How a Veterinary Company Used Reverse Appending to Find 95% Missing Data

How a Veterinary Company Used Reverse Appending to Find 95% Missing Data

Client Background

The client is a well-known veterinary company that creates point-of-care solutions and useful, peer-reviewed instructional content for veterinarians worldwide. More than 200,000 veterinarians worldwide have benefited from the company’s services. Headquartered in Oklahoma, USA, the company is one of the best curators of peer-reviewed clinical resources on the most recent topics in veterinary medicine, ranging from articles and quizzes to RACE-approved CE, podcasts, and more. The products help veterinary professionals have simple access to the information and solutions they need, which helps expand their knowledge, practices, and careers.


Like many other organizations, the client was susceptible to inconsistent data since they relied on various sources. Different data sources have varying degrees of completion, and all aspects of the collected data should be considered in order to build a single, trustworthy set of data.

Despite having the data, the client could not proceed with its new business strategy of launching a direct marketing campaign because a significant number of business addresses did not match.

Nearly 75,000 business addresses lacked website addresses and other essential details like the name, email, and phone numbers of the prospects, preventing the client from reaching a sizable portion of the target audience. Marketing lead generation appears to have declined, resulting in lower ROI.


Infocleanse was brought in to assist with their direct marketing campaign. At Infocleanse we ensure a consistent set of data that allows the marketing team to find and peruse its best leads. We realized right away that the client required reverse appending. Our reverse appending process is quick and accurate as we deploy the best data experts to optimize and append the missing data against our extensive database. Infocleanse’s industry-leading reverse address append rate made this issue relatively easy to resolve.


Reverse appending was indeed a revelation for this veterinary services company as it saw some of the key changes that are as follows:

  • The email delivery rate increased by 90%, while the overall promotional cost of the campaign decreased by 40%.
  • Revenue as a whole climbed by 150%, or four times, from the prior year.
  • About 95% of the missing information was identified.
  • Reverse appending helped the company launch multichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Increased response rate and ROI.