SIC code is a standard industrial classification that segments the industries by the 4-digit code. The system was established in United States in 1937. The government agencies use this code for classifying the industry areas.

What is SIC code API?

SIC code API is a programming interface that helps to get data or the output based on the SIC code input and the industry name.

For example, as a customer if you want to know the subcategories of healthcare industry via code, you can find through this tool. This tool acts as the intermediary to generate accurate results as per your inputs.

Similarly, if you want to know the code of all the sub-segmented industries in healthcare, you can get through this tool.

The crucial information which you get as per the inputs in our SIC code API are SIC code, employee count, no. of companies, industry, Sub SIC codes.  With a complete breakdown of information, it becomes easier to find the desired company or industry.

Why you need SIC code API?

The SIC code API saves your time by enabling the automation process. We’re also offering the custom client solution which is user-friendly and you can use it instantly.

How our API works?

Our API works based on two inputs such as industry code and industry name. We’re a part of business ecosystem that aims to provide best services to its users. For more information you can check our developer documentation.


The programmers “plug in” the application programming interface for checking specific assets for the final users.

If you’re a new user who don’t have knowledge about the development, don’t worry we’ve user documentation to help you out. To make your life easier we have created a client tool that is easy to use by entering the few inputs.

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Let’s get started..

Download the SIC code API software by clicking here.

Once you download the software, you need to do the installation which is very basic and easy.

Extract the zip file, you will find two files.

Double click on the setup file, and follow the instructions.

Once the installation process is complete, you can find an icon of SIC Code API on your desktop.

In order to run this software you require a premium API key.



    How to get SIC API key?

    You can avail our SIC trial API key or SIC premium key. The trial key helps you understand how the tool works and what all data you can get as per the inputs. But if you want to enjoy the complete benefits, our premium key would help you in the same. You can get accurate real-time data as per your requirements.

    In order to get the premium SIC API key you can contact our sales team.


    Phone number: +1 (214) 396-5617

    Either you are a trial or premium users Once you registered with us you will receive an SIC Code API key to your email.

    An User’s guide for Desktop SIC Code API Application 

    To get the flow of information, go through the illustration.

    Let’s understand how to use this SIC desktop solution.

    • In the left corner of the screen, we have four tabs.
    1. Our Services
    2. API – By SIC Code
    3. API – By Industry
    4. Other Tools

    Lets have a quick understanding what we are seeing on this tab.

    There is a grid view at the bottom section and there are few buttons on the top section of the application such as Open, Get Data, Export, Stop, An API token box.

    Get Data By SIC Code

    Get Data By SIC Code

    Get Data By Industry Name

    SIC Code By Industry

    For first time users:

    If you a first time user, copy and paste that key into the textbox which is next to the API Token and click on save. Once you click on save the API code will be saved in to the SIC Code API installed folder with a file name “apitoken.txt”.

    Default SIC Code Installation path: C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoCleanse\SIC Code API Setup

    A big note: Make sure you open the software as an administrator else the application will not save the API code into the text file.

    Getting Data By SIC Code:

    If you have a requirement of getting data based on the SIC code input. You need to click on the tab named “API- By SIC code”.

    We offer the following data based on the sic code input such as:

    • Main Category
    • SIC Code
    • Industry Name
    • No. of companies
    • Employee Count
    • Sub Sic codes

    Get Output By SIC Code Input

    Get Output By SIC Input

    In a separate notepad file, enter the SIC codes of the industries(each line only one sic code) which you want to get and save it some where in your computer.

    Now click on “Open” and load this file (Currently this application able to load data from .txt file only). When the file is loaded completely, a success message box will pop up.

    Once the file is successfully loaded click on “Get Data” and sit back you will find the data on the grid view.

    Now you can export and save the details in your computer once the status is completed.

    Get Output By Industry Name Input

    Get Output By Industry Name

    Get Data Using SIC Code API By Industry:

    Since we need the data based on the industry name, you have to click “API- By Industry”.

    Now enter the industry names in the notepad (one per line) and save it on your desktop or somewhere in your pc.

    Load the data by clicking on open button and select the file that you have saved.

    Now click on get data, in a minute you should see that data loaded up.

    Finally, you can export it.

    Use Cases:

    You can use this application when you want to get the data of number of employees, number of companies based on SIC Code.

    If you have only industry name but no idea about what is that SIC code, number of employees and number of companies in that particular industry this is for you.

    Don’t want to take this process? We have specialized solutions. We can do the job for you. Reach us @ or call us: +1 (214) 396-5617


    The application is under beta. If you found any issues feel free to contact us.