13 Tips for Pharmaceutical Industries to Get the Best of Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still popular among B2B marketers despite multiple marketing channels. The reason is straightforward – it provides an economical option at the cost of reaching hundreds of relevant contacts worldwide.

Although every industry relies on email marketing, the healthcare sector might seem the most surprising candidate on the list. Pharmaceutical companies, especially, can benefit immensely from email marketing. Not only does it help promote your organization among businesses, but it also does so in a non-blaring manner.

A well-presented email campaign is guaranteed to stand out among thousands of emails.

While it might sound easy in theory, pulling off effective email marketing for pharmaceuticals can be challenging. The primary reason is loosely defined campaign goals and inaccessible email designs.

Here are a few tips to help you focus your email marketing efforts and increase ROI.

1.    Optimize Email Structure and Design

Irrespective of your content’s impact, the recipient will skim through it if it is not user-friendly. Granted, email marketing focuses more on brand awareness and promotion. However, what makes your email stand out with thousands of emails in every inbox?

Optimize Email Structure and DesignSettling for a safe but attractive design will entice the recipient to stay and browse through your email. It also makes it easier for them to jump to a relevant section and engage with your products.

This has also been echoed by Maria Waida, Owner of SaaSy Copywriting, who claims that it is better to be consistent than brilliant since email marketing campaigns primarily focus on brand recognition.

Indeed, a uniform design works and increases company revenue by 33%.

2.    Don’t Forget Mobile-Friendly Designs

Consider this: how often do you use your laptop or PC to sift through thousands of emails? If your answer is rarely, you understand the need for mobile-friendly designs.

A survey undertaken by Forbes had some interesting conclusions:

  • Two-thirds of key decision makers use their mobiles while in the office
  • Over one-third of them use mobiles everywhere despite the presence of computers

Don't Forget Mobile-Friendly Designs

Traditional emails targeted at desktop viewers may require mobile users to zoom in and out constantly. Accommodate the design and content of your email campaigns to ensure viewing comfort for decision-makers relying on their phones.

3.    Aim for Personalized Campaigns

The most significant advantage of email marketing is the ease provided in mass personalizing campaigns. It is easier than ever to classify potential businesses according to gender or geographical area characteristics using the database in your arsenal.

Aim for Personalized CampaignsIn turn, it makes them more receptive to your products while eliminating feelings of alienation by aimless email campaigns that send out generic messages.

4.    Keep the Content Interesting and Relevant

If you are marketing a specific drug to a hospital, they would not want to hear about the entire history of the medicine. Discuss its strengths and condense your content to include the uniqueness of your offering.

Keep the Content Interesting and RelevantMoreover, the initial message associated with the email should be catchy. Although the audience has willingly subscribed to your email list, providing them with high-quality campaigns promotes buying decisions.

5.    Steer Clear of the Spam Folder

One of the biggest hurdles a B2B marketer can face is their emails getting redirected to the spam folder, where they lie forever. This happens due to the spam filter in emails, which recognizes your promotional messages as spam.

Steer Clear of the Spam FolderUsually, the spam filter is triggered when the email has typical mistakes – like a spelling error or certain trigger words.

If you’re unsure how spam filters work, you can always rely on pre-packaged healthcare email database comprising CAN-SPAM-compliant addresses.

6.    Rely on A/B Testing

The concept of A/B testing is simple. Prepare two email designs you intend to send to your target businesses.

Rely on A/B TestingUsing this statistical analysis, you can decide the best design for your email campaign and increase conversions by bringing new businesses on board.

7.    Use Data-Driven Insights to Improve Campaigns

Use Data-Driven Insights to Improve CampaignsEmail marketing campaigns can be an effective way to learn about target professionals. You can improve your targetability and change your marketing approach based on the accumulated insights. Some of the common insights include:

  • Click rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Bounce rate

8.    Avoid Exaggeration

Avoid Exaggeration

Promising amplified features with your drugs can be the basis for legal trouble. Keep the email content short, crisp, and to the point with authentic information that every employee in your organization can echo.

9.    Employ Automation to Emails

Employ Automation to Emails

Along with targetability, the time of the email is also crucial. For example, the working hours of a professional in the US may differ from that of one in Germany. Based on your target audience, tailor email automation to send promotional messages during the working hours of each country.

10.    Include Illustrations

Include Illustrations

Illustrations can provide an easier way to convey your message to a professional or a healthcare organization. You can include relevant statistics about your drug’s effectiveness or chart its popularity in the last few months to attract businesses.

11.    Call-to-Action is a Must

Call-to-Action is a Must

Suppose your offering enamors a doctor. But there is no way for them to understand what comes next. Should they contact you directly? Or are they required to wait for another email?

This is where a call-to-action (CTA) helps. It directs the concerned parties to the next step of the process and makes it easier for them to act on their decision.

12.    Ensure a Professional Feel

Ensure a Professional Feel

Although personalized emails are a way to attract attention, your email must maintain an air of professionalism at the same time. One way to do this is to avoid using all caps and capitalizing the letters with appropriate punctuation.

13.    Encourage Interaction

Encourage Interaction

While preparing your email campaign, you can add messages encouraging businesses or individuals to reply to facilitate greater engagement. You can also include feedback to understand their sentiments and improve your campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing promises to be an invaluable tool that can drive insights and help push your campaigns. However, you must generate accurate leads before employing these email marketing strategies. With a reliable healthcare executives email database, you are guaranteed to reach more prospects and reduce the occurrence of cold leads!