How to Use Web Chat to Win Customers & Create Brilliant Customer Experiences

B2B web chat

Customer experience is not a luxury anymore; it has become a basic necessity for B2B organizations. As a marketer, this statement likely resonates with you. With the blog exploring more about technologies associated with CX, you would find yourself at the epitome of customer service.

In the current B2B market, various technologies, tactics, and processes lead to the right customer experience, but web chat has carved a niche of its own.

This blog presents you with some key takeaways that would lead you on the right path of customer experience:

  • We would throw light on how a potential customer can be converted via web chat.
  • We would cover how web chat can help the existing customer
  • We would cover the various chat options for the best customer experience.

How A Potential Customer Can Be Converted Via Web Chat

An important fact about potential customer

The universal challenge that business owners across the world face:

Website visitors not converting!!!!

the conversion problem

As you can see in this image, organizations are on the wrong side if they witness the above results. With almost 1000 website visitors, receiving only 20 inquiries or sign up is not a great sign. It is only 2% of the leads from the website.

Are you also in the same group?

Then it would help if you slowed down to check where you are going wrong. Resolving this challenge is not rocket science if carefully analyzed. You need to follow a step-by-step approach and get an in-depth understanding of your visitor’s behavior:

Journey Matters:

While customers would be in a hurry to get the right answers, you need to follow a balanced approach to give them accurate answers; otherwise, they would exit the website with confusion.

You should know your customer’s mindset, and that comes by understanding the customer’s journey. For example, why they need the product or service, how would it resolve their challenge, and how would it make their process effective, etc. All this helps in a holistic approach to providing the solution as per their requirements.

Knowing The Time To Respond:

Immediate response is needed while handling customer queries. As we all know, customers need special attention, so if you take days to respond to customer queries, they would undoubtedly prefer your competitors. It would also portray the unprofessional attitude of your representatives. With web chat, this challenge is nearly eliminated. You can see the queries of customers immediately. You can pass the price quotes on this chat, the essential thing in a business conversation.

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, stated:

The future of communicating with customers rest in engaging with them through every possible channel such as phone, email, chat, web, and social networks. Customers are discussing a company’s products and brand in real time. Companies need to join the conversation.”

So, when you see customers having the urge to discuss about the products, join them in the discussion and present the real-time benefits of your product.

How Web Chat Can Help The Existing Customer:

Same Importance:

The existing customer often feels side-lined by the organization; they feel the brand is not giving them the same importance, as when they freshly signed up for the service.  The support email, is often sent to the customer after many days. This obviously hurts the customer experience process. With the web chat integration, customers can instantly connect with the representative leading to a faster resolution of the problem.

Simultaneous Assistance:

If the customers cannot use any service or product, they can get assistance from the representatives via this chat. While they use the product, the representatives can guide them to use it, thus saving the customer’s time.

Wouldn’t it lead to great customer experience?

Various Chat Options For The Best Customer Experience:

Some of the popular web chat and live chat options that you can use are:


It is one of the effective live chat options and is popular in organizations. It has various features such as creating tickets, assisting agents in cross-checking before they hit the send button, knowing the chat history, etc. The chat is suitably designed for e-commerce organizations to help them achieve their target. You can deploy it in various websites, and control it from a common dashboard.


Source: https://www.tawk.to/features/

The chat history of this solution helps understand the minds of the customer. As discussed before, you cannot give the right solution to the customer, without knowing your customer’s journey. This chat option gives you a complete conversation history to move forward in the discussion.


This chat option is popular among healthcare organizations. It offers complete security with the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance features. By integrating this chat, the representatives can have smooth communication. They can receive the payment via credit card, and other secured information for the right settlement.

snap engage

Source: https://zapier.com/learn/customer-support/best-customer-support-chat-apps/

The essential feature of this chat is the proactive option. The more proactive you are, the closer you would be to your customer. You can see this chat option popping up to greet the customer on the pricing page, and that too when the customer is moving around after certain seconds.

This feature is the best one; as we all know, if a customer is on the pricing page, that means he is interested in buying the product and want to know the pricing. So, the popping up of this chat could accelerate the process of converting the customer.


The brand offers one of the useful live chat options; it has the widget to suit the requirements of your company. In this software, you can mold the color, images, and content as per the logo or the color of your website. This is a distinct and useful process as customizing the solution to match the brand recall, i.e., the company’s color, or logo requires effort.

HubSpot has the right features to execute this process.


Source: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/chatflows/create-a-live-chat

The solution is also integrated with the CRM, so now the message can be customized as per the customer’s information. This solution provides 24/7 assistance with the chatbot so that no queries or concerns get unattended. The interactions with the customer are deposited in the CRM.

Zoho Desk:

The Zoho Desk is one of the popular web chats in the market. The most useful feature of the solution is, the chat with the customer can be converted to the ticket whenever it is needed.

So, in the future, when you need to contact the customer, you can refer to all the necessary information. The software can assist you to reply back via the canned response feature. It also provides you with the advantage of asking the feedback then and there. This also helps the customers give the right rating for the interaction; with this, you can understand whether the customer liked the conversation process with the representative.


Source: https://www.zoho.com/desk/live-chat-ticketing-software.html


Here you can see, the tickets are assigned to each of the agents in the team. This helps agent give their best in every conversation. There is a useful automated feature integrated with the software; when the right agent is not available to chat with the customer, one can set the wait time.

After that, at the suitable time, the query can be converted to the ticket to start the conversation with the customer.


This chat software is widely used in organizations. It has various features such as the intelligent ticket system, automated responses at place to help representatives interact the right way with the customer. The essential feature of this software is it can be customized to the needs of the team. The software helps you to have a unified view of every conversation you have with the customer.

Thus, you can follow a holistic approach to connect with the customer.


Source: https://freshdesk.com/multichannel-support/live-chat

It shows the complete timeline of the interactions with the customer.  Every message can be tracked such as when the transaction failed, was initiated, whether the order was not placed, etc.


Source: https://freshdesk.com/multichannel-support/live-chat

In this pictorial representation, you can see how the conversation is converted into a ticket. This Live chat gives you the messaging experience that delights the customer at each step. It makes them appreciate the work of the representative.


Most of the small businesses require the software that is easy to use, could be integrated properly, and has affordable pricing. Olark is the right web chat meeting the requirements of businesses with ease. It has the necessary add-ons facilitating the marketing and sales team to adopt the accurate path.

The solution has the visitor insights data helpful for understanding the mind of the prospect. You should know every behavior of the prospect as it holds crucial data. When you could connect the dots via this data, then half of the job is done. The action helps conclude what exactly the customer needs, a basic thing to understand in every organization.


Source: https://www.olark.com/help/end/

The features of Olark chat are it speeds up the workflow, by immediately greeting the customer, and making them comfortable to start the conversation. The user interface of the chat is rightly laid out along the dashboard of the system. It thus shows the complete chat activities, metrics of the team and others for the accurate streamlining of the process in the organization.


This chat software helps the customer representatives the right way. The software has the useful gamification feature that makes the work easier for the team. It is known to provide a complete customer suite where visitors are helped in the right customer experience.

The other useful feature of the solution is integrating Facebook and Twitter to have better interaction with customers. The representatives have the facility to create the tickets, monitor the response of the customers, and further reply back at the right time. The LiveAgent web chat is available at competitive pricing so that all the businesses can integrate into their process to have the best customer relationship.

Final verdict:

The web chat is known to significantly increase the engagement with visitors that is to almost 50%. Now, if you even get 1000 unqualified leads, you could expect to have 150 sign-ups in no time.

live chat engages with visitors

Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/how-live-chat-can-maximize-conversions/


B2B web chats could act as the lifeline for the organizations by increasing the number of prospects and the sign-up numbers.

It is the connector between you and your customer. With the right interaction, you get a better understanding of your customer’s needs, leading to better customer service, and better customer experience. So, finally, you can conclude accurate customer insights is directly proportional to exceptional customer experience, via the right web chat solution.