Best Practices to Improve Email Marketing to Physicians!

Best Practices to Improve Email Marketing to Physicians

Have you ever felt stuck with your marketing efforts not bringing sufficient ROI? There can be many reasons, from backdated contact details to poor selling pitches.

In an ever-changing marketing scenario, staying updated and constantly improving your marketing tactics is the only way to stay ahead.

When planning email marketing to physicians, you must remember to cater to the busiest people in the healthcare industry. Doctors rarely have enough time to cater to every patient, let alone give time to go through your emails.

Did you know that many messages are deleted even before they are opened?

So, in an age where information and messages are abundant, you need to find a way to break the monotony. Fortunately, there are a few ways that can help you with this. So, if you want to improve your email marketing to physicians, follow these simple tricks.

1.    Prioritize Your Target Physicians by Segmenting Them

Prioritize Your Target Physicians by Segmenting Them

While email marketing to physicians, you need to prioritize quality over quantity. It is easy for your email to get lost within the clutter of emails. This is where personalized email marketing to physicians comes in handy.

Thanks to the personalized bulk email strategies, this is easier than ever. But you need to prioritize the proper recipients to ensure relevance. This is something most marketers fail at.

Sending a bunch of emails with no responses will do you no good. Instead, you need to categorize your physicians database based on various criteria, such as:

  • Training
  • Area of interest
  • Skills and expertise
  • Demographics
  • Other relevant information

2.    Customize the Emails Based on the Physician Specialties

Customize the Emails Based on the Physician Specialties

Once you have targeted the physicians by segmenting them, you can boost your email marketing to physicians by delivering a pitch tailor-made for them. The physicians are more likely to open the email and read its content if it is related to their specialty.

In the words of marketing expert and Salesforce blogger David Newman,

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.”

So, you must take advantage of this tool when email marketing to physicians. Put effort into finding the physician’s specialty and incorporate that into your email marketing tactics.

Did you know that a personalized email has a 27% higher chance of being opened and clicked?

If you cater to various physician specialties, you have to customize how you communicate with the physicians. That is true for providers of practice management solutions, EHR platforms, etc.

3.    Be Precise and Factual in the Emails

Be Precise and Factual in the Emails

When email marketing to physicians, you need to remember that you are addressing one of the busiest professionals out there. They will not have time to read your long and tedious emails.

That is why you need to get to the point fast and grab their attention from the beginning. Instead of writing a long email that the physicians will likely ignore, it is wise to send a brief and relevant message.

In the busy world, concise and factual communication is more likely to gain responses. You can also cite relevant third-party data or industry reports that might help build healthcare professionals’ interest.

Once you have their attention, the more relevant you are, the better you will gain the physician’s trust. Also, avoid using any marketing jargon that the physicians will find uninteresting. In the end, this will only increase the chance of a conversion.

4.    Optimize the Subject Lines

Always focus on the subject line of the email, as it can make or break your email marketing to physicians. Based on the subject line, the physicians might decide whether the email is worth reading or not.

About 69% of emails end up in the spam folder due to poor subject lines.

So, you can understand how important the email subject line is for separating the winners from the losers.

You also need to master the art and science of writing subject lines that drive interest and curiosity. Once you come up with the perfectly compelling email subject line, it is essential to run tests and makes changes if needed.

5.    Always Split Test the Emails

Always Split Test the Emails

If you are serious about improving your email marketing to physicians, you need to test to find what works constantly. The best way to do this is via email A/B testing, where you approach multiple leads simultaneously.

This saves you the trouble of trial-and-error email marketing and takes the guesswork out of the way. But make sure to test only one variable at a time to ensure you are getting the right results.

The variables for split testing emails can be:

  • The topics
  • The subject lines
  • The opening paragraphs
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Links
  • The design and layout of the email

6.    Remember That Consistency is Key

Remember That Consistency is Key

Email marketing to physicians is a tedious task that requires patience and persistence. You may not always get the results overnight, but you can expect to drive sustainable outcomes by being consistent.

But there is a subtle balance to this. You would not want to bombard them with marketing emails all the time. But you need to be consistent enough to stay relevant in the mind of the physicians.

You can achieve this balance by providing value to the targets instead of always focusing on making sales.

Even Jeremy Reeves, the funnel specialist, advises keeping close contact with the targeted leads by communicating frequently. But how much frequency is perfect?

According to the National Client Email report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), ideally, 35% of marketers send two to three monthly emails. However, you can tweak this according to your strategy to see what works.

Summing Up

To become a winner in email marketing to physicians, you need to follow each and every tip mentioned in this article. If you adhere to all the tips, you will likely gain long-term results in your email marketing endeavors.

But the one thing you need to remember is that marketing efforts are not a one-way thing, and there are a lot of factors at play here. This is why it is as important to retain the customers as to sell to potential ones.

Also, there are no shortcuts to great success. Your services and technology may have the ability to help doctors, physicians, and clinicians provide better patient care. Or they might be able to change the fate of the healthcare industry. But you need to stay consistent and relevant to see measurable outcomes.