How InfoCleanse Helped a Manufacturing Firm Reach 50% Brand Recognition in Its Debut Campaign!

How InfoCleanse Helped a Manufacturing Firm Reach 50% Brand Recognition Featured Banner

About the Firm  

The firm was established in 2014 and has its headquarters in South Korea. The company specializes in manufacturing precision machined parts, prototypes, series production and EOS metal/plastic printed parts. They have been accredited with ISO for the medical, automobile and aerospace industries. Despite having a modest employee size, the firm has been able to capture the niche market and has clients from different parts of the world.

The challenges

The client’s aim was targeting the US Mechanical Engineers to establish a strong presence in the US market. However, they needed more resources to carry out their sales operation. The client lacked quality leads and a good prospecting list, which inevitably resulted in the sales team struggling to identify the right prospects in the US market. Moreover, the passage of time meant the client could lose out on potential leads and competitive advantage.


The client approached InfoCleanse asking for more than 85K active contacts of mechanical engineers in the US, and what’s more, they wanted it urgent since the holiday season was around the corner. Given the precarious situation of the client, our data experts were quick to act. Our data experts validated and verified more than 85K contact and company data in no time. Moreover, our experts segmented the list based on the prospects’ (mechanical engineers) locations, demography, designation, board line, and many more data fields so that the client could narrow in on their prospects and help personalize their sales operation.


The client was blown away by the success of the sales campaign.

“Given our market inexperience, we are pleasantly surprised by the outcome. We appreciate InfoCleanse’s assistance in achieving this level of achievement”

-said the General Manager of Sales.

Here’s what the client achieved:

  • The brand search volume increased by 50%
  • The overall leads increased by 60%
  • The client witnessed a 95% response rate
  • Revenue skyrocketed by 200%