30 Statistics About B2B Social Media Usage

30 Statistics about B2B Social Media Usage

Social media has kind of awakened the soul of marketers in the B2B industry to outperform themselves and upgrade their market strategies at every point in time. However, for many B2B organizations, social media is still a stressful part of their marketing role. It has somehow become an obligation that every company has to follow, and if not, a huge amount of loss in terms of sales, brand image, profits, and more comes to toss.

Therefore, like every other B2B firm, you need to be actively present and walk through social media platforms while making space for your company too.

To help you understand the importance of social media usage, we have listed below 30 statistics related to B2B firms and how social media has been a great tool for them.

LinkedIn B2B Statistics:

1. 66 percent of B2B marketers claim that LinkedIn is the most impactful social media platform.
2. LinkedIn is 277 percent more impactful to generate leads than other social media channels.
3. 65 percent of B2B ventures adopt LinkedIn paid ads to get potential customers.
4. 66 percent of B2B marketers wish to learn more about LinkedIn video marketing.
5. LinkedIn generates a 3x times higher number of leads by converting a visitor into a customer.

Instagram B2B Statistics

6. The B2B companies receive twenty times more social media engagement on Instagram than LinkedIn.
7. 95 percent of B2B marketers adopt LinkedIn for organic content marketing, as they believe it is the top-rated platform.

Twitter B2B Statistics

8. 71 percent of B2B tech marketers claim that Twitter is their utmost choice for a product launch.
9. Twitter is considered to be the world’s seventh most visited site, with an average visit time of about nine minutes.
10. An average business posts content 7 times per day and approximately 13.1 stories in a month on Twitter.

YouTube B2B Statistics

11. 56 percent of marketers chose to rely on YouTube for the success of their B2B marketing campaigns.

Pinterest B2B Statistics

12. 300 million users are suggested to be active on a monthly basis on Pinterest, thereby making it the next big thing in the B2B industry.

Facebook B2B Statistics

13. Average Facebook users click on 11 advertisements each month.

Overall Social Media B2B Statistics

14. 66 percent of B2B marketers believe they found potential leads on social media platforms.
15. 76 percent of B2B technical firms use social media to gain quick results.
16. 80 percent of marketers say social media marketing is the soul of their business.
17. 63 percent of marketing firms now claim to have separate social media teams.
18. 73 percent of marketers tend to use videos to increase traffic on their social media handles.
19. 90 percent of B2B marketers believe that social media has impacted their business revenue.
20. It is estimated that the contribution of mobile users generated 94 percent of advertising revenue.
21. 56 percent of marketers have a very small social existence on social media, which is insufficient to impact.
22. 78 percent of organizations believe the future will be more dependent on social media marketing than any other marketing tactics.
23. Using images on your social media posts tend to elevate the comment rate by 98 percent.
24. 24 percent of marketing budgets will be dedicated to social media marketing, as claimed by the company owners.
25. 45 percent of marketers claim to gain potential clients through social media platforms.
26. In 2019, it was calculated that time spends on social media has increased by 1.4 percent, thereby allowing space and opportunity for B2B marketers to approach.
27. 70 percent of marketers say social media enhances brand awareness.
28. 63 percent of people claim they like social media messaging than other modes of communication.
29. 43 percent of internet users seek social media for work purposes.
30. It was estimated that 2020 would experience an increase of 20 percent in social ad expenditure.