How Technology Firm Created Sustainable Revenue Streams Through Data Appending Service

How Technology Firm Created Sustainable Revenue Streams Through Data Appending Service


Client Background

The Client is a leading B2B software development outsourcing company based in Florida. With a team of over 1000 experts, they provide comprehensive technology solutions from mobile app and web development to complex enterprise systems. This team of highly qualified and experienced professionals are committed to providing reliable and innovative software solutions with solid security standards. At the core of everything is an excessive emphasis on user experience.


The Client provides their customers with high-quality services. However, as customers continue to change jobs, phone numbers, and locations, they often face the challenge of maintaining accurate and complete information about their customers. Approximately 20-30% of email addresses are outdated every year, consuming 20-25% of the average email list every year. This makes it difficult to reach the right audience at the right time and increases management costs. The client thus wanted to enhance the entire management process and ensure high-level productivity through data appending.


Data appending helped replace the incorrect and inaccurate data with updated and new information. Around 18,560 invalid emails and 200 abuse emails were discovered. Clutters were eliminated and only the valid email address was properly listed. This led to a significant reduction in marketing campaigns. Data appending provided improved efficiency and helped create a sustainable revenue stream for the client.


Data appending helped the client to successfully address their immediate challenges.

  • The client was provided with a wealth of customer information and an overall accuracy of the list.
  • Promotional costs decreased by 50% and the email campaign delivery rate increased by 91.9%. The client experienced an impressive response rate of 38%.
  • The team could save time and energy, previously spent on research, error corrections, and more.
  • The client achieved an overall revenue of 210%, three times more than the previous.