A Micro-to-Small-Parts Manufacturer Leverages Data Intelligence To Increase The Competitive Win Rate

A Micro-to-Small-Parts Manufacturer leverages data intelligence to Increase the Competitive win rate


About the Client

The client, based in Indianapolis, is a well-known micro-to-small-parts manufacturer that is part of the world’s largest micro-molding firm. They specialize in injection molding to service the medical, pharmaceutical, microfluidics, electronics/office automation, and automotive sectors, and they have manufactured molded components with features as small as 20m (microns). The client uses their unique research and technology to meet the demands of its customers all around the world.


The client launched two new highly automated cells to inject mold micro valves for a medicinal delivery system. However, when the client chose to undertake a promotional campaign for their newly launched product, they discovered that their existing pharmaceutical industry database was outdated. Given the enormity of the launch, the outdated database was a major concern that could result in revenue loss and cause them to lose their competitive advantage.


The client came to InfoCleanse needing active contacts from the pharmaceutical industry worldwide for the launch of their product, and that too on short notice. Our data experts were quick to identify that more than 75% of the client’s existing database was outdated. After comparing it with our comprehensive pharmaceutical database, our experts manage to cleanse and append 95% of the existing database with active contacts.


The client estimated that leveraging InfoCleanse data and services provided them with a considerable competitive edge. According to the company’s marketing director, the product launch garnered a “never-before-seen” response.

Here are some of the outcomes:

  • Increase in website traffic and page views: This led to a significant increase in traffic on the landing page, product page, and content related to the product launch.
  • Competitive win rate: Within 3 months, the new product competed head-to-head with the already-established products in the market, indicating a high competitive advantage.
  • 95% Email Deliverability Rate: A high deliverability rate not just resulted in lead generation but also resulted in major publications covering the product launch.
  • Increased Response Rate: An 82% rise in the number of medical and pharmaceutical experts who downloaded thought leadership information about the new product.