InfoCleanse Helps Leading Consulting Firm With Email Cleansing Services

consulting firm data cleansing

Client Background

The client is a prominent consulting firm in San Francisco, California. The company takes into account diverse business sections, be it a startup, mid-size enterprise, or large corporation, through its exceptional group of partners. It has proven experience handling end-to-end finance and accounts procedures, right from initial invoicing to final payment. The company has so far served 200 international clients with more than 350 completed cases.


The client was looking for an email cleansing service to restore the quality of their database. As a customer-oriented firm, they use email strategies to reach out to prospects and keep in touch with the existing clients. However, the inaccurate email contacts resulted in the average bounce rate of 12%, resulting in the disruption of their marketing efforts. The client approached InfoCleanse to clean and verify their 90K email contacts filled with imprecision.


InfoCleanse helped the client by eliminating erroneous records in the given email list. Our team used sophisticated tools to strategically and systematically cleanse the database in a limited period. We found more than 21,400 invalid email addresses and 240 abuse emails in the list. On top of that, the list consisted of 3,500 “do not email” records. We removed these data and cleansed the list to include only 64,860 valid email addresses.


By cleaning the email lists with InfoCleanse, the client was able to drive constant result from campaigns.

  • The client saw an improvement in the overall quality of their email marketing list.
  • The bounce rate improved from 12% to just 0.42% after leveraging our email cleaning service.
  • The overall open rate of email campaign increased by 34%, while the deliverability rate stood at 96.2%.