Marketing Tips for Selling Medical Devices to Hospitals!

Marketing Tips for Selling Medical Devices to Hospitals

The medical device industry will likely reach $604 billion by 2023, up from $457 billion in 2020. And everyone in this sector, without a doubt, wants a piece of this massive pie.

Fortunately, using today’s digital tools to deploy failsafe marketing tactics quickly allows medical device companies to get a share of the pie. It is not enough to have a website anymore. The idea is to use effective digital marketing and lead generation strategies when selling medical devices to hospitals and lure consumers into the sales funnel.

So, whether you manufacture DME, diagnostic equipment, or life support equipment, the marketing methods listed will undoubtedly empower your salespeople, sell more products, and increase profits. According to the founder of the HubSpot.

“It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

Hence, below are some tried and tested tips to help market medical devices to hospitals.

1. Remain Responsive And Engaged

Remain Responsive And Engaged

One of the most influential things businesses can do when selling medical devices to hospitals is constantly communicating with their clients and prospects. This entails the following:

  • Making regular hospital visits
  • Replying rapidly to communications
  • Aiding with medical equipment installation
  • Answering queries quickly

This enhances the likelihood of both parties benefiting from the partnership.

While juggling these tasks might be difficult, setting aside time during the day to communicate with clients is essential. Staying responsive toward clients and providing a helping hand may seem like a small task. Nevertheless, they add up to earn the company the trust of decision-makers!

2. Use Video Marketing to Demonstrate The Advantages of Medical Devices

Use Video Marketing To Demonstrate The Advantages Of Medical Devices

The days of printed sheets and PowerPoint demonstrations are long gone. People want more than just to see an instruction manual for the product. The era of YouTube and OTT has popularized video content, making it even more crucial for marketing.

Given the popularity of TikTok and reels and shrunken attention spans, the only way to make demonstrations fun is to make a creative video.

Produce high-quality videos that offer useful information, demonstrate how to utilize the products, and cover industry developments. These can help the firm establish itself as a leading brand, generating trust and revenues.

Other forms of high-value videos, like seminars, webinars, workshops, PowerPoint lectures, animated explainers, and client testimonials, are also beneficial.

Post them in different places on the internet, such as:

  • The website.
  • Organic social media postings on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Paid promotions on social media.
  • Websites that host videos, such as YouTube.

With a well-organized video marketing strategy and adequate patience, you can expect significant returns by placing yourself ahead of your rivals.

3. Recognize Your Clients Problems And Concerns

Recognize Your Clients Problems And Concerns

Identifying a specific hospital or care facilities concerns demonstrates to your client that the business understands their unique difficulties and has tailored a solution exclusively for them.

A few critical indicators to comprehend when selling medical devices to hospitals are:

  • Diagnosis volumes
  • Procedure volumes
  • Quality performance metrics

Some hospitals may have a high percentage of readmissions, while others have a high rate of healthcare-associated infections. Hospitals commonly focus on quality measures such as patient satisfaction ratings, hospital-acquired condition scores, and value-based buying reimbursement adjustments.

The sales rep’s job is to ensure that they are aware of these issues on a fundamental level. Subsequently, they should be able to provide solutions to these particular problems and try to solve them swiftly with the medical devices at hand.

This practice not only demonstrates the use of the device but also reinstates reliability for the business. The customer can now wholeheartedly depend on you to obtain appropriate solutions.

4. Create A Loyal Customer Base By Building An Email List

Create A Loyal Customer Base By Building An Email List

Many marketers who are just starting out in their business journey are unaware of the value of having an email list. Having said that, most people change their minds when they see what impact an email list has on someone else’s ROI. The power of the email list lies in the numbers. In the United States, email marketing had an average ROI of 4300%.

An email allows you to get straight into the decision maker’s mailbox without worrying about other channels restricting your reach. You can leverage a hospital email database to deliver highly relevant offers to hospitals and other healthcare facility providers.

Here are six major reasons that make an email list incredibly powerful:

  • Low-cost marketing technique
  • Better engagement with the audience
  • Send targeted emails
  • Reach across devices
  • Help you build a loyal client base
  • Foster customer trust

However, while you want to focus on growing your email list and reaching as many hospitals as possible, the engagement of your email list is far more crucial. That is why having a great hospital email database is critical.

5. Make Use Of Blogs And Paid Content

Make Use Of Blogs And Paid Content.

Strategic blogging is one of the most effective strategies to engage customers. In fact, firms that blog are known to generate more leads than those without them.

Therefore, after creating distinct Buyer Personas and mapping out each Buyer’s Journey, ensure the blog content addresses their specific issues and concerns. This will assist in cultivating trust and boost the likelihood of turning visitors into leads when selling medical devices to hospitals.

Furthermore, make it a point to publish fresh content on a regular basis – ideally twice a week or more. Also, consistently include a call-to-action (CTA) in your post, encouraging readers to join the business mailing list or opt for available premium content.

Developing a positive relationship with customers through blog writing increases sales and, consequently, market share.

6. Stay Abreast With The Developments In The Medical And Medtech Industries

Stay Abreast With The Developments In The Medical And Medtech Industries

With new research and innovations cropping up each day, the medical industry is undergoing heavy transformation regularly. In any industry, the only constant is fresh innovations, upgrades, and changes.

To stay informed about the latest transformations, businesses selling medical devices to hospitals need to keep an eye out for the following:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • new medical device entrants
  • technical developments
  • changes in healthcare policies

Staying abreast of these changes will allow you to adjust your medical equipment sales tactics according to the needs of the hour. And staying informed is by far the most effective healthcare marketing strategy of them all!

Wrapping Up

Modern solutions are necessary for marketing diagnostic, surgical, and durable medical equipment, and other medical devices to a Hospital. And selling these products entails utilizing the best online prospecting methods along with relevant marketing tactics.

Medical device marketing methods that thrive generally combine problem identification, client engagement, and posting relevant blog and video content. They create the ideal lead-generating strategy when merged with the most recent industry innovations. Not only that, but it establishes trust and positions the organization as a thought leader, ensuring a steady inflow of clients.

So, don’t limit yourself to only one of these methods. Use them all for effectively selling medical devices to hospitals.