InfoCleanse Helps Global Healthcare Technology Startup With Data Appending Solution

Medical industry Case study

Client Background

The client is one of the foremost healthcare technology startups focused on ending public health issues like substance use disorder, etc. Their mission is to save human lives, deliver precise data, and aid healthcare ecosystems, communities, and families. The company’s suite of healthcare technology products comprises a data dashboard and application, which are the first of its type in the medical space.


The client approached InfoCleanse with a company list consisting of 55K contact records. Their list provided only the basic contact information such as company name, city, state, zip code, country, and website. They needed additional information on each prospect that is valid and accurate.


Initially, the clients sent around 20 contacts to test the reliability of our data appending services. They have simultaneously sent the test contacts to multiple data vendors. However, our team played a vital role in winning their trust by appending high-quality records in a limited period. Achieving the desired outcome, the client enlisted the help of InfoCleanse for appending the bulk list of company records.

InfoCleanse helped the client by offering an end-to-end data appending solution.

  • We matched our client’s list against our vast B2B repository to append the records.
  • The estimated number of contacts matched was 39.5K, to which we appended the required B2B data, such as Contact Name, Job Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Missing Contact Address, and Website Address.
  • We included approximately 15K new company and domain details to maximize the performance of our client’s list.
  • Overall, our dedicated team of data experts appended and verified 71.8% data.


The client successfully leveraged InfoCleanse to append their database and gain a reliable source of contact records.

  • The client explored multiple opportunities by targeting the audience through email and telemarketing campaigns.
  • The deliverability rate of their email campaign increased by 96.9%, and they witnessed a substantial response rate of 37%.
  • The client reaped the highest revenue of 250%, which is 4x times more than the previous revenue earned.