B2B Email Marketing: A Strategic Approach For Lead Generation

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If you’re on the lookout for effective email tactics that drive results and help meet your lead generation goals, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Besides being among the oldest mediums for B2B marketing, email is also the B2B buyer’s 3rd most trusted source for obtaining information. In fact, statistics suggest that about 93 percent of B2B professionals rely on email marketing.

B2B Marketers Practice Marketing

That being said, with the constant improvements in technologies followed by the B2B buyer’s ever-shifting inclinations, it’d be quite challenging to nail down a solid tactic for B2B Email Marketing Lead Generation. You have to understand that email marketing is more than just engaging content and interesting email subject lines. To improve the conversion rates of your B2B business, you’ll also have to align your call-to-action, landing pages, and forms perfectly. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some leading B2B email marketing lead generation strategies that deliver results. So, read on.

Segment Your Data

Since every email marketing campaigns begin with a collection of data, its success depends on how you manage and sort the data. You can start by developing tagged data lists as it’ll help you in determining where that data came from and whether they have previously entered the sales pipeline.

Utilize this as an opportunity to determine the quality of your data and to verify whether the email ids and the additional data you possess are valid and usable. Now, let’s focus on segmentation. Segmenting your data will allow you to aggregate your customers on the basis of prior purchases or interests, industry, geography, and more.

Segmentation enables you to design highly targeted email campaigns with individualized messages. This is why segmented emails tend to perform better. According to some statistics, segmented campaigns brought about a 760% surge in email revenue. Moreover, they also tend to boost open rates by 39%.

Results From Email List Segmentation

Personalization Is Key

Another effective way to generate leads is through cold email campaigns. While it’s quite a challenge to communicate with an audience that’s non-opt in, with the right strategy, it can generate a continuous surge of qualified B2B leads. By curating the messages of your email based on your prospects’ behaviors and profiles, you can boost the possibility of engagement.

And to do that, personalization is one approach you need to focus on. It has been known to improve responses and open rates. Making use of the personalization tokens like the company name or the name of the prospect wherever appropriate can help in creating the feeling of an individualized message. Also, the chances of your prospects noticing such messages are high. Additionally, emails with customized subject lines yield 50 percent higher open rates.

personalization works wonder for email

You can make this approach more effective by investing your time to better understand the buyer personas of your leading prospects. This will help you in crafting a much better message, one that makes sense to your recipients.

Get Automated

Marketing automation is a technological class  that lets businesses measure, streamline, and automate marketing assignments in order to grow revenue and expand operational faster.”-Marketo

biggest marketing automation benefit

Nowadays, automation is critical for B2B email campaigns, and without it, it can be quite hard for you to compete. Automated email marketing can help in saving a lot of time, allowing your employees to put their attention towards other important tasks. Moreover, it helps in hyper-targeting emails and facilitating high response rates.

Selecting the best ESP or Email Service Provider that offers automation will let you engage with your existing or prospective clients in a relevant and timely manner. A good automation example would be leveraging an auto-responder, which automatically communicates with people when they either download content or fill out a form from your site.

For instance, whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter for the first time, you can use an auto-responder to engage with this prospective client for further communication.

Nurturing Leads Is Critical

Traditionally, the sales-cycle of B2B businesses is longer, unlike other industries. Potential clients need to be fully aware of the benefits your unique solutions can provide for their organization and whether it’s worth investing in your products or services over other rival companies. Lead nurturing refers to the process of educating those prospects regarding every element of your organization’s sales cycle and resolving all their queries.

When it concerns to lead nurturing, email marketing is among the most pragmatic digital platforms. Email marketing provides you with an opportunity to effectively communicate with your potential customers at every step of the prospect’s sales funnel.

One of the effective long-term strategies for lead nurturing is email drip campaigns. Such campaigns allow you to deliver emails with relevant information to your prospect’s inbox based on their sales funnel buying stage.

For lead nurturing campaigns to be effective, you’ll need the help of lead scoring systems. With lead scoring, you can see what stage your lead is in the company’s buyer model and also help you communicate effectively with your potential buyers. There are some key aspects of lead scoring systems you need to focus on, they include:

  • Interest(online behavior)
  • Fit(budget, demographics)
  • Buying stage( The stage they’re at in sales funnel)

Make Sure It’s Mobile Friendly

email open rate on mobile devices

In today’s mobile era, B2B marketers need to optimize their email marketing strategy with a “mobile-first“ approach. Failing to do so will put you in a situation where you risk losing clicks, opens, & conversions, all of which are essential for generating revenue.

According to Google, approximately 50 percent of B2B queries or searches are done using smartphones. Another statistic suggests that 50 percent of people are likely to buy a product or service from a site that’s optimized for mobile. All of these shows why it’s paramount to customize all your email campaigns for mobile

Bottom Line

In the realm of digital marketing, email marketing is certainly one of the flourishing marketing strategies. The tactics covered in this blog have been proven quite effective for many business-to-business organizations. You should invest your time assessing your email campaigns and also keeping an eye on other competitors’ efforts.

Finally, think of the B2B email marketing lead generation strategy as a way to help your sales team. Also, make sure to analyze your email marketing plan regularly and make necessary changes.