Get the Inside Scoop on How an Aerosol Canister Manufacturer Increased Their Return Visitor Rate by 60%

Get The Inside Scoop On How An Aerosol Canister Manufacturer Increased Their Return Visitor Rate - Featured


About the Client

The client’s company was established in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1990, and they specialize in producing a handheld portable aerosol canister that contains frozen gases for use by licensed medical and veterinary professionals during outpatient cryosurgery and cryotherapy. The product is more affordable and practical than the existing/conventional liquid nitrogen procedures. Although the business has a smaller employee size, it has a sizable international clientele.


The client wanted to help their sales team target healthcare professionals like surgeons, veterinarians, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and more in the United States to introduce their product. This included all the major states in the country except for Alaska and Hawaii.  The client was struggling to prioritize their prospects effectively with their existing prospecting database. The team had poor access to the right contacts, the forecasting was inaccurate resulting in the team not being able to source their own prospects.


At InfoCleanse, we give clients direct access to our data professionals so that communication is clear and the client receives exactly what they need. Our data specialists compiled a well-segmented list of healthcare professionals in the North American area based on their geography, industry, job roles, employee size, revenue, and other relevant data categories. Our data professionals also ensure the list is checked and confirmed to provide all the contacts are live, given that we refresh the data every 90 days.


The changes the client witnessed were unlike anything they had ever been able to achieve before. More specifically, the client was able to create a 360* degree view of their potential customers and achieved the staggering results that are as follows:

  • 60% increase in returning visitor rate
  • A significant increase in the bottom-of-the-funnel content downloads
  • 40% increase in the average deal size
  • An unprecedented increase of 120% in revenue size