How a Healthcare Marketing Consultant spent 75% less time prospecting with InfoCleanse

How a Healthcare Marketing Consultant spent 75 percent less time prospecting with InfoCleanse

Client Background

The client is a well-known healthcare marketing consultant who works with major healthcare providers throughout the United States to develop value propositions, market-shaping tools, and strategies. The company’s services have helped over 8000 healthcare facilities in the United States, including hospitals and clinics. The Suwanee, Georgia-based Company is a market specialist in rebranding, digital advertising, content marketing, medical SEO, website design, and other services.


Despite a looming recession, the company wanted to expand its client base. Usually, this is when companies stick to their existing clients and do not look for new ones. Well, our client decided to go against the norm and expand its client base. The client wanted to reach out to rural hospitals and clinics from Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Being a very proactive agency, the client had already sourced data. Still, the amount of data needed to be analyzed caused the analysis paralysis and forced the agency to push the panic button.


It is easy for businesses to waste important time studying every piece of data, which can cost them their whole marketing effort. When InfoCleanse data specialists intervened and took control of the issue, it was a similar situation.

Our experts understood the magnitude of the problem and analyzed the data keeping in mind the three major Cs of our data intelligence:

Clean: Our experts removed all incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data from the existing dataset.

Compliant: Our specialist checked the client database with our massive data repository and removed all the data sourced unethically.

Compatible: Our enriched and cleansed data is consistent with in-house software, ensuring the smooth integration

As a result, the problem was solved by our data experts, providing the client with clean, compatible, and compliant data to help them expand their client roster.


The best revenue opportunity will invariably present itself with the right data – you just need to be at the right place at the right time! With the right mixture of caution and risk backed with InfoCleanse data intelligence, this proved to be exactly true in the case of our client.

Here are some of the staggering outcomes:

  • The email deliverability rate went to 95%
  • The client spent 75% less time prospecting
  • The cost of the campaign decreased by 40% compared to the initial cost
  • Revenue climbed by 150%, or four times, from the prior year.
  • The company launched multichannel marketing campaigns with our cleansed and enriched database
  • Increased response rate by 60%