Telemarketing Company Achieve 3x Times Conversion

Us Leading Telemarketing Company Case Study - InfoCleanse

Client Background

The Telemarketing Company is a leading professional outbound B2B telemarketing agency in the state of Pennsylvania in the US. At the heart of all they do is a personal approach to connection development and understanding clients’ needs.

The agency had been working with the same telephone directory for about a decade. However, with the influx of new network providers, they thought a new strategy and more proactive approach was preempted to address a fast dropping conversion rate. They desired a fresh perspective that would increase lead generation and justify the marketing expenditure.


As they worked with retail giants to draw sales for the festive season, the conversion rate remained below 10% despite over 6000 calls daily. Two challenges that were identified in the process were:

  • Calling all of the clients on the directory and informing them about the holiday season deals
  • Creating a large number of leads so that customers can follow up and close sales


Through Telephone Appending, the telemarketing firm was able to:

  • Acquire client databases, adding over 5720 numbers to their existing directory of 120000.
  • Define prerequisites specific to each client and approach clients accordingly.
  • Update its database of customer phone numbers.
  • Remove any unresponsive phone numbers.
  • Include missing phone numbers and update new phone numbers.


There were a wealth of beneficial changes that were immediately noticed post the employment of telephone appending.

  • The conversion rates increased from a mere 10% to over 30% – three times the usual rates pre- telephone appending.
  • Having cleared out most of the invalid and unresponsive numbers, the company was wasting less time.
  • Recognizing client-specific requirements allowed them to make calls to only potentially interested clients.

The team spent much less time, energy, resources, and marketing costs by filtering out unresponsive calls.