InfoCleanse Helps IT Service Provider With Data Cleansing Services

IT industry Case Study

Client Background

The client is a leading provider of Information Technology services across the globe. Situated in Texas, the company has helped more than 150 IT firms outside the United States. The company focuses on delivering various IT services, including application development, network infrastructure, consulting, auditing, database management, advisory, and more. Their vision is to serve the diverse technology needs of enterprises.


The clients managed a list of business contacts across a variety of tools. However, their database was clouded by thousands of replicas. The company approached InfoCleanse to clean and verify its 1.5M records in the existing list. The duplicate records hampered their lead qualification system. The team was contacting the same lead multiple times and found it challenging to authenticate the data manually. They had to eliminate duplicates to score leads suitably and offer accurate solution to the prospects.


InfoCleanse helped the client with the powerful data cleansing services. We used Our In-house duplicate removal software to eliminate around 650K redundant records and verify it further to prove its authenticity. In addition, we made thousands of verification calls and sent several emails to ensure our client’s list is free from errors. The final list comprised of 850K highly-accurate and clean records.


The client successfully leveraged InfoCleanse to append their database and gain a reliable source of contact records.

  • The client witnessed an overall increase in the conversion rate by 16.7%.
  • Promotional cost of the client’s product and services radically reduced by 55%.
  • The list was of supreme quality and received a huge appreciation from the client.