How to Effectively Use Live Streaming in B2B Marketing

B2B live streaming

In the B2B industry, online marketing has taken up a very important place as it has up-leveled the competition and promotes brand name. B2B companies are always seeking newer methods to promote their products and services. Since the prospective clients are scattered on different channels of the internet, it becomes inevitable for marketers to concern their campaigns for all modes of marketing.

This ensures a steady success for the company. Streaming live videos is one of the rapidly growing modes of internet marketing and is proving to be an impactful social tool. The real-time online featuring helps connect with the clients faster than ever.

The rage of competition has already landed my B2B marketers in the social media field. Live streaming is an innovative method to grow publicity and engagement for your business. As per the reports, the live streaming industry is expected to cross $70.05 billion by 2021. In general overall video streaming market size is 184.3 billion by 2027.

Live Streaming Statistics

Let us talk in detail about the super seven ways to use live streaming in B2B marketing for a successful business.

Sharing Important Information: 

Live streaming is a unique way to break the news to your prospective online clients and existing customers. This acts like “the first-come, first-serve” mode of marketing. Your clients don’t need to read anything but just hear directly from you about any latest information dealing with the services you offer. It takes long for site visitors to open a blog post and read it.

At times, they leave it mid-way too. However, with the help of live streaming, you can quickly notify your followers and social community about the important news and then directly talk through the live chat to explain further.

Streaming a live chat acts as a marketplace where the buyer and seller can interact without any hassle in real-time. In fact, your audience can post questions if any doubt arises, and you can give a real-time experience of solutions. Often, marketers select frequent doubts from the live video and write a blog post to give the readers detailed information.

This chain of conversation inevitably engages the client through social media platforms as well as website traffic. Sharing relevant information through live streaming is a great way to position your company at the top for social engagement. This will set you apart from your competitors and gives you access to their loyalty.

Based on reports, live streaming video is more appealing to the audience, which means 80 percent of the audience would prefer to watch live video from a company than read a blog, and about 82 percent prefer live video from a brand than social media posts.

Performing Live Demonstrations:

Many a time, to engage the interest of the customer, companies call for a live streaming video to launch their product and services. Similarly, they show a demonstration of how to use their product or services through live streaming. This mode of sharing the details with the audience gives birth to the interest of the customers and compels them to purchase your service.

The advantage of live streaming for B2B marketing is that you can broadcast an interactive session on the internet in relation to product demonstration as well as the answer to any questions pertaining to the product that you were presenting in the video. As per a survey, the quality of the video is the most integral part of the live streaming session, as 67 percent of viewers base their interest in video quality. Therefore, ensure to have a smooth live demonstration.

Collaborate With Influencers:

Many B2B companies are collaborating with influencers. The famous faces of social media platforms that hold a place for making or breaking the purchase decision are influencers.

Influencer marketing is an essential factor for any B2B marketing campaign. Live streaming is an excellent method to connect with influencers from your industry. You can do so by attending their broadcasts and making insightful comments. By sharing the common goals on the common platform, you can collaborate with influencers and accelerate your marketing campaigns.

As your relationship with these influencers strengthens, you can invite them to be a guest or participant on your live streaming videos and make a contribution of thoughts. This will leave a strong impact in the mind of viewers to consider your product or services.

Share Behind The Scenes: 

You must have noticed a new trend these days of sharing clips of behind the scenes. Studies have shown that online customers wish to seek more information about your company than just what is told through the official site. They are curious to know the functioning of your company. It can act as an excellent method to engage customers on your social media handles.

Live streaming can act as a part of your company branding to connect with the viewers on a personal level and share behind the scenes of your business. By showing the actual working of various exciting segments of your business, you can earn the trust and loyalty of your clients on a personal level. This will also engage the prospective clients to work with you and have a strong feeling of commitment. As per a study, about 87 percent of the audience prefers to watch live streaming videos if it has more behind-the-scenes content.

Deliver Real-time Support:

 Live streaming is beneficial for delivering real-time support for your customers’ questions or doubts. Even during the demonstration method, you can deliver real-time support to your audience. Many a time, same queries arise repeatedly. In such a situation, answering with live visuals of the product or services helps the customers. By demonstrating and providing live support, you are saving your time and gaining the clients’ constant trust.

Create a Mailing List:

Live streaming is an excellent opportunity for marketers to create a mailing list. During the live broadcast, many participants would probably seem interested and wish to stay connected with your future offers. Therefore, it is good to ask viewers to leave their email addresses in the comment section to sign up for the company’s newsletter.

Later, you can store those email addresses into your database. This will help you find the genuine customers and approach them accordingly.

Create Unique Content for Every Channel: 

Create quality and unique content for every channel. Your live stream broadcast can be used to provide details for other social channels. Live streaming of product demonstrations can be saved as archived and posted later with some alterations for the consumption of different channels. For the best outcome, you can categorize the already planned content so that the live streaming videos can be saved and used on the website page with clarity.

Concluding Note: 

A study claims 79 percent of marketers believe that live video facilitates engaging, interactive sessions with the audience. Live streaming video can act as a powerful tool for marketing campaigns. It engages the customers in real-time and position you ahead of your competitors in the industry. With quick-responsive features and proximity it brings along, live streaming is becoming a trend that is definitely not going to end any soon due to its bundled benefits.