Top 6 B2B Content Marketing Trends during Coronavirus Pandemic

Top 6 B2B content marketing trends

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world. While many of us were living our regular life, a sudden epidemic impacted up to the core. Many companies were told to pull down the shutters and work from home to avoid getting affected by the virus. Due to COVID-19, much small-scale business and developing firms had to step back from the industry. The B2B companies are experiencing a sudden break to the standard way of marketing. However, there are new trends that have erupted and given hope to many marketers to live through this pandemic outbreak.

Though some rules need to be followed for the content marketing trends during this pandemic, by abiding those, we may come out with better planning and marketing campaigns. Since we have plenty of time in hand, it is essential to sincerely understand the current and changed need of the clients and seek a solution that works for both the company and its clients.

Here are super six B2B content marketing trends that are changing the meaning of marketing during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Communicate With Your Target Audience:

It is so vital for your brand to keep floating even during this time. Your audience should not forget you, no matter what. If you want your clients not to doubt your credibility then stay connected with them under all circumstances. Make a marketing plan which is solely based on online platforms so you can connect with your audience during lockdown too. Try to publish and share engaging content that drives even those people to your account who is not your client. Share your concern for the sudden outbreak of COVID-19.

Your content marketing campaign should be well-designed, keeping the kind of content, type of content, and time of publishing pre-decided. You can post weekly or twice a week, whatever suits your campaign.

Make sure you keep the excitement alive by pitching in offers during a lockdown or playing a quiz. This way, there will be regular engagement and no monotony. However, you need to ensure no matter what, your every post should be sensitive towards the current scenario as people are severely affected by the trauma of COVID-19, and harmonious posts that comfort them. Especially in B2B, your client can get offended if you push in too many business-related posts. Henceforth, keeping these rules in mind, you can associate with your clients and hold on to the engagement.

Be Creative In Your Approach:

As much as staying connected is essential with your clients through online platforms, so is waiting creative. If you publish content which talks the same topic always, it can force your audience to tap the unfollow button. However, if you focus on staying creative, you might have better engagement on your website or social media accounts. The trick lies in choosing the relevant content for each platform. For Facebook, your audience is different, and for twitter, it is different. Therefore, ensure to be unique and creative in the tone of your content marketing. As per the reports, every 45 millisecond some person searches for the term “coronavirus” on twitter.

You must talk about the trending topics which people are keen to know. A few tricks will help you in designing your content marketing strategy in the right manner.

    • Know the topic of your post
    • Know the frequency of your post
    • Know the tone
    • Know the audience
    • And, know the motive of your post.

Your objective to communicate should be clear and reach the audience. Therefore, these points will benefit you in framing out a marketing strategy.

Talk New Topics Every Time:

In B2B, your clients get approached more often than you expect. They already get notified by many of your competitors with the different posts they publish. Find a unique topic every time you go online. If you have an awaited launch, sync it well with your current content marketing campaign. Your unique posts will grab more attention of your client than any regular post that many of your competitors have already attempted. To stand out, you can work on blog posts, eBooks, infographics, social media posts, etc.

Be More Sensitive:

In such adverse time, it is imperative to acknowledge your clients in a customized form. In B2B, if you address your clients and be vulnerable in your message, it will build a bond above business for you. It is the time when people are suffering from all classes. You must be sensitive while making any communication with your clients. They should not feel that you are looking for profits and business growth even at this time. Many big companies have connected with their clients and employees to convey their regards and formed a sense of unity to join hands in times of such crisis. 

Be Prepared To Resume:

The client is the spine of any business. You mustn’t ease your grip to withhold the clients. Keep it firm and crisp to hold onto them with a unique content marketing that works for you now in times of crisis and also resonates after you resume back to the normal mode of business. Your clients should get sync once all of the outbreak panics come to an end and work returns. Therefore, it is great to hope for the coronavirus to end and the regular coarse of working to return with marketing campaigns showing their seldom but positive results with time.


With these content marketing trends, you can smoothly sail through the havoc of COVID-19 and still make an existence in the industry with unique methods to keep your bond with your client sturdy and reliable as ever.