General conditions for the use of InfoCleanse Site & Services

These are the general terms of use that are a mandatory part of the contract/agreement. It applies to any data-related services taken by you from InfoCleanse. The titles and subtitles in these terms of use are for the convenience of the readers and not to be considered in construing it. These terms of use represent a legal agreement between a client and InfoCleanse. It governs the use of all the following platforms:

  1. The InfoCleanse website or any other site of it.

  2. Any product or services offered by InfoCleanse in accordance with the site

  • Any data material, information, etc. that are accessible by means of the website

Note: Please read, understand, and acknowledge the terms of use as the norms will comply with it.


  • InfoCleanse, by all means, is a software, database, automation, and service-based firm. All InfoCleanse property shall remain with it and is covered under patent laws. It is not to be infringed by any means or mechanisms in any way (direct or through the third party)
  • Between you (client) and InfoCleanse, the organization InfoCleanse shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and any other intellectual property rights.


Once all the agreement and due payment are made from your end to InfoCleanse before availing the services, you are granted a nontransferable and non-exclusive license that can solely be used by you for your market research and customer prospecting purposes. It is done in strict accordance with the terms of the agreement. The license period is generally one year. Upon expiry or termination of the agreement, you are likely to discontinue any further usage of the services or data as requested by InfoCleanse.


The use of certain exclusive products and services may subject to additional terms and conditions, including payment fees, which InfoCleanse will post on the website. When you connect with us for such products, additional conditions will apply at all times.


It is not permitted to share, sell, transfer, or make otherwise use of the data unless it is authorized and given a written agreement duly signed by InfoCleanse. The data shall remain between you and InfoCleanse to abide by the terms of use. To prevent any misuse or damage, we advise our clients to understand and accept our terms.

  • You will avoid the use of data for customer credit purposes.
  • You must ensure that you do not use the brand name of InfoCleanse or its related entities in your promotional or marketing material.


There are few restrictions that you must be aware of and accept if you seek a service from our end.

  • You must not develop any data or information for the cause of commercial sale in any form.
  • Without prior written permission by InfoCleanse, you cannot transfer or disclose any information to anyone else.
  • You can only use the site for commercial purposes after paying an application fee for InfoCleanse services.
  • You cannot copy, modify, display, and publish any work without our consent in the form of a written document. You must work in compliance with the laws laid down by us in the anti-span legislation policies.


The InfoCleanse site contains various links that are not associated with us. Please note that InfoCleanse is not responsible for the content of these sites. Therefore, you must directly report any concerns regarding these sites to their respective administration page or help section.


There are no refunds for fees paid to InfoCleanse. The ‘Fees and Payment Terms’ may change in the future. Therefore the ‘Payment Terms’ in effect on the date of setting up your service, purchase of data, or access to the site shall govern the transaction.


Due to the technical nature of resources, InfoCleanse requires to supply the data to you. However, temporary interruptions may occur, which might delay the delivery of data. This is not a normal situation. Therefore, it will not result in InfoCleanse having any liability to you or others. It shall not eliminate any payment obligations and provide services without any hassle.


You must use the data under the conditions laid in the privacy policy by InfoCleanse. By using the data provided by our site, you acknowledge and accept the incorporated laws and policies.


It is essential to comply with the rules, and regulations laid down by InfoCleanse, including laws of telemarketing, email and customer solicitation.

  • You will not transmit any data, images, or essential material that is not lawful, harmful, and threatening. It must not invade the right to privacy.
  • You will not impersonate any entity by misrepresenting your affiliation with the person.
  • You will not attempt to violate the security of any site or data related to InfoCleanse.
  • You shall provide us with original, accurate, and complete personal information while registering and filling forms as we maintain a record of it for future needs.
  • InfoCleanse reserves the authority to review your usage of the data. It ensures its compliance with the agreement.