Data Privacy: The Future Stats and Trends to Watch!

Data Privacy: The Future Stats and Trends to watchCompanies are trying to upgrade their data privacy regulations to prevent data breaches.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, states that, “Criminals are using every technology tool at their disposal to hack into people’s accounts. If they know there’s a key hidden somewhere, they won’t stop until they find it.”

So, organizations need to focus on data privacy statistics and trends to prepare themselves.

Data Privacy Statistics: What Does The Market Look Like?

Leading data privacy market to be North America.

Demand for Control and Data Transparency

Customers will demand data control in the future.

  • 79% of users feel they don’t understand how companies utilize personal data.
  • 76% of userswon’t share data with companies they don’t trust
  • 64% of customers have federal data privacy worries
  • 93% of Americans want more personal data control
  • Need to view, access, delete and download data will increase

Increased Requirement for Data Protection Officers (DPO)

DPOs will be needed for maintaining data regulations.

  • The demand for Data Protection Officers has increased by up to 700%
  • This need will rise up to 33% by 2030
  • The average salary will be between $20,500 to $174,500
  • They will review security and compliance reports
  • Handling of cloud deployment of digital products

Rise of First Party Data

First-party data helps develop personalized campaigns.

Adoption of More Data Privacy Regulations and Laws

General Data Protection Regulation launched in 2016 is transforming data laws globally.

How Are Social Media Platforms Dealing With Data Privacy?

Platforms like Facebook are adopting strategies to enhance data privacy:

  • Developing privacy policies and maintaining them
  • Ask for user consent when collecting data
  • 18% of users feel their data is secure
  • Evaluating the terms of use and data regulations
  • Describing how user data is utilized
  • Focusing on data privacy statistics

Data Security and Privacy Job Market Will Prosper

Companies will require experienced professionals to identify and reduce security gaps.

Wrapping Up

In the coming years, the data privacy industry will be worth $25.85 billion by 2029.

The demand for entry-level cybersecurity professionals will rise. Also, it’s expected that DDOS attack numbers may increase up to 15.4 million.