries, and marketing strategies. So no matter how important and valuable any data can be, it becomes redundant if organizations turn a blind eye. So if and when analyzed properly, it reveals a ton of information that can actively help in decision making and assets. Also making data available and easy access to every mode of channels is a necessity because since data are a collection of big/small data, it will be a lot for the conventional model of data to hold. Then you can use the data analytics technique to process and analyze.

With this knowledge, you will be able to create accurate campaigns, and one area where Big data makes a massive impact is in the Sales and marketing department.

Role Of Big Data In The World Of B2B Marketing

Any Small or big companies will know and understand the struggle of marketing and sales departments being divided. The reason being of their difference of Targets and goals and how they wanna achieve them. The misalignment between sales and marketing is probably the reason why the revenue is at a stagnant stage.  A company is made up of all different systems such as Enterprise resource planning, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing automation, Orders, and product management coexisting. Big data helps to sort all these different systems into a combined skeleton of set goals. It redefines and reshapes the anatomical structure of a company so much so that it encapsulates everything.

For any market to work, we must know where to focus on and with big data, you can assemble all that with proper target and better sales and lead generation.

“It amazes me how the B2B marketing fundamentals have remained exactly the same for 50 years. It is still concerned with relationships. The only difference is that today we have more and better techniques and tools at our disposal.” — Scott David Meerman from Freshspot Marketing

The ABM Strategy

The ABM also known as Account Based Marketing is the most Influential B2B marketing approach. One of their key concepts is that it treats every customer as a single valuable market.  A major factor of ABM is to have solid data that will help in identifying important accounts and companies, while they work on their collection of strong statistics data. Once that is established, the next step is to deliver to all channels. If sales are the objective, then ABM does deliver. However, it can’t possibly be achieved without good quality data that can be found online only in big data platforms.

Predictive Analytics

Over the years, sales as far as B2B is concerned, have gone through numerous changes and one of the more reasons for this shift is Predictive analytics. Not that it is new in the market but because of how it changes the atmosphere of the B2B marketing. The future of big data in B2B marketing combines an online conduct, Prospective social graph, interaction of the content, and sales automation. For any predictive analytics to be successful will depend solely on how it is utilized although its ability power to add value in any B2B marketer isn’t questioned.

Predictive Analytics

How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From Predictive Analytics

Although predictive intelligence has been around for some years and it isn’t a new craze. However, with that being said, transforming and using predictive analytics hasn’t been easy and since it required high-end technologies and big data, it was never at the forefront of marketing. This isn’t the case now, with the advancement of technology and affordable AI tools, it made it easy for marketers to explore and create what it couldn’t before and its benefits.

If we have to look at the statistics, there are over 90% of top marketers are either dedicated or are already on their way to implementing predictive analytics. So with Big data on one hand and upgraded computing technology on the other plus easy access to vendor tools, there is no denying that predictive analytics isn’t just smart but a substantial step into the future of B2B marketing.


With everything on board, Marketers now know how to manage complicated machines, as well as different types of data techniques to help identify what their customers want and needs, are, what products will sell and which to bring out next. So with all that, it allows markets to expand and marketers to predict the type of content that will work the best, which approach will be most successful, and so on.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about tracking down emails and websites and then processing campaigns with the help of those results. Sooner or later, marketing automation is ought to get big data from various sources which in turn will utilize analytics in order to foresee the right steps. It will allow companies to interact with prospects on different sectors like email, mobile phones, websites, etc.

Final Thought

Data is what drives all marketing sectors and as big data in b2b marketing continues to grow rapidly and has become more prominent in today’s world, big data and predictive analytics are the underdogs that will put your business on the map as well as generate revenue. It also helps you in your CRM approach and latterly provides you with accurate predictions on your customer sales. Not only does Big data helps in capitalizing on the data but it also highlights the areas of improvements as far as consumer sales opportunity is concerned.